Storm Surge Like You've Never Experienced it Before

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

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    What does 9 feet of storm surge look like? We show you like nobody else can. This was the forecast storm surge for the Carolina coast as Hurricane Florence was approaching.
    ** Forecast data from Sept 12th at 5:00 PM (ET)**

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    1. TheOldManEric

      This is one hell of an infographic. Nothing like having the shit scared out of you to get you to do something.....

    2. Shy Guy Kid

      You know it would be easier if you have the magic circle from the weather channel instead of getting to higher ground

    3. Stalinium

      unreal engine

    4. Those Video Game Moments

      Made with Unreal Engine.

    5. matt carnes

      I like that visual of the water

    6. Dairy is not juice

      What is it compared to a tsunami cause I'm a try this in cities skylines

    7. Zero Anims

      I thought this was a fucking 360 video

    8. Random Person

      I saw this in my class. My science teacher let the whole entire class watch.

    9. Alex Lexart

      And. Oct 11 hurricane landfall at fl is a 2018 season

    10. Luca Silva

      I know how to swim tho

    11. Necroglobule

      The best part is when they go over the top with their cool CGI effects.

    12. Iorana Aloha

      wow!! this bring the really of these monsters!!

    13. Josh Blocker

      And the Gulf of Mexico says to the eastern sea board hold my beer

    14. Joe Murray

      Old news!!!

    15. Mzz Cherokee

      I’m so glad I saw this... because I didn’t think 3 ft is serious.. thanks for putting this vision together

    16. D Ramos

      *Here Because Of Michael*

    17. Johnny Rasputin

      I think he forgot to mention the 5'-10' waves on top, or the fact that some places on shell reefs the water can come up through the ground BEFORE the storm hits, cutting off escape. Also, the water is septic for weeks, and the snakes are also looking for the dry places and are very pissed.

    18. Johnhtabuchi Tabuchi

      It starts at sealevel not ground level.

    19. Mango 339

      Hope all people in the area can make it to safety before any of this can happen!

    20. Eat monster

      If u think dis is some propaganda to evacuate ur wrong my friend showed me wat da flood did to his uncles house... even 3 weeks after the hurricane the water is still 6ft around his house!(imagine dat flooding during the *ACTUAL* hurricane... now u get da picture)

    21. Jared Whiterock

      Do one about rosea

    22. Dany Dominguez Melgarejo

      Oh no ,😭

    23. Hannibal Lamb

      I mean who doesn't like this? "I Hate this video due to two things! Water and men in blue coats!". Its an educational video explaining the dangers and why to avoid them.

    24. viperx1977

      or stay in that circle hes in ...

    25. Nun oglu

      Unreal Engine!

    26. Booga04 Minecraft

      The animation looks so good. That's awesome.

    27. Edgar Cardenas

      $#$##$ usa governer santa barbara

    28. Ayushman Agnihotri

      😯😯immersive mixed reality 😯😯 wowww.... 😌

    29. Jane A


    30. NGN Sonic

      Teach me the ways of water bending oh great weather man

    31. The Captain

      I’m high watching this shit is so cool

    32. CoffeePone

      I'd say the most interestingly difficult part of that graphic, is probably animating the cars floating and trees blowing, it takes some time to animate mesh like that, course, unless the wind was automated.

    33. Cheeseatingjunlista

      You even talk like fucking Trump - its gonna be a fucking lie, cant be bothered to watch it, tell your advertisers you're shit, thats why the numbers are down, fucking stupid assholes

      1. Overdrive

        Cheeseatingjunlista but can you suck a mean dick?

    34. Scott Barber

      using Ross Frontier to deliver this....

    35. Ivi D

      Excellent Presentation!

    36. Khalid al-Masri

      come on , if you swim and exercise caution, you will be fine.

    37. Bobby 29

      Make it vr

    38. Jon Moore

      I remember when I was a kid I always heard the stereotype that people who talk about the weather are boring... *THEY OBVIOUSLY NEVER WATCHED THIS CHANNEL*

    39. Fahd  El Jabbari

      Who ever made this should make game for ps4 and xbox1

    40. Green Lemon

      Dem cgi tho, I’m finna blow

    41. Jaymations

      I like how people are not paying attention to the weather they are just paying attention to the graphics which are really really good

    42. Jake The sneakerhead

      Y o the guy who did this must be rich dude now

    43. Crown Gaming

      dam cgi you scary.

    44. rogamer 187

      those graphics looks like a pc benchmark application

    45. Madgeney

      These graphics are great. Did this actually happen though? Nobody here knows because as usual with the media, you get all the dramatic build up and scaremongering but no follow up after the event. I hope everyone was ok.

    46. J Cook

      I can’t tell if this guy is the Phoenix or Moses...

    47. MX23rider

      They wont tell you but they stole these graphics from Roswell crash..

    48. KAY BLOCK

      Gave me chills and I am nowhere near Florence. This simulation should have been created a very long time ago, preferably before Katrina hit. Scary stuff but a honest depiction. Bravo!! 💯

    49. Joel Robert Justiawan

      Wow, I didn't know I have my *RTX ON* When was?

    50. tooofify

      Despite this, potus said "our way of life is NOT negociable".