Sunset From The Space Station : Earth From Space

Space Videos

Space Videos

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    The sun setting as seen from the International Space Station
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    Music by Keving Macleod

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    1. S U N S H I N E


    2. Rafael Feijó

      Thanks for sharing this masterpiece


      How are you today or tonight? 😀😀

      1. Pranav Pandore

        not good

    4. Булат Зарипов

      Amazing! Beatiful! Looked it twice)

    5. Marian Octavian


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    7. its yousif

      Wow . That was amazing 😳😍😍😍😍

    8. Vladus Gaming

      ето не правда где 13000 спутников?

      1. Булат Зарипов

        На других орбитах летают, повыше...

    9. Abhijith Chandran

      no light from the moon ...why so??

      1. Ninja Crumb

        Is there always the Moon in the sky where you live?

      2. classicrockcafe

        Because the moon is not a light source.

    10. Emma

      How great is my God!!!! 😊

      1. Emma

        +Ninja Crumb you will see!

      2. Ninja Crumb

        Not as good as physics!!

    11. Inner Arts

      I'm here for the flattard coments

      1. Alexander J

        Inner Arts Me too! The retards! 😂

    12. Samuel Washington


    13. Dave A.

      Just because I'm curious, why can we not see any lights on earth after the sun goes down?

      1. Name

        Because of the color settings on the camera like exposure, gamma, etc.

      2. Martin Gorbush

        Because these cameras aren't sensitive enough and those lights are really far away (at least 400 km).

    14. Davey Boy R


    15. elsa alvarez

      Saludos a todos en la estación espacial¡¡ Desde la tierra con mucho cariño¡ =[]

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    17. Domo

      Beautiful music with the spectacular sunset way above earth. Thank you.

    18. جمالي هو عنواني


    19. Philip Fontaine

      Beautiful ! In every sense.

    20. Jenna Watkins

      Subbed for 11 hours and I have like bed the 11 hours (Same with NASA) (No hate)

    21. Şahmeran

      Minimal earth 😍

    22. Ivan Rodriguez Arenas

      Que bello escenario. Tan sencillo como majestuoso ^^

    23. Ирина Куценко

      Где звезды?

      1. Булат Зарипов

        Земля слишком яркая, звезды по сравнению с ней тусклые, т.к. находятся очень далеко. Камера настроена на то, чтоб показать Землю, поэтому звезд не видно.

      2. Мирослава Шевченко

        Ирина Куценко, а звезд нет! Мкс - это фэйк!

    24. Annapureddy Ramadevi

      Space videos did u send satellite on your own

      1. Time K!ller

        If you didn't know. This is called the International Space Station(ISS) sent by NASA.

    25. Miguel San

      nice song

    26. Pucktechnology

      Also a sunrise

    27. 167 Rr

      Pls clean the window

    28. Calin DrOgOzOr V:

      Waooo algo me dice que la NASA nos engaña xdd

    29. StinaMarie

      Absolutely stunning 💕

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      Wow so super man, unbelievable awesome. Thanks.

    31. deepak Self grow

      Real space

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      Super like 341

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    35. Julian Thornley

      Carl Sagan said it best a Pale blue dot

    36. Gayathri R

      Wow wonderful amazing

    37. Dave G

      NAME OF MUSIC??????

      1. Samuel Washington

        +Domo thanks Buddy

      2. Domo

        Dave G Ok, ok. I see. I found it. It's called "Cryptic Sorrow".

      3. Dave G

        IT JUST SAYS """Music by Keving Macleod """ AND THEN A LINK TO HIS SITE.... BUT NOT THE NAME OF THE SONG....

      4. Domo

        Dave G It's in the video description. I was wondering that too.

    38. Cristiane Araujo

      Simplesmente lindo 💙😍🌎

    39. I Rock

      That was beautiful! Thanks for sharing. 😁

    40. Neal Treskot

      I wonder how high the station is? It's almost like it's in the same rotation as the earth.

      1. Neal Treskot

        Sue Pinter , thank you very much. It's so interesting and there is so much to know. I wish I knew it all haha.

      2. Sue Pinter

        It is 240 miles or 400 kilometers above the earth! The station is travelling much faster than the rotation of the earth! It rotates once in 24 hours as you know, and the ISS orbits the earth every 90 minutes!🙂

    41. kamila benchimol

      Dá pra acreditar que a gente tá dentro disso?!

    42. Fox Pad

      Abraço para toda a equipa

    43. pitufo lokito

      Vaya montaje más malo, demasiados reflejos.

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    45. Dorothy the sunshine girl



      Excelente video y la melodia,es muy hermosa saludos Space videos por compartir este canal muchas bendiciones

    47. Cris Silva

      ou seja a humanidade nao é nada uma pedrinha que cai em nos ja era tudo, Estamos presos aki na terra , Nao existe nada la fora i si existi nunca saberemos , Tdos os dias é Noite nao importa si tem o sol pra Iluminar é so olhar ai nessa imencidao escura !!

      1. Rodrigo Ferreira

    48. siam hossan Rafet


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      Hermoso nuestro bello planeta tierra

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      A work of art ❤ ️