What's on my iPhone Xs!



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    1. OmegaMan

      iSheep.... BAHHHHH

    2. Lizzy Hendricks

      So I was thinking of getting an iPhone xs. Would anyone suggest it?

    3. Komal Calla


    4. im trash

      Can we take a moment to look at those emails tho😂

    5. jose samuel

      Mine is memrise for sure a must have app for every phone lovers out there

    6. Daro Ndiaye

      Are having problems with Snapchat camera?cuz I am

    7. queenrayniecia

      when are you going to do a giveaway

    8. Mike Coshan

      Google assistant, google lens if it’s not already available and amazon assistant.

    9. Michelle Tu

      I personally think the silver looks the best so far. This gold is kinda dull.

    10. Splixer

      Ur missing Uber

    11. Oddny Halla Halldorsdottir

      Try Episode it’s awsome you can read stories and create your own MC😍

    12. Dan O.

      PLOT TWIST: Those are all sponsors

    13. UnicornM _Power

      Omg!! please make a video in which you learn German words! That would be so cool I am German😂🇩🇪

    14. Anissa's Fortnite

      wait your dutch, im dutch to

    15. CodeWithAhmed

      Vertical video is great. Very different needs adjusting too.

    16. Roxanne Nass

      3d wallpapers

    17. Respect The Face

      Who gives a shit

    18. Master Tellez

      Someone knows how she edited her video to have the iPhone's screen on one side? I tried to do this in iMovie and it looks really bad cause it cut the bottom of my screen so I couldn’t get all the screen when I edited it I really need an answer please

    19. Александър Борисов

      Should not snort cocaine, it’s visible from kilometers that you did or you are using some psychotropic drug!

    20. Cristy C.

      Why didn’t she set the old phone next to the new one? It installed all my apps for me in the correct order

    21. Cat Macaster

      Is it also for iPhone 8

    22. Megan McIntosh

      How many peoples Siri opened up when she said hey Siri lol

    23. nubcake

      I just have all my passwords in my secure folder lol

    24. Coleco Vw.


    25. Lashay’s Lifestyle

      I just did the whats on my xs go watch

    26. pawan kewlani

      X but I can afford an iPhone xs because aim richest

    27. Seb Bruun

      overrated and expensive. Go get yourself an android phone and you'll thank me. You can get an android phone with better specs and for cheap money.

    28. Eva C

      Everyone stop hating on ijustine if she wants to spend her money on I phone she will spend her money on I phones

    29. Explore with Rick

      what is instagram tv?

    30. Deshawn Saunders

      The Naked Mirror gaget is super interesting. A follow-up video on this!

    31. Kevin Dagostino

      You don’t play Mario run?

    32. Cristina Sakura


    33. RoDogVlogs _2

      Do what’s on my Apple watch

    34. Petez

      10 years later what’s on my iPhone 27xs

    35. BRIGHT LTE

      I love you❤

    36. Emily haha

      ............i want one too....

    37. Brenda Childs

      I know I'm late to the iphone gang, but I'm getting my iphone 8 plus today and I'm unbelievable psyched!

    38. Rachel Stelling

      92025 emails

    39. Veljko Ivanovic

      What is going on with your messages

    40. Halie Downard

      I know this is really random and has nothing to do with the video. But just out of curiosity have you thought about doing a review on the Lifeproof cases? Just out of curiosity if you even see this post... New to this lol.

    41. Shaikh Shahariar Hossain

      I hv an old dream to get an iPhone but sorry !I have no ability to buy this. price is too much.

    42. Atharv Pal

      You are awesome

    43. Sasha Zatler

      frickkkk i only have one password for everythin! welp ;-;

    44. shubham kumar

      6:07 snd look her message app icon I cant bear even 1 and then there is almost 100k messages

    45. Cruz Vaz

      I kinda dont use IGTV, basically just check the vids on IG itself , Its like a mini version of you-tube , P.S. Dont hate it though ;d

    46. Amaan Siddiqui

      Roses are red Violets are red Trees are red Grass is red Holy shit my garden's on fire

    47. Safwan trend

      It’s great

    48. Basic Kyle 101


    49. Khalid Holmes

      Guys nobody cares how many amazing features your Android has 💁🏾‍♂️. Most people buy iPhones because of their simplicity and how they allow you to communicate with other iPhone users. Just saying

      1. Khalid Holmes

        mraeece Exactly!

      2. mraeece

        Khalid Holmes exactly FaceTime , iMessage amazing things Let’s not forget how Apple Pay is more widely accepted then android Pay, wallet lets me save all my tickets and most companies are compatible with wallet including my daily commute The backward swipe that is universal through the UI, you use an android and your tapping away at the bottom, the backwards swipe is magnificent

    50. orry gelinas

      You have an apple channel so I would imagine you use iCloud, that being said there shouldn't be any apps that didn't download on your new phone that weren't on your old one...so what is going on here?! Lol