You can eat 可吃 happy kitchen 4 - Hamburger, French fries



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    In Japan, the patty itself is called a "hamburg (hanbāgu)".
    Product name: happy kitchen Hamburger (It cost 258 yen.)
    Brand: Kracie
    (1) It is edible. No artificial colours. No preservatives. It includes chicken and pork in a part of raw materials. 96 calories.
    (2) It tastes like real hamburger, bread, cheese, ketchup, french fries and cola. I ate it after filming. It tasted good.
    (3) It is the microwavable container. You can't put the ordinary plastic container into the microwave.
    (4) 3:59 I was using Konapun tools to make a mini burger.
    (5) 4:41 It is the decorative wax paper.
    Japonské hamburgery v prášku
    համբուրգերներ տարբեր նյութերից(համեղ է)
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      He is by kracie popin cookin

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