Typhoon Trami (Paeng) Update - 11pm JST Sept 23, 2018

Force Thirteen

Force Thirteen

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    Typhoon Trami has a very uncertain future as it rapidly intensifies to reach Category 4 status. As the storm intensifies, forecasts vary from the storm reaching the Luzon strait to a Taiwan landfall, or a passage through the Ryukyu Islands into the East China Sea. With stalling also expected, all areas from Luzon through to Japan should closely monitor this powerful typhoon.

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    1. mara natha


    2. Jaycee 34

      Aww really mangkhut is over now we have trami? Ugh mother nature is too much -_-

    3. Zachary Cabahug

      Jeanelle said to me si Paeng ay nakahawak ng tae.

    4. Matthew_45

      Are you going to do track of

    5. David T

      When I did the earlier update on this typhoon, I was impressed with its structure to which Nathan highlighted in this update. Also consider that Trami has a 10nm eye last night - local time.

    6. Josh Kahrim

      what about TS Kirk in the atlantic?can you do that one?

    7. Josh Kahrim

      wow its far from land but seems dangerous.but not as bad as mangkut though

    8. Pingo

      Will the eye expand any time soon?

    9. AS1238 Tracking

      Look at that pinhole eye on Trami! Anyway, Leslie exists now, the record for most subtropical storms in the Atlantic has been broken, and I have no idea what is going to happen to Leslie.

    10. Super Typhoon Jelawat 2018

      last report, Trami will reach the coasts of Taiwan with winds of 195 mph for Monday and the whole area is on maximum alert and will have a pressure above 897-892 mb, this intensity is as strong as Typhoon Haiyan of 2013

      1. Steve Nugget

        There's a chance it wouldn't be as strong sa Haiyan, but there is uncertainty regarding the direction of the storm. The predictions I've seen only show the storm passing through the waters near Taiwan and heading for Japan.

      2. Ryan Sprenkels

        That would be something. But it's really unclear at this point what would happen. Wind shear also is likely to increase the coming days for Trami.

      3. Infernox 8

        so it looks stronger than Typhoon Mangkhut

    11. William 5629

      GFS said 863 mb yesterday lol

      1. AS1238 Tracking

        Bot Spam I would laugh if it actually happened.

      2. Bot Spam

        Extremely likely

      3. AS1238 Tracking

        Bot Spam I also wonder if Ernesto will be a Category 5 in the 2018 WMHB Atlantic Animation.

      4. Bot Spam

        AS1238 Tracking I wonder if in the 2018 WMHB WPAC, WMHB Mangkhut would actually be 350 mph and 775 mb

      5. AS1238 Tracking

        William 5629 I am not surprised. The HWRF is still better at it with its 350/775 typhoon.


      Do Tropicial Storm Kirk

      1. Manuel El Jackson

        PHILIP GAGARIN Kirk will strength a little bit but remain a tropical storm. Kirk will reach the lesser Antilles late next week as a tropical storm. The storm will take nearly the same way than Issac some days before, but maybe with a quiet better chance to strength in the caribbean sea or in the Gulf of Mexico, because of lower upper-level winds.

    13. im Jus St ChiLLin

      Jesus Christ that escalated quickly

    14. Dennis William

      Cat 5 in tomorrow??

      1. Dennis William

        That means this night in Vietnamese time (I'm Vietnamese)

      2. fgr 00

        No, become cat 5 this afternoon

    15. fgr 00

      Typhoon Mangkhut (ompong) 》Typhoon Vongfong (ompong) Cat 5 Typhoon Trami (Paeng) 》 Typhoon Nuri (Paeng) Cat 5

      1. Bot Spam

        fgr 00 also Typhoon Trami (Paeng) 》 Typhoon Cimaron (Paeng) Cat 5 (2006)

      2. Forblox

        fgr 00 wut

      3. Wobbo

        Such a crazy coincidence lol

    16. HollyBeth

      Going to Taipei next week. Hope it won't be too damaging...

    17. Hurricane Tim

      Cat. 4 already?

      1. Hurricane Tim


      2. Balaram Chakrabarty

        Hurricane Tim, That is explosive intensification which works on very vavorable conditions. Trami had that. An example of this is Irma turning from cat 3 to 5

      3. Hurricane Tim

        Balaram Chakrabarty exactly

      4. Balaram Chakrabarty

        Just yesterday it was cat 1