\\WARNING//Super Typhoon Trami/Tropical Storm Kirk/5.4 EQ Taltal, CHILE September, 22, 2018

Morning D.E.W.

Morning D.E.W.

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    Morning D.E.W.
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    1. philps

      a very geoengineered weather world we live in huh folks .. all military made storms every single one of them

    2. philps

      planetary alignments are not what you were told you think they are ... for one thing they are not solid they are lights inside our firmanet ... not what you were told .. this can be proven with camera lense s that are not crafted specially for viewing planets ... telescope lense are made to deceive your eyes I know this as a fact ... if you do not know what I am talking about then research the true earth ... no joke research the flat unmovable earth ...all sun shots you think are real are absolutely nothing but CGI computers engineered graphics again I know this for a fact not fiction what you think you now is all a lie its all fiction science fiction and not science fact ... wakwe up time people its time you know the truth about your indoctrination into your false reality ... and beleive me its as false as plastic shit

      1. Morning D.E.W.

        Not likely... earth is 🌏

    3. Tam Bear

      Thank you so much for keeping us all updated I absolutely enjoy watching your channel you have a very calming voice my friend

      1. Morning D.E.W.

        Thanks so much tam bear!! Much LOVE!!:)

    4. stellar flare

      No flares for hurricanes means there laser steered.

    5. Down the Wrabbit Hole Travel

      Not only do I learn about the weather phenomenon around the world, but you are also teaching me about travel destinations. Now I'm interested in that tropical African lake!

      1. Morning D.E.W.

        Welcome to the Family!:) Stay WARM!:)

    6. Andi Bowe


    7. Mario is MLG


    8. Sue G

      Wow that sun footage is really awesome!

      1. Morning D.E.W.

        No doubt eh!? I love being able to look at the sun. God Bless Humanity

    9. Skywatcherdiane Quantumshifting

      Thanks so much for keeping us informed ☺ Much love to you brother 💖💞

      1. Skywatcherdiane Quantumshifting

        +Morning D.E.W. 💖💞

      2. Morning D.E.W.

        Oh ok thanks for your loyalty and Friendship. God Bless

      3. Skywatcherdiane Quantumshifting

        +Morning D.E.W. No, I'm not new to your channel. I think I've been Sub'd to your channel for over a year. I just don't comment often.

      4. Morning D.E.W.

        You're welcome... are you new here? Thanks for watching.

    10. Moira Egan

      Thanks Mike. I'll be interested in learning more about the color anomaly you picked out. You seem to have a flair for the anomalous which makes you an anomaly yourself. (Lots of people don't even pick up on the obvious.)

      1. Morning D.E.W.

        Thank YOU

    11. Fairy Frequency

      Aslways look forward to your reports dear friend. Wishing you a lovely day.

      1. Morning D.E.W.

        Thank you and YOU as well...