VENOM - Official Trailer 2 (HD)

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Sony Pictures Entertainment

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    The world has enough superheroes. Watch the new #Venom trailer now. 10.5.18.
    One of Marvel's most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the big screen, starring Academy Award® nominated actor Tom Hardy as the lethal protector Venom.
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    Tom Hardy
    Michelle Williams
    Riz Ahmed
    Scott Haze
    Reid Scott

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    1. КПЛ Канал Пони Лиза

      Venom is perfect.

    2. AnthonyPlayz YT


    3. Camila B

      Ok but seriously why did they put literally the ending of the movie in the trailer? xd

    4. ray agustio ardi

      I don't like the story, too bad and far away from Spider-Man. Why he is an alien..? And he looks like cartoon in this movie. Venom is a Symbiote created from Spider-Man's DNA by Doctor Octopus for Norman Osborn and Oscorp. This living organism that can attach itself to a human host to form an almost unstoppable villain. It is tertiary antagonist of Season 1 and a minor antagonist in Season 2, he is one of Spider-Man's arch-enemies.

    5. Golden Caliber

      *WE ARE VENOM*

    6. arabianlegend

      I wish they make venom 2

    7. Jeffrey Simmons

      So many snacks so little time

    8. willy102073

      Thay should do a Venom Rated R version since Deadpool got both versions.

    9. XxSugaBG Xx

      Who watching and reading the chat? 😂😂😂😂

    10. sheckeil baker

      I just watched the full movie... But here still watching the trailer hoping to see Venom #2 pops up...

    11. Tom Hank

      Tom Hardy was perfect for this roll. I just watched the movie Legend and he plays both of the Kray brothers and his acting and portrayal of the boys was literally fucking amazing.

    12. Jimmy Brooks

      How in the hell did this movie not get more credit. 29% on rotten tomatoes...35% on metacritic....IS THAT A JOKE. They should be rated R movies but fact its PG and still good just means they have something with immense potential

    13. Crabby_Crab

      OMG ... how can I get venom in my body ... VENOM PLEZ INFECT MEE

    14. Young Blood Official

      Eddie is four off of lawless am I the only one who seen that🤔😁

    15. Qlirim Curri

      What a brilliant movie

    16. Eternaldarkness3166

      Sony must have gotten some new management , some of their movies haven't sucked lately.

    17. Carloshooter COYOTE

      pss no mucho me gustó.. :( hay que esperar UNA HORA... para que aparezca ese condenado.... XD!!!

    18. Nathan j Cooper

      Topher Grace is the OG venom here, Tom Hardy should pay respects.

    19. G04TZ Gaming

      Me See Venom: 2007:Villain 2018:Hero

      1. Jordan Jackson

        Venom is an anti-hero

    20. Irfaan Irfaan

      Did anybody notice the similarity between the names Eddie Brock and Erin Brockovich. Erin is a real life person who exposes the big corporation and Eddie is a reporter who also exposes the big corporation. Hmmm I wonder....coincidence?

    21. Gael12 Elpro

      I am venom

    22. chad taylor

      We need a venom 3 im stoked lol

    23. Alia Ali

      I strongly dislike how this movie got a lower percentage of rotten tomatoes then Ant-man and the Wasp. I really enjoyed this movie and I didn’t think it was bad. AND It was extremely funny. Way better than Ant -Man! Imo Ant-Man was a flop. Period. It was messy to me and I just didn’t like it!

    24. Cire Menendez

      And please tell marvel I said hi and you are the best

    25. Cire Menendez

      And you make the best movie's ever

    26. Cire Menendez

      Sony you made the best anti hero

    27. Cire Menendez


    28. Cire Menendez

      Can you please make VENOM 2

      1. OneEyedGhoulX

        With the amount of money venom made in the box office most likely we will get a venom 2.

    29. Dr Blitz

      it actually was good. i didn't just put it in trash bin after watching it

    30. THE LEGEND 27

      *Just finished watching it and It Was Awesome !!*

    31. LuciaNN

      How can Spider man win against this guy? Venom win #WeAreVenom

    32. maya D

      So is he good or bad

    33. Jaylan Henderson

      THAT. WAS . awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    34. Huzefa Shahir Official

      Love this movie venom

    35. \Negan /

      2:07 When he holds him up , it's different from the movie . In the movie he holds him up by his venomous hand not human hand .

    36. We are venom

      Venom:We will eat both your arms and then both of your legs and then we will eat your face right of your head! you will be this armless legless faceless thing won't You? Rolling down the Street like a turd in the wind. Do u feel me? Guy:What the hell are you?! Venom/Eddie:WE...ARE VENOM!

    37. John Sawyer

      The 'We Are Venom' sounds so much better here than in the movie

    38. Hamza Adlouni

      I have watched the film and I thought it was so cool and amazing. My favourite part was when venom had ate someone in the shop.

    39. Рахимчон Мусоев


    40. mavi kelebek

      Efsanee bir filmmm Türkler kendinizi belli edinn

    41. thailisa manoban

      I cannot watch it.plss help me

      1. OneEyedGhoulX

        Bro just buy it.

    42. Nahwan Yoosuf

      I download that video for HD quality

    43. Sharan Bhagawaan

      In avengers 4 i want venom to come

    44. Mohamed Ihab


    45. tanaija •

      *The way I see it WE can do whatever we want*

    46. Santiago Martínez

      I see this movie today and is so fucking awesome. Thanks for not destroy this character. Maybe is not 100% the comics Venom but is very good!

    47. Scott K

      Can't wait for the next Venom reboot. Third time's the charm?

    48. Joel Hernandez

      Caca Caca

    49. liyyy Hoang

      I watched the movie already

    50. Kyleigh Yates

      I all ready sall this movie it was sooooooooooooooooooooooo good