What's on my iPhone Xs!



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    1. Mila Tapp

      please do an updated what’s on my iphone !! love you !💓

    2. Jay UnicornGamer

      When u say hey Siri it turn on Siri hahah!!!?

    3. mira moffitt

      I wish the XS max came in the Xr colors

    4. bailey xx

      what’s the language app?

    5. Hjjpio Dhhjj

      Do you get a new phone every 6 months 😂😂

    6. bfredd33

      I use the same password for everything it is drowssap

    7. xxAis_ling _Durgan_xx

      Whatsapp! I have Whatsapp and it is really usefull


      What if the dude that has that app uses the password?

    9. Clement Dass

      My phone is a iphone 8. But i love the iphone xr

    10. Doctor The

      Om i justine is pointing at me Lol!

    11. Emre Kayaca

      İ bet you are are noob on fortnite

    12. Suliman Jacobs

      wow the best iphone

    13. Carlos Pascual

      Is the Iphone xs or xs Max?

    14. Pink Diamond

      I have a 6s plus it’s discontinued by apple

    15. Kaedin Halili

      You need opera

    16. Foxy Plays

      Ehhh i still love the Xr more 😇

    17. LerXgamer

      My favorite app is lasspass ;)

    18. Carol Perea

      Add pubg

    19. Leah Griffin

      When iJustine said “ hey Siri...” my device turned on Siri. Give a like if the same happened to you

    20. Valerie Beauchemin

      *I was hesitant to go with the new iPhone because of the awesome unlocking system and going away from the home button and fingerprint verification. I have to say I am SO amazingly pleased and wish I had switched along time ago. I LOVE it!!>>>**ur2.pl/1250** It literally is all of the best things from the iPhone and best features from the android together. I have become the newest spokesperson for the new iPhone, taking to all my friends and family about how great it is and how easy it is to use. I wouldn't go back for anything.*

    21. Olivia Teta

      everyone that i see that has an iphone x makes me jealous... i have a 6s

    22. BoredMarker

      Where’s the Xs gang at??

    23. olivia cool

      I have an iPhone XS but mines white

    24. Nikhil Jain

      92025 emails. I suggest, to use CLEANFOX Inbox Cleaner.

    25. Donut Unicorn133

      iPhone X? More like iPhone Xpensive

    26. XO GAMER

      Lets see if ur gonna break ur phone again

    27. Meeno

      Who is cares what u got at your iPhonie 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

    28. Maurizio Lopane

      You should do a what’s on my iPhone xr who agrees

    29. moreksi

      I bought уesterdау in a verу good рrісе herе: *vdіgіtal. іnfо*

      1. Mr. ic33


    30. Allie Y

      can we talk about her 92,000 emails

    31. Elvis Twomo

      Can last pass be hacked

    32. Christy Marshall

      i have the same password for everything including work i don't have time to be remembering all of that

    33. Manikala Gurung

      Meanwhile Iam here with my iPhone 6s

    34. Tee 🏳️‍🌈

      my old high school teacher made the night sky app then provided the school w loads of apple gear before ditching us skksksdk

    35. xxxXChloeNightWolfXxxx Hi hi hi

      Stuarbucks Very very important

    36. georgia gradler

      sorry, you have 92,000 emails?

    37. NightmaRe

      2:33 *"My old iPhone"* K. I'm poor.


      ijustine you have a very f**king a**

    39. Rishi Mishra

      Where's Tinder?

    40. Charles Parker


    41. Madison Troutman

      That is a lot of emails😐

    42. Cameron Batt

      Why use last pass when apple already has a passwords setting that saves your passwords for you? And suggests strong passwords

    43. Jeffy Banana

      Ik what fortnite is but why do u have it?

    44. Jessie P

      Please do a giveaway for the iPhone XS Max like if you agree heart and pin this if you love your fans x

    45. Airie Nueve

      Wow 2 iphone😍😍😍😍

    46. Alesha Productions

      sᴏᴏɴ ᴀs ʏᴏᴜ sᴀɪᴅ "ɪᴛ ᴡɪʟʟ ᴅᴇʟɪᴠᴇʀ ɪɴ ᴀɴ ʜᴏᴜʀ" ɪ ɢᴏᴛ 2 ᴇᴍᴀɪʟs sᴛʀᴀɪɢʜᴛ ᴀᴡᴀʏ😂😂

    47. Tia P

      Justine is it annoying when you keep changing your phone because I know I would get annoyed

    48. Alexander Vanell

      I heard that the next iPhone should have a smaller notch and three cameras. I hope that gonna happen. Because of the iPhone XS is good the next iPhone must be amazing.

    49. Zntx

      I’ve got exactly the same :)

    50. Sheila Marles

      The new iPhone features are so cool

    51. Alistair Ward

      Do you have XS or XS Max?

    52. Lili Tersztyánszky

      I want an iphone xs gold soo BADLY!! i've never had an iphone and what i have now is broken i only have 32 gb and the screen is broken...and its not waterproof ehat i reallly want!!! Maybe in 2020 im getting an iPhone 😂😍😍

    53. Mame Soukeyna Fall

      Please I need advice I want to buy the Xs but isn’t it a small phone ? The Xs max is too expensive soo I cannot buy it ! And I don’t like the Xr...Please help😭

    54. Eng Mohamed Kamal

      Are you engineer

    55. Hugh Russell

      YOU FORGOT GOOGLE MAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    56. Rosalie Harbec

      You make good videos! I love watching them!

    57. Michael Dijkstra

      ijustine is trying to learn dutch? love it hoe gaat het Ijustine? :P

    58. Ely Sabra

      love watching your vedios

    59. Mina

      Title should be xs max not xs


      Last pass makes you a fool.. it spoils your memory and all i can say is people are gonna be mentally ill after some times 😃😃😃😃

    61. Ahmed Elashmawey

      I want this iphone

    62. Cyan Natal

      There are apps on her iPhone that I do not freaking know😂

    63. Cyan Natal

      There are apps on her iPhone that I do not freaking know😂

    64. CONSPIRACY theories

      I don’t use igtv but I do have a few friends who do use it. I only use instagram

    65. Simona Vujinović

      Person: soo Justine what are you doing in your life? Ijustine: unbox apple products 🙂

    66. Madam Marshmallow

      Сука, почему у меня до сих пор 6s?....

    67. Eh Wah Wah

      Is Happy IPhone Week an actual thing??? Lol 😂

    68. Zoe Haynes

      I like that you only partner with sponsors that make sense!!!! ♥️♥️

    69. IAMDUTTT

      Boring .

    70. Aryan Shah

      you do not have whatsapp

    71. A Aa

      U mean ME

    72. Craft Cookiez

      Seriously, Starbucks. Have Americans have zero taste.

    73. YouTube smart

      Give me iPhone X please


      Hope to win iPhone XR 😘😇📱🙏...God Bless You

    75. Squishy Dino

      I’m only 11 don’t blame me for doin it u make me 😭

    76. Heyho Leon

      You know that AR-new not exist anymore in 2019

    77. Jimins Long Lost Jams

      92k emails is giving me hella anxiety man just check ya emails

    78. JRR11 2k

      She even has fortnite on it 😂😂😂😂

    79. Ultimate HoW Toos

      Iphone tennis max

    80. Alcino Braye

      I'm waiting till Black Friday ..

    81. Marco Maspero


    82. Mark Joel Muyco

      iphones has the best camera quality at all

    83. Jacob Smith

      Can I marry you ? 😩💍

    84. chloeXpixelz

      I want all of these cool things hmmmuuu :((

    85. Rajesh Chopra_

      5:55 ?

    86. Lisa Snider

      I minimized all my apps into one folder, so calming and I don't have to scroll :)

    87. Lia B.

      It's legit a dream phone material. I'm watching this video again😂 Btw, I'm entering your XR giveaway and hopefully I can win it. My 5 needs an upgrade *cries*

    88. Cesar De Leon

      i like vertical videos but i'm not really into instagram TV ... :D

    89. Sherlyn Hdz

      So many iPhones

    90. Sienna Delsi

      I dont have an iphone but I love apple

    91. M E

      I need an IPhone xs max in gold but I can't afford

    92. Carissa James-Pyle

      Ijustine is a walking ad. Every time I watch this woman I’m shifting to the Apple Store

    93. Ryder Yellowknee


    94. Drew Dude


    95. symmetricalastic

      Download fooducate

    96. Chad Clark

      Oh oh wait wait, are there APPS on your phone?! WTFC!!!

    97. Ruby Carter

      I do memorise at school

    98. Kamea's Life

      Apple should make a phone with Finger ID and Face ID Incase one acts up

    99. Alament

      2:32 Old iPhone? I JUST GOT THE X.

    100. OmegaMan

      iSheep.... BAHHHHH