The Dangers of Storm Surge

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

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    Storm surge is often the deadliest part of a hurricane. Check out what it may look like with our IMR capabilities.

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    1. Byron Chavarria

      Just Swim 🏊‍♀️

    2. ratawang uwu

      edge of game maps be like

    3. Humans R Ants

      This wouldn't happen if you all had umbrellas like in the UK.

    4. J.T. Cooper

      I want the Weather Channel to report the weather not preach about "climate change". How much do you libtard's contribute to green house gases running that studio you transmit from?

    5. Florin Moldovanu

      Now I know how Moses crossed the Red Sea. He has been put in a 3D simulator kidnapped by alien humans from the future.

    6. Zeek M

      I know you turds at the weather channel are corrupt, globalist, lovers of evil. The next time you claim there is a palestine or a palestine Texas, You might just vanish never to be seen or heard from ever again. People wind up dead out here for supporting arabs posing as palestinians. If I see any palestine street sign in Texas I'll blow it off the face of this earth. It's about respect for the West and Israel. Get some.

    7. Luca Silva

      Animation logic: storm surge wave stays in one location whole video and dosent flow XD this was meant as a joke please don’t take this seriously

    8. slick afton

      who else wanted to go in the water

    9. overlycreative1

      I'm adding a periscope and a 20 foot reinforced snorkel to my watertight shelter, just in case.

    10. 2 O'Clock

      Damn looks cool

    11. YourUglygod

      And then two guys start walking casually under the water.

    12. Matthew Graham

      These are awesome. Keep making more!

    13. Greg W

      Will someone please tell Mike Seidel that the costume store called, they have his Pinocchio costume for Halloween.

    14. Rick lindblade

      I have never seen seen a more melodramatic reporter on the weather channel than this lick~nob in Cordele,GA. I am literally laughing my ass of. Dude has 29 mph winds and you would think it's 200 mph.

    15. Angel Watcher

      Like #111

    16. Greg McMahan

      I want one of those magic grey circles, safest place to be in a storm surge!

    17. 8 88777

      sees fish in water at 0:47

    18. Trevor Jentzsch

      Make sure you keep your footings, would not want you to loose your footings on the wet grass!

    19. Wesapeds /Dylan Switzer

      I like the Weather channel

    20. Joanne Mercader

      Thank you so much for sharing this with me

    21. AJ Muzik

      The power of water. This is why if I ever live on the coast, I would have to save a lot of money for a GTFOT ( Get The Fuck Out Of Town) fund

    22. Brenda Spoon

      Wow! Water is powerful.

    23. martin

      whoa he’s a fucking wizard

    24. Soul Chicken

      Very cool. Should have had an alligator swim by...

    25. Doctor

      that's a 3rd repost of the same vid..

    26. Dankley

      This hurricane is obviously Trump's fault

      1. Storm Imagery

        Dankley which hurricane?

      2. Dankley

        +Just Grass yass

      3. Just Grass


      4. Wesapeds /Dylan Switzer

        No it’s not

      5. Greg W

        Dankly it's every white person's fault and we don't even know what we did to cause it. Obviously linked to "white privilege" I guess. The funny part is the Demorats were backing a person too dishonest to follow Obama but yet they say Pres. Trump in a bum. That man has been investigated for years and they can't find anything on him. He has to be the cleanest guy in America. All they can do is accuse but can't back any of it up. If he had done half the things Hillary had done he would be under the Jail. Trump 2020

    27. Nona Games

      The start was already terrifying:d

    28. Nona Games

      Yeeee first

      1. Fortnite Pro

        Nona Games so?