The Secret to Becoming Immune to Mosquito Bites



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    Like most allergies, you can become immune to mosquito bites, but it might not be worth it.
    Hosted by: Hank Green
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    1. adriengriffon

      It doesn't help make you immune, but soaking the bite in hot water does help the pain. A hot bath is also less likely to give you malaria than 1,000 bites.

    2. Inky sans

      I have severe reactions to mosquito bites. (I get painfully itchy rashes all around the area I am bitten in, and the worse part is that thay seem to aim for me.)

    3. King Pin_55

      Lol its prolly not good but doing drugs will keep u from getting bit, weed if u smoke alot daily helps tho i was also at that time addicted to heroin sooooooo maybe it was the huge amount of heroin in my blood

    4. Georgi Georgiev

      Poor, poor, POOR bunny..

    5. TheCarrifaery Bear

      the problem is your immune system. heal that.

    6. Lee Tharachai

      I feel so bad for that rabbit!!

    7. CaramelLeek

      Thousands of bites over months? Lol I'm out.

    8. Arrant Survival

      So ,i get 200 bites if i sleep in my yard for one night. So for me 2 weeks?

    9. Piper Thomas

      How to become desensitized to mosquito bites: put yourself through hell Oh, WHAT?? 10-30% are naturally resistant?! Come on!

    10. Nick Campbell

      the video assumes people develop immunity to malaria too?, this guys an idiot, the dumbass who was exposed to mosquitos for 26 weeks,....bigger idiot probably paid $50 a day

    11. Isaac Phillips

      This worries me, because my father's side is part Powhatan Indian and I have a very mild reaction from mosquito bites in Norfolk, VA. The bumps tend to go away in less than an hour and I can easily ignore them.

    12. Meh

      Uh yeah. I did that this year. Bad year for mosquitos......and it didn’t work.

    13. JoeyPsych

      I'm sort of immune to mosquitos already, I only have itches for 20-30 minutes, then it goes away by itself.

    14. Lee R

      Mosquitoes don't seem to like me. :D

    15. Crash Landing

      I wanted preventive advice, not pain relief advice.

    16. Arth

      Does the same works with food alergens?

    17. Rigo Munoz

      Isn't this the same for poison ivy?

    18. noel hutchins

      is a dermal immune booster formula team researching to give us enough mosquito protein to have an overnight side effect and the desired benefits?

    19. Daniel Kleinmeier

      They think arthritis is from mosquitoes

    20. Ranger Roar

      Fake news Mosquitos are becoming weaponized New species are being introduced to California right now This is bad, fake info

    21. DJ K

      This episode made me itch

    22. GC Slimees

      Just use bugspray and a mosquito net boi

    23. Lyric Richards

      There's a skeeter on my Peter whack it off

    24. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      I thought it says _how to become mosquito_

    25. Andy Macrae

      Applying your own saliva several times on mosquito bites stops the itching and swelling due to natural antiseptics in saliva I've been doing this the last 20 years and it works every time.

    26. Lolly Alwazxmas

      Always very informative. Thank you💙

    27. Dave M

      i was told to become immune to skeeters bites you had to be kicked by the cow the cow that jumped over the moon. what? it might work you don’t know everydamthing... :-)

    28. K. Dalton

      A wast of my time

    29. Felix O'Keefe

      One minor flaw here. The sound mosquitos make is far more annoying than the itchy bumps.

    30. CRAVEMAN6154

      This stupid man works for the same folks that bring you frankenskeeters

    31. SlowPoke

      This is true, we get a lot of mosquitos in parts of Australia, when you are a kid you have strong reactions, when you get older it becomes very mild. We notice when people from england/ireland or other countries with much less mosquitos are with us outside and they say they have been eaten alive and have large reactions to the bites, we don't even notice. I tell them it's because their blood is sweeter, but it's really just desensitisation. This doesn't happen for all Australians but a large portion in certain areas. Edit: Don't get me wrong, we try to avoid them, and kill them when we see them, and when there are tonnes around which we can't avoid will use repellant, I'm just talking about the reaction to the bite.

    32. Wirebiter64

      2:31 Cool morph.

    33. V8 Addiction

      Can't be immune to malaria

    34. Paul 1968

      That’s freaking stupid west Nile malaria yet let’s have a bunch mosquitoes bite us

    35. Heather Hillman

      Wow, Cracked had a video that was actually helpful. I'm a little disappointed, I come here for a good dose of snarky sarcasm. Anyway, now do a video on how you can make yourself so unappetizing that those little bastards won't bite you in the first place!

    36. Sitti2300

      Recently, there has been a few cases of people getting rabies from mosquito bites. Forget immunity, and avoid mosquito bites as much as you possibly can.

    37. Olov Fräs

      So, one reason I never react to mosquito bites is because I take antihistamins due to my allergies to pollen, or am I in the wrong here?

    38. Morgan Bennett

      I had an allergic reaction to mosquito bites

    39. Billionrosannae Chhouk

      Bite me >:[

    40. Mudder Fukker

      Mosquitos don’t usually bite me. Here in SoFla, growing up, white friends at picnics n pool parties would be complaining and I couldn’t relate. I also can’t wear jewelry, (any metallic contact other than 22k gold creates rash) so I think there may be some correlation between the two in my skin chemistry.

    41. Tabitha Brigham

      I’m usually a mosquito magnet. We LOVE to go camping, unfortunately so do the mosquitoes. I accidentally found out, at least for myself, that Claritin & Zyrtec have both helped me. Didn’t completely stop them, but for the most part they do not hurt as much when they bite. I told my nephew on a camping trip once, same went for him. So it’s definitely worth a try.

    42. Eric Laska

      The goal is to not be bitten. Damn disease vectors.

    43. matthew burgner

      This explains so much. I've been completely immune to the tiger mosquitoes in this region basically my whole life. But over the past few years the mosquitoes the in habit the state south of us have been moving up here and I am very much not immune to them! They are some brown thing... Totally different species. Now I understand why. :) Thanks for the cool video.

    44. Brad Silvers

      if she numbs u before she bites then why the heck do i feel it when i get bitten?

    45. Mud Sh-sh-shark

      used to happen to me as a kid, i would be covered in mosquitos and it wouldn't bother me at all, would freak my parents out lol

    46. Ryan Christensen

      This totally works! I spent a summer knocking on doors, in a swampland. I became immune to mosquitoes for about a decade.

    47. West Virginian

      This works for poison ivy too.

    48. Ian Gillespie

      One time I was staying in Mexico during an especially moist week and woke up with more than 60 mosquito bites on my exposed skin. I stopped counting after 60, since that seemed like a good enough number to stop at, but none of them itched. I then proceeded to spend the next few days enjoying the reactions of normal humans when they realized my pox-ridden body was actually the result of a mosquito swarm. Hilarious! I was also pleased to announce that I did in fact, not get malaria.

    49. Fufubunny Iz100

      SSS mineral oil > Deet

    50. TheIppus

      Yyyeah... Even in places without malaria, there are plenty of other mosquito borne diseases. I'm in Idaho, and we have West Nile and at least two different strains of encephalitis in the area.

    51. L MCG

      In the meantime he gets West Nile virus and dies

    52. Andy Crowley Sr.

      Short answer: get bit thousands of times over months. Then get bit every now and then to keep it up.

    53. Zedi gan

      Isn't DEET banned in the USA?

    54. Page Vaughn

      They would work if we didn't have west Nile virus where I live. So everyone trys to not get bite for this reason. We so far have cases of West Nile for 2018, and we are not done yet.

    55. Duane Brown

      I disagree with premise. Urban mosquitoes don't cause as much irritation as country mosquitoes. Definitely something in the chemicals, although I do believe you can build a tolerance to bites.

    56. Preetesh Raj

      Getting Imunised is the worst part , We cant even know if the mosquito bites....and so welcome every disease, If you atleast know you are getting bitten , you will protect yourself... Actually its protective for us...

    57. buddy vang

      why don't you use your own body to prove as an exemple? let it bite you. maybe i might be like monkey see monkey do. instead of wasted almost 5 min of my pathatice life?

    58. EMS*Survival

      It's called growing up in the country. Still living still there. Ya'll can keep the city.

    59. Jacob Keary

      I'll sunmerize this video. *_The severity of mosquito bites is a bell curve_*

    60. SFtheWolf

      if you're going to keep portraying animal testing as this cutesy lighthearted thing could you at least stop describing them as if they're willing participants

    61. Manuel Drekinn

      Can half confirm this. When I get bitten in the place I lived for nearly 30 years, I only get small reactions that don't even ache. But in other regions or countries, God hell are those shits ichy as hell.

    62. Liran Piade

      😍 immunity?!

    63. Garbojax McBruce

      Dear SciShow: What exactly are histamines good for again???

    64. SlyPearTree

      This video made me itchy.

    65. Jon Boi

      All mosquitos should die.

    66. Risto Pöhö

      I spent most of my childhood in forest. The summers at least. My parents took me on journeys to lapland before i could speak on walk. And you know. I've never been bothered by mosquitoes. My sisters didn't become as desensitized as i did, but still, it's been nice not having to care.

    67. ๔єlคภєy

      But now the question is... why do some people attract more mosquitoes than others?

      1. Karl Ziehl

        Veritasium cover that, but offers no hope for relief.فيديو-38gVZgE39K8.html

    68. wcdeich4

      So you're really talking about losing the immune over reaction to bug bites, not being immune to them biting you. Strangely, even though I have respiratory allergies to almost everything, I have very little reaction to mosquito bites - but I still do not want them biting me!

    69. Alpha

      They are on the list of most annoying bugs on earth

    70. Amanda Lam

      Um I have been bitten by mosquitoes everyday(more than 20 per day) since I was at the age of 22, how am I still not immune.............I still liked this video tho

    71. Awang Budiman

      That man got desensitized because he was already dead at the 100th bite.

    72. Kevin Benoit

      Do you guys have a video on allergies? I assumed I wasn’t allergic to anything, but it sounds like _everyone_ is allergic to mosquito bites? Am I also secretly allergic to other things? You could title a video about this “Secret Allergies YOU HAVE” or something :)

    73. Matt Marvel

      Makes since some do nothing while others are awful

    74. joaquin vega


    75. ZodyrusSevaronZds2

      This makes me so glad to live in a city where mosquitoes don't live.

    76. Shishilan Pasalan

      Cool, ill just sit on a chair beside the lake, i hope i dont get dengue, malaria or zika and ill find it out when i die

    77. iunnor

      Nahh.. being bit once is too much for me.

    78. kyo man

      just fart and u will be fine :)

    79. izzes

      If they didn't make that annoying noise on my ears while I'm trying to sleep, I don't think they would enrage me so much... but living beside a vacant lot filled with trees doesn't help either.

    80. Kenn 2222

      Genetically evolve so that your future generations doesn't get bit

    81. Andy Cruz ATX

      I'm like halfway there then.

    82. sandeman1776

      Dude, if I get ONE bite, it swells up to near half dollar size. I get bit on the finger, I itch up to my elbow. I'd rather claw my arm down to an elbow nub than deal with that itch. And I live in North Central Texas. West Nile was just found a few days ago, 30 miles south.

    83. Fayth Cross

      I'm naturally tolerant!

    84. Will Iam

      I tried it and now I have the West Nile virus

    85. Mister Jaroslav

      _Very interesting!_ Is it works against mites?

    86. Joshua Sandy

      When I get bit by mosquitoes I get a bump that last for an hour tops. My daughter on the other hand gets a welt for a few days

    87. Lore B

      I scratched myself constantly trought the entire video :(

    88. famii ts

      Instructions unclear, d*ck stuck on the ceiling fan.

    89. PC Principal

      I got bit by a mosquito while watching this

    90. Jaime Suarez, PA

      This video bites!

    91. George

      you solved nothing

    92. areamusicale

      FAKE! Once, in Italy I had over 60 mosquitos bites all at once! In Venice, Italy. I'm not joking !

    93. Lamaj Armystrong

      F dat. Most deadly killer of humans other than humans

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    95. Limey

      *snorts* I spent months at summer camp every year and would come home looking like I had the pox. Still get goose-egg sized spots.

    96. Blitz 557

      Dude just thinking about that bunny had me dying 😂

    97. mahenonz

      My uncle used to swallow a teaspoonful of kerosene daily to prevent bites from the local sandflies. Personally I’d rather get bitten. I seem to be one of the people with natural immunity - I remember my first ever mosquito bite; I was 15. My mother on the other hand gets the most massive insect bites from everything.

    98. El Gringo

      My partner always comes out with hundred of bumps in the summer but whether i just don't get bitten or don't notice, i almost never get any :L

    99. arnold diaz

      3 words west nile virus

    100. potato potato

      You’re literally in all my science classes!!! And now your on trending! 😂