Tropical Storm Florence drops staggering rainfall totals

CBS Evening News

CBS Evening News

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    The rain will not let up on the East Coast for another 24 hours and the preliminary rainfall totals so far are staggering. The National Weather Service says more than 30 inches of rain has fallen in Swansboro, North Carolina. Thousands are under evacuation and nearly a million homes and businesses are without power. Adriana Diaz reports.
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    1. g MaytaR


    2. Braydon Trusty

      On Wednesday day I’m going to be in hurricane Michel 1 like =one prayer for me to survive

      1. Christian Davenport

        still intensifying scary

      2. Christian Davenport

        stay safe guys that storm is going to be catastrophic im soory yall have to go through that stay safe prayers to you and your family it is 152 mph winds now almost cat 5😬😱



    4. welshi megs

      why is she not deeper in the water?

    5. nazim fiaz

      We have to pray together we cannot blame God.we have to worship of Allah talla at any circumstances whether we face Huricane Earthquake what ever in whole world disasters. I know we are weak we cannot fight these disaster we have to pray together and survival in this life and day after.ya Allah talla help from these horable Disaster and Earthquake Huricane ya Allah talla al Mudad ya Ghouse al Mudad forgiveness our sins whatever we do mistake.please forgive us ya Allah talla al Mudad

    6. PugNation


    7. PugNation


    8. PugNation


    9. PugNation

      Comment :)

    10. Yofatboy123

      You know what would stop this? Building a wall.

    11. النور الساطع : الله متم نوره وكفى

      ليعلموا ان الله هو الأقوى هو الأعظم هو الحي القيوم الواحد الأحد الفرد الصمد لم يلد ولم يولد ولم يكن له كفوا أحد

    12. Jason Gingerich

      Its ok to bring out all the positive aspects of those helping each other and showing love instead of always negativity and the tragedy of it all...theres alot of good people and good stories that come from things like this. We dont want to hear all the drama, rather the positive and amazing things that people are doin for each other.

    13. experimental trader

      it wasnt a tropical storm

    14. Mark Wilcons

      Just ignore what Florence did here, because we all need to wipe away from our minds the possibility that climate change has enhanced the conditions to make these types of storms worse. We need to come together as a people and dig deep to wash away the idea we made this worse with our own fossil fuel burning for 150 years. Stick together!!!

    15. Greg W

      The Weather Channel and CNN hired midgets to make the water look deeper but they aren't needed. They were out there you just couldn't see em under the water.

    16. shizra and subhan vlogs

      God bless all sons of Adam . And give us the understanding of this temporary life

    17. Mary Butler-Stonewall Esq.

      At this juncture, this writer feels life is becoming too short, and worries if the message of life will reach the people of this world in time. The extreme weather or lack thereof, around the globe has become relentless. We have severe droughts in over 50% of world, around 37% severe precipitation with rain, snow, or hail overwhelming the tributaries, and storms of all elements at an all time high, we need hero’s to step up. As one reviews the so called “Weather Forecasting Channels”, you would think “Meteorologist” would be on the forefront of “Demanding Building Code Reform”. Meteorologist sees firsthand the devastation as a result of “Inadequate Building Codes.” We must ask “Why haven’t they made it a point to change this disconcerting outcome?” Where a person’s home is no longer a shelter, their natural rights of prosperity, property, and sovereignty swept away in one deadly swoop. Entire family tree whipped off the face of the earth and Meteorologist want to talk about the wind direction at the Cubs Baseball Game. Where is their Humanity? Meteorologist are more about looking good then saving lives. Looking good on camera, as a forecaster, as a hero that warns us/reminds us our lives are not our own, that is all a Meteorologist is for us. When our $350,000 new home is built of twigs, insurance companies, FEMA, UN, Red Cross, the National Guard and the Government have more Rights than we do when it comes to getting our lives back. Why do we fight to get back what we already had and should have never lost in the first place if our “Inherent Natural Rights” meant anything?Meteorologist were at one time, folks that worked to protect our communities, now they only warn our communities, and walk through the aftermath time and time again, without a word of outrage. Learn more on the web at "Build to flow with nature not to resist it"

    18. Anderson D.

      Kk aqui no Brasil não mostra isso

    19. Ahmed Zaki Abd Rady

      Our hearts with you American. I am proud to be with you.

    20. cheristar

      Praying for everyone who affected by the hurricane. Thank you first responder for saving people and animals.

    21. alfie dee


    22. Mario Cavett

      Coastal Cities are below sea level evacuate them all~!

    23. Twisted1 thunder

      Honestly they should up the high ground and drains of houses

    24. Hasan Amir

      Hillbillies dont want get out from my home my country America... Drown and die u ignorant sobs

    25. Scarlett Flare

      not sure if where i live will get hit but I'm praying for everyone who is affected by this storm

    26. Rodney Mount

      I found this video after seeing several faked news videos of Hurricane Florence supposedly in my city. Some of them actually show signs reading Oregon City or have phone numbers on signs that are in Virginia while the caption reads Jacksonville. I can tell everyone for certain that this is real but not the entire city flooded as they would have you to believe. I had to turn around to avoid the floodwaters shown at 2:48 in this video. This is in Onslow County NC. I actually have my own cell phone photos and video of the burgundy car in the road, and both the black and the white pickup trucks (at 2:50 mark) in the median ditches. They are still sitting there 3 or 4 days after Florence is gone and the waters have drained.

    27. Rigoberto Medina

      Its funny how there's no money from the government for these people whole need the suplies and food but there's 5.6 Billion dollars and tons of supplies being shipped to build a wall at the border !

    28. permata helmy

      Fund for Israel 3.8 billion every year and next year for 10 years

    29. Kristie Will

      STOP BEING SO HEARTLESS! SOME PEOPLE DIDN'T HAVE THE MEANS TO LEAVE. How can u judge someone when you have NO CLUE what their situation is/was?????

    30. Jen S

      Being in an area where hurricanes are inevitable, those particular states should have centers specifically for hurricane season. People who do not have the means to evacuate would have a place to go each time this would occur, NOT just makeshift shelters thrown up at the last minute.

      1. Rich R

        Jen S Good idea.

    31. Tanya Hartley

      LOOK UP YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWS NIGH! TURN YOUR EYES UPON JESUS! I'm prayin for yall. Please try to stay safe.


      So it's fair that everyone was told to evacuate and yet some ppl don't and they expect other's to put their lives in danger bc now they have to come rescue them so selfish of ppl

    33. Tamia Martin

      Feel so bad for you guys😭😭

    34. strattuner

      god bless all who are in the water,thank god for the first responders,all of you cold hearted un-American sobs,i hope you never have to have help at all,some of these people are just hanging on before the damn storm came,its hard to leave everything you've got,people who have gone thru a couple divorces know what it is like to just jump and go,but this is a national emergency,help your neighbor,the world is watching,the good ones are praying for everyone,not everyone is a cold hearted piece of trash,god will honor your love for your neighbor,those who don't believe in god,well your doomed anyway,protect the children and the old folks,AMERICA will see more of this,its the way of it,this continent has floods ,tornadoes,droughts,we are a nation of strange weather,its just the way of it,help or get out of the way,the nation is thinking of you all,god bless

    35. Cynthia Hawkins

      Anyone who says this is fake is a complete and total dunderhead. Fake too??: the drownings, collapsed houses, boats unmoored, downed wires, floating debris. Hubby was in NOLA in 2005: when Katrina hit. Many BTW who were caring for an elder family member were unable to evacuate, or it was too dangerous. So they stayed. Not everybody was 'guarding the silverware"!! But best yet - I love the 'sofa verdicts" from people, safely dry and self-righteous.... hundreds of miles away, who NEVER in their lives felt winds stronger than their own farts.

    36. Trevor Bunyard

      This was God's hurricane. Liberals are to blame for the floodwaters.

    37. EJ - Funeral Director

      If I were those people, I would leave. However, many people don't even have cars, or money to pump gas, or money to pay for lodging. Plus, they aren't working either! It's awful, but the coast in that part of the country, shouldn't be inhabited year round.

    38. Eduardo Rodriguezarias

      build the pipe lines and reservoir. for the hurricane states.

    39. 1981yama

      Trump is our hero! lol that pig in a blanket doesn’t care

    40. Daniel Garcia

      This is why I live in Texas, doesn't get this bad ever

    41. blues watchin

      Man I’m sorry this happening to you guys.

    42. Cristabel Palomarez

      About a year or more... just look at Puerto Rico!

    43. Shannon Williams

      That black dude in the boat looks like tone Loke

    44. Newer Account


    45. Newer Account

      This just in! Wind over water brings rain

    46. andy walravens

      Fake news

    47. saiful hashim

      Go go Super power It is Only water Come on it is only water

    48. Luvhim Luvher

      This is sad😣

    49. Carrie Geren - Scoggins

      At least with their power out, there should be less risk of fire. I wander about the homes that were flooded, wet insulation, that when the water recedes, but the family has not returned to the home but they cut the electric back on, so lights left on, ect. will turn back on and catch it on fire. Hopefully they turned off, unplugged, everything, even though the electric is off from the utilities area.

    50. Dave R

      Hmm... Simms and Arc'teryx. Not a bad quartermaster at CBS ..