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Don't Hug Me .I'm Scared

Don't Hug Me .I'm Scared

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    1. Your On Planet Sweetness

      I'm such a huge fan and also great job with everything from ur AR-new channel too the gumball clab I'm sooooo proud of you guys and am looking forwards to your guys CREATIVE ; 3 Genius!!!!! I can't wait someone!!! don't hug me I'm scared!!!!! XD may u guys become super famous and be blessed Amen!!!!! Jesu Loves you😊

    2. Sydney Nichol


    3. gnarly


    4. Megara Lyons

      When is this? Do I have to wait a year or three for the actual episode??

    5. Cinna

      When will it be here? I have been waiting forever for this it feels like

    6. N L

      From just looking at the sponsors, please don’t directly/indirectly get political or relate anything to politics. Conaco and Super Deluxe are very biased and if the show does lean with their agenda then your future videos will either 1) receive little to no views and/or 2) get a lot of thumbs down and comments corresponding to those thumbs down. I’ve seen it happen to many AR-newrs and AR-new videos, just wanna give a small heads up.

    7. Starry Anime

      Is the bird a duck or a penguin? I all ways wondered that.

    8. MrNothini

      Almost looks like theyre doing a real deal show

    9. Kooki Chan ._.

      *_Its been 2 months_*

    10. Chemi Y Classy

      Plz return DHMIS 😭😭👏

    11. Felix Lauren Antonio

      CONACO? :0

    12. Pundertale Fan

      I thought they escaped!

    13. Dylan Ryan

      2 months counting

    14. Generic Phangirl

      I’m scarred for life and it’s just the trailer

    15. jeimy apasa

      2 months

    16. Diego Torres Oropeza

      Hyyyyyyyypeeeeeeee!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    17. よEvil

      Please Release it faster

    18. StopMotion Unicorn

      doo doo do do doo doo doo do *DOODODODO*

    19. Sceney Weenie


    20. Aceter124

      Rip Stan Lee

    21. rezco tn


    22. Some kid

      Play the video from slowest to fastest it’s fuckin crazy

    23. Daniel Flanard

      Makes a series critiquing the harmful effects of the media and the controlling aspects of large corporations, then sells out to continue a series that has been completed and told the message they wanted to tell.

      1. Daniel Flanard

        +Grapeyy I did some more digging last night and looked up some of the other theories. I now feel different about it all. Everyone should stop bashing them because of one opinion, I see the fault in my reasoning now.

      2. Grapeyy

        Well, want me to tell you something? Matpat's theories are just theories and not even fucking confirmed by the creators yet.

    24. Natan Levi Produções

      when WHEN??

    25. Hunter Dee

      i hope your haviing agreat day and hi v=everyone your great bai

    26. Lps Rosie

      Yess I’m going to have nightmare tonight

    27. Eichro

      deltahug: chapter 1

    28. BTS Trash

      I’m ready to start making some fanart :)

    29. Benjamin Parker

      Don't rug me I'm chaired.

    30. Autumn Blue

      when is it coming out?????????????????????????

    31. Izzy Leto

      Yes! James

    32. Jumbo Monkey

      We need more

    33. 314jake


    34. Alaceli Flores

      Algo me dice... que esto es falso

    35. Charlie Fortuno


      1. Conntencandy


    36. 2987deadpool

      When is this coming out?

    37. hi im mario

      Just fucking release it

    38. Coffeeismybestfreind -Aphamare-

      Im so excited but so scared I rlly want it coming out soon LIKE IF U AGREE (Jk u don't have to but like if u wanna

    39. Jaelin Aguilar

      When is it going to come??

    40. cool boy YT 31 cool

      a TV show kids will believe this is for them but its for adults and its not meant to be normal

    41. The OOF


    42. rebecca richards

      0:17 why does everyone say that is a memberberry? it looks like a bowling ball

    43. Angel :v

      I remember I was younger and I watched this channel every time was wonderful! Until it started to go weird..

    44. Schweet Dee

      ...patiently waiting 😭😭😭

    45. Ugly Bottle

      0:19 damn you seen things

    46. marscop 9013

      did you guys have trouble putting duck back together

    47. Burger Boi

      Holyyyyy mollyyyyyy pleaaaasseeeee more

    48. Burger Boi

      Plz Relies It Soon

    49. Burger Boi

      Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii am so excited for this new series yeaaaaaaaa

    50. Burger Boi

      I’m so glad to have more nightmares