Travis Karter - ICE [Official Music Video]

TRASH 新 ドラゴン

TRASH 新 ドラゴン

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    Listen to this song as much as you can, as 100% of the proceeds from Travis's music are donated toward charity.

    Video By: @OZONEVISION

    Filmed by:
    Liam Thompson:
    Max Volpintesta:
    Lucas Miranda:
    Anthony Tang:
    "Phase III" Album Out Now

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    1. Travis Karter

      To everyone showing love, thank you. Stream this song as much as you can. 100% of the proceeds from all of my music are donated to charity to provide clean water worldwide. ICE melts to Water. ❄️🌊#trashgang

      1. Water Is The Answer

        Water Is The Answer is a Non-profit Organization founded by Travis Karter in 2015 purposed to provide access to clean water worldwide. To learn more, read about us at Water Is The Answer dot Org

      2. John Louis

        it's called water is the answer bro he talks ab it all the time. just google him there's a shit ton of articles on it u can probably find it there if u wanna donate

      3. TheCorvallisBoys

        What charity?

      4. Revling

        Trash love Travis Karter

      5. T H 7 M R C 7 Q G L G M M G L G Q 7 C R M 8 H Y

        Track betflow 🤘

    2. Like Apple co.Ltd


    3. Miami Coca Cola

      Butterfly effect! Spread positivity bro!

    4. Miami Coca Cola

      You the best bro! Travis Karter keep helping the world be a better place!


      Sweet channel new subscriber forsure looked for someother underground channel other than trill phonk on asatari both still lit tho

    6. imcntrl

      need some ice

    7. TonsHeavy

      That instrumental saved your ass

    8. Shinzu Andrino

      TRΛSH4ΣVΞR でぎヨ

    9. 愁い-Unorthodox

      The visuals are so dope

    10. TheReezko


    11. ONEᗷØᎥFO𐍂Øtherz


    12. TRXSH IlIlIlIlIlI


    13. Samms.MP4

      Probable just me but 2x si fire

      1. Samms.MP4

        Thanks May Guy its fire🔥

      2. Travis Karter

        lmao try 1.5x bro i like that even better 🔥

    14. M.L.J. Tha Beatmaker


    15. K4s1


      1. Travis Karter

        gracias! 🌍

    16. Fiori Beats

      damn this was amazing ...+1 subscribe!

    17. Lucas Barbosa

      Oh no demom ksksk final mente nao tem capeta aqui

    18. Shannon Hickey

      man I love cloud rap

    19. dhkggdkqhc ohcogsgi

      ahh is that a ice Poseidon reference in there

    20. o IVIemes o

      Why my video quality bad??????

      1. Slade Shadows

        Too much ice

    21. Alex Capriccio

      so much fire coming from a channel called trash 🔥🔥or maybe should i say so much ICE lol 😂😂

    22. Travis Karter

      30k in a week. I can't explain the gratitude. I wanna take the chance to highlight some important people, b/c I didnt do this alone. The visuals were done by my boys @ozonevision on IG, the beat was produced by my boy SACHY, and this was all possible b/c of trash, my fans, friends, n supporters. thank you.

    23. imcntrl

      Lyrcs? ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE

      1. imcntrl

        bmw i8 butterfly doors :Q__

      2. Travis Karter

        listen to my other songs bro. i think you'll like DIAMONDS a lot 😉

      3. imcntrl

        Travis Karter Im still looking nice...need drop another Song love you

      4. Travis Karter

        nah bro... u forgot the part where i said ICE

    24. ClickClackATX


    25. Itachi

      *4 0 0 K*

    26. Alexis Fernandez

      -Nice Men

    27. Krow

      Keep this shit away from the rest of the good music, fucking weak.

    28. Cesar Chirinos

      Pure fire from the man himself Travis Karter

    29. ozonevision

      ❄️Visuals by ozonevision❄️ DM us on insta @ozonevision

    30. ĎÅniSSimØ

      Данёк сделал пародию

    31. Damian Metalhurst


    32. Nekusa

      cant get enough of this shit bro

    33. Mike Sore

      you give me chiiils ❄️❄️❄️ on repeat

      1. Travis Karter

        that's love bro. thank u

    34. ✰YUNG$ANTANAZZデッド✰

    35. Djigy


    36. ᴊᴜʙ

      The music video is perfectly fine. I just feel like the beat is louder than the voice.

    37. Diego TDR

      *nICE bro👌💚💛💙*

    38. Michael Randel

      O Z O N E with tha clean edit

    39. Trillmatic

      Shit heat asf 🔥🔥

      1. Travis Karter

        thank u bro. love

    40. Ryan Wilkinson

      Video dem a get 2 nice❄❄🔥🔥

    41. артем К

      i 642 )

    42. SADGASM悲しい

      ay ice

    43. H e c a t e ジ ェ イ ク


    44. Daniel Kollár

      icy igga

    45. Trash Cloud TM


    46. Artzie Music


      1. Travis Karter


    47. ilovepineapplepizza

      The video edit is lit AF ,but the song it just not so good

      1. Miami Coca Cola

        why do you like the did edit? I love it by the way.

    48. Ernest Madu

      Genius!!! Phenomenal 💎💎💎

    49. ツdreaminq

    50. Me Me

      Everybody, that is new to the channel, we’ll SUBSCRIBE cause if you don’t know this guy make some lit some good music video like anime music video #trashgang😈