What to expect in the 2018 hurricane season

CBS News

CBS News

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    While many people may be hoping for a quieter hurricane season this year, researchers from Colorado State University predict it may be slightly more powerful than average. CBS News weather producer David Parkinson joined CBSN's Reena Ninan with more.
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    1. Linette Hall

      Hurricane Micheal and total destruction. We went to Tallahassee last year, Irma blow 90% down power lines in Sept. 2018 and no lights (national guards did stop lights) some trees were down- fences, Walmart sign, etc kids out of school for 2 weeks, it was nothing compared to Micheal- 3 hours with added wind/ rain but we were safe. It's been 2 weeks - slow cleanup. 1,500 missing and death is still raining . 2 dozen deaths


      Today it is hurricane Michael cat 9

    3. John Doe


    4. Timmy Dark

      LMAO WELL THAT GUY RIGHT hurricane Florence

    5. Scott Domenica

      David nice job. Enjoyed your forecast for this year.

    6. john renzi

      hey im going on vacation to Disney world on October 24 I hope my vacation does not get canceled. let me know im very scared and worried

    7. JJ Gaming

      i am really scared its night time and its almost my birth day ia m alone and terryified

    8. Drew Dienno

      that producer is very handsome and a tiny bit snarky I’m into it

    9. the Irish man

      Will Ireland get more hurricanes 😱

      1. the Irish man

        +atletico ATM we'll we are not prepared for that kind of storms

      2. atletico ATM

        When did Ireland got a hurricane?? You may get heavy winds but not tropical storms or hurricanes. That slams the new world.

    10. Xtra Mile

      Lmao at least we know Semmes won't get hit. Every shred of weather literally seems to dodge this exact location on earth. 😏😝😂

    11. TheOriginalWJJS

      In the Florida keys, we don't know until we know. Predictions change as they do often. Only God has the final say.

    12. BandScores Galore

      Oh boy...

    13. Hien Nguyen

      wow it's going to be stronger. oh lord Mississippi going to hit hard again yes it's very hot

    14. Ms Sagittarius

      I’m in Florida I love it days off work

    15. la luna pläyz

      For all Floridians we will be FINE even if it hits us DIRECTLY we will live UNLESS A FRIKIN TORNADO HITS YOUR HOUSE DIRECTLY (did not happen to me)

    16. TheDesert IsPatient

      Last year, next year.... eventually we will get to a point when catastrophic hurricanes will be common and plentiful

    17. Super Thunder Gamer

      Here in the Northeast in New Jersey we don’t get Hurricanes that much however once Sandy struck in October 2012 we’ve been watching the tropics! I’m scared the NYC and NJ will end up like Florida but climate change is real so I’m scared! Any advice from anyone from FL that can tell me!

      1. Timmy Dark

        Super Thunder Gamer same bro I’m frkm nyc

    18. S.Agmoment

      I guess this is how hurricane season will be from now on

    19. Daniel lo

      Dam I hope miami and my state of Florida doesn’t get any hurricanes this year.

      1. Radrook

        Would be nice if it killed all the Florida snakes though.

    20. Angel50

      Broadcasters younger and younger they fall for what they are told to say.


      All those pigs are gonna float face down.

    22. Mark Zaltzman

      We already have cyclone Sagar in Yemen.

    23. Eduardo Ortiz

      Every year here in West Palm Beach FL we prepare. Best to be safe than sorry.

    24. Sinjinator

      He's just a damn kid! Smh



      1. Radrook

        Weird! You have Tornado Alley people. Then you have people next to volcanoes such as at Mount Vesuvius. Then they build cities on tectonic plate fault lines. Others are built where the river overflows. Others build houses precariously perched on the edge of cliffs. Maybe they feel that the benefits of the locations outweigh the dangers.

      2. NAMINE0306

        АНУШAРВАН ХƟСРƟВ maybe in the process they learn how to make more resistant houses and cities that can deal with the danger with minimal damage

    26. pravstar1

      Easy to predict its going to be a pretty bad, even catastrophic hurricane season. Conditions are more favourable and conducive this year for intense hurricanes, watch how many will form from cape verde, gulf of Mexico is too warm, spells disaster. This season looks like another 2005 to me but it wont start as early

    27. Aaron Crawford

      Can't wait for it

    28. nothing as

      They say this every year and then POOOOOOOOP💩💩💩

      1. atletico ATM

        65 people killed in TX and 14 in FL. Puerto Rico had +50 deaths. Let alone all the damages it left behind. Tge poooops that I saw were real people fearing for their lives.

      2. Pradeep Keswani

        fqw n0ybcm. ☆■■○••°]¡ .lmjklkjmplidyy

    29. Carlito Fain

      Yo guys a new game is coming out this year. named hurricane irma (2)

    30. Addison Esprit

      I’m from Houston

    31. Brandon Howe

      That's not true what he said. The stronger the la niña actually the less chance of seeing a lot of activity. A weak la niña is what's responsible for strong season's. Look it up using historical data

      1. Super Thunder Gamer

        Brandon Howe that’s for the pacific not the Atlantic! A La Niña brings an Active season in Atlantic less active during El Niño! The oppose for the pacific! 2005 the worst hurricane season on record was La Niña! 2015 that season not so active that was El Niño however it’s different in the Pacific! I think your getting confused!

    32. Bison Days


      1. LSGamer 9897

        Bison Days ya if that even exist it's a stupid conspiracy theory get over it don't believe something that's not even true go back to reality and don't believe in stupid conspiracy theory like that I can't believe people still believe that stupid conspiracy theory when not even possible to control weather, technology is nowhere close that that advanced yet to even do that it's impossible

      2. TommyT

        Bison Days he knowwwws! Lol

    33. David thomas

      I hope the coast gets hammered again

      1. Natalya Gudz

        no i live in Ukraine we never get hurricanes and got one

      2. Natalya Gudz

        +Jahmere Dewitt shows the hurricane Florence doing that died

      3. Natalya Gudz

        +Johnny Francois it is

      4. Thomas pk01

        No you don't hope we get harmed you hope nobody gets harmed

      5. Brandon Daniels


    34. PollySmokedADonut π

      Please Fix his Eyebrows

    35. PollySmokedADonut π

      News Anchor be like I'm so proud of my son, he did a big boy show.

    36. Rad Hawaii

      Why are hurricanes named after women? They come in blowing then destroy your home!

      1. Thomas pk01

        David is a woman's name????

      2. 1-800BAESPAE

        Rad Hawaii Andrew is a woman name???

      3. HousewifeUntilHeaven

        Rad Hawaii Nate is a woman’s name? Sorry, couldn’t break precedent:)

      4. Katrina Felix

        Rad Hawaii Jose is a woman's name??

      5. MonadoBoy

        Rad Hawaii Harvey is a woman's name?

    37. Joe Mannix

      What to perdict when you eat.You are going to take a poop sometime.

    38. Johnny Dominguez

      2:07 At last... an honest assessment on hurricane predictions

    39. robert forsythe

      Below average last years prediction ?? And these are the people you looking to tell you about this one coming.

      1. Linette Hall

        hurricane Micheal on its way, 1500 are still missing- over 2 dozen dead

    40. robert forsythe

      I wonder about water temps and listen to his words closely. Likely almost as bad as last but might be worse.

      1. LSGamer 9897

        robert forsythe and now look thanks to the El niño it's is below average and only 4 names storms so one they we're right

    41. Mark W.

      Besides his career as assistant manager in the exclusive fry division at McDonald's, he also enjoys skateboarding, selfies on Facebook and predicting weather patterns in years that are not "El Nino".

      1. LSGamer 9897

        Mark W. And look it was El niño after all this year

      2. HousewifeUntilHeaven

        Mark W. Lol. He also ignores his eyebrow(s). I see him more of a mixologist in the McFlurry division, but I can’t ever truly tell nowadays.

    42. Mark F

      Smoking Mary and Juna y Cuba.😎😎😎

    43. melissa saint

      CNS news weather producer looks 17 to me. I want his sunscreen.

    44. Free Press


      1. Joe Mannix

        Blessed are The cheese makers Farts!

    45. Yousir Cantknow

      My guess is Hurricanes.

    46. leon singleton

      Better worry about earthquakes in California.

      1. BlackAngelXx 77

        +MrSoldier so your saying calfornia sucks when its the most popular state in the us and probably in the whole entire world? Think before you say kid.

      2. MrSoldier

        leon singleton naah california sucks

    47. mari turcios-martell

      I'm in Florida, we expect this every year... oh well.

      1. Morgan Logan

        Stuff Roni Says yeah god forbid we get washed out but, it’s okay you and your family lives are all that matter🤔 .. we will hopefully survive to rebuild for you and your loved ones to enjoy! just stay away around September that’s the worst time to visit okay cupcake..🤦🏾‍♀️

      2. Morgan Logan

        Darricka Dukes like seriously, I just said ppl need to stop bragging saying we’ve been lucky! That alone should be what scares everyone.. it’s no coincidence that all the worst storms go around us, the worst has yet to come ppl need to stop taking this as a joke and bragging.

      3. Morgan Logan

        Johnny Francois I really wish ppl stop saying that it’s like your bragging and setting us up for the worst! I hate to say but, we’ve been so lucky bc there may be something much worst coming for us. We’re surrounded by water I really wish ppl understand we are not untouchable.

      4. pink banna34

        Princess Katy yep

    48. Yoda

      That kid looks 12

      1. Steve Mattei

        He sounds like Connor from Detroit be come human but younger

      2. Jennifer leech

        And? Jealous of his good genetics.

      3. mark1952able

        N J : hahahahha

      4. -bishiiki-

        he looks cute

    49. Gino Ruggiero

      Google haarp and chemtrails

    50. Star Power

      Move. Houston. 🚩🚩🚩. IN. BAD. Weather. Always. !!!