Super Typhoon Jelawat Stock Footage Screener Okinawa Japan - HD 1920x1080 30p

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    Super Typhoon Jelawat Stock Footage Screener Okinawa Japan - HD 1920x1080 30p 29th September 2012 shot on Sony EX1 XDCAM. Footage includes hurricane force winds, flying debris and people struggling in wind.
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    1. abu karem hatem

      لا إلهَ إلاّ اللهُ

    2. Pipe Tunes

      Typhoon Jellywhat

    3. Pipe Tunes

      Psycho comments below

    4. Brandon Martinez Bello

      the power of nature.

    5. الغريب العراقي

      ويريكم البرق خوفأ وطمعأ وينشئ السحاب الثقال سبحان الله العضيم-

    6. مصطفي محمود

      الله قادر على كل شيء

    7. Susee Demirel

      Any boys stupid

    8. موج البحر A&A

      سبحان اللهم اني اعوذ بالله من غضبه

      1. faris faris

        موج البحر A&A زيد وبارك الاجواء روعة

    9. Giacomo Rapuzzi

      Hurricanes in the US: *news* oh a hurricanes coming! Better shut down the whole city and lie to everyone! Typhoons in west Asia: this is fine. (Except for the Philippines) Cyclones: why isn’t there any news about it?

    10. mgrella63

      I cant get over the people driving around so casually when all hell is breaking loose. Great video

    11. Elvira R Vila

      Oh lord God save and help Japan amen

    12. Adinda Fitri


      1. Sila satu Pancasila

        🇮🇱 Rabb' Anna'Al-Masihu Maha Besar.

    13. Monica Regina

      EEUU querem destruir o JAPÃO, tem injeja do povo trabalhador1, COM A MESMA PEDRA EM QUE ATIRAS AO PRÓXIMO, ELA TE ATINGIRÁ 10 x MAIS!

    14. movies movi


    15. Yuki Babayega

      Luckily this was a weak typhoon but still too many people moving and driving around during this storm.

    16. Shohel Ahamed

      In japan,in japan, and in japan, tsunami, flood, earthquake,typhoon, hurricane.again again and again.want to say all the people of Japan pray to ALLAH and loudly give the AZZAN.... ALLAH..HU....AKBER, ALLAH....HU....AKBER in the time of the disaster held.


      very afraid that long long ago when I meet case I very afraid.

    18. Contenidos & Variados MG

      Apaguen ese Ventilador Cheeee

    19. Noches de luna azul

      Mis respetos a los japoneses! Son muy valientes no buscan refugios ni nada !!!

      1. kabir tousif

        Noches de luna azul

    20. As Sa


    21. John Prescott


    22. คนึงนิต จิตต์ผ่องอําไพ


    23. lilian lópez

      A Japón. Le pasan muchas cosas 😟

    24. Yesenia Vergara

      Que vale mas la vida k el carro, imprudencia

    25. Princess Sisi

      Flying is possible in Japan 😔 may god be with them

    26. 임헌국

      제 비 야 ! 제 비 야 ! 더 쎄게불어라 !! 과거우리나라 백성들끌어다 이룬자산 싹~ 싹~ 쓸어라 !!!

    27. MAHMOUD وثائقيات

      This is revenge for God from Japan in Japan Sex programs In Japan tortures your name Japan should prevent all these actions

      1. Earth Uncut TV

        No it's not - take that utter nonsense elsewhere...

    28. André Santos

      Aqui no Brasil dá um vendaval faz estrago imagine um vento desse Jesus .

      1. khatik gang khatik gang


      2. khatik gang khatik gang

        André Santos

    29. Windyskirtlover

      That Wind would play Havoc with my full Satin Pleated Maxi Skirts..😊😊

    30. A N K H

      fukushima toxic hot particle spreading to the whole world : P


      Gió này đem dìu ra thả chất bay cao lắm đấy

    32. jonmicsam

      It well all be over soon

    33. Abebaw Getie

      Too scary .....but i have big appreciation for their amazing construction ....

    34. Yezuvath Thattamma

      So sad to see

    35. Blanche Ferrer

      Mahal talaga ni Lord ang Japan. Giving them strong calamities for them to go back unto God. Praying that they will put God first not their technologies

    36. Jhon  Beltran


    37. bes1batch1976

      Praying for the safety of the japanese people

    38. Cosmina Mireanu


    39. Cosmina Mireanu


    40. Cosmina Mireanu


    41. Andry yani

      Apakah tak ada satupun orang muslim ya, tak ada yg mengumandangkan adzan, kalau Allah sudah berkehendak

    42. roudouan serhane

      الصواعق_التناوشية والأعاصير والحرائق وكثرة الزلازل والبراكين والفيضانات والعواصف الشمسية ورسائل الموت القادم بالتحذير بسرعة العودة إلى الله والاحتكام لكتاب الله القرآن الكريم

    43. 혜진김

      제발 많은 동물들이 죽지 않길 바랍니다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 일본엔 길고양이들도 많을텐데... 안전한 곳에 잘 숨어있어 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜ

    44. Dekunim

      Why are people just walking in this, like if debris fly's up the can die easily. I mean I got out in hurricanes too, but I watch my cover.

    45. 林衫


    46. 悟台

      The super typhoon of 2016 meranti is crazy than it

    47. Adilson Pacifico

      Coisa feia hein ?

    48. Jericho Morales

      What was the winds in this video?

      1. Earth Uncut TV

        The highest gusts recorded at Naha airport was around 130mph I believe during typhoon Jelawat

    49. Kyle McClure

      There are always big problems we all face everyday! The weather is one of those big problems! I'll keep praying for everyone! Have FAITH!

    50. 川上豊仁

      Super Typhoon Jelawat I think too!