Soyuz Rocket Failure

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    The start-up ended with an RN accident due to abnormal separation of one of the side blocks (block “D”), which hit the central part of the block (block “A”) in the fuel tank area, which led to its depressurization and, as a result, loss of stabilization of a space rocket. The reason for abnormal separation is the failure to open the lid of the nozzle cover of the oxidizer tank of the “D” block due to the deformation of the sensor of the separation contact sensor (bending to 6˚45 ') allowed when assembling the “bag” at the Baikonur cosmodrome. The cause of the RN accident is operational in nature and extends to the groundwork collected in the “package” of the Soyuz type PH
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    1. Volt Amper

      Че с цветопередачей? Дешевый китайский камера лучше сниает

    2. Ridwan Dwi

      What happened next?

    3. Joseph Astier

      Excellent rocketry bringing the crew down alive.

    4. np dm

      The design was impeccable and nobody got hurt. The salvage system got triggered and cosmonauts returned on Earth safely

    5. D

      Hello darkness my old friend

      1. Joseph Astier

        I'm pulling nine g's once again.

    6. Andrei


    7. Discover incredible India

      Gods work come to me

    8. Best friend

      Code RED

    9. Hitesh Bhatnagar

      suka blyat!!

    10. Mr Yellow

      Which game ?

    11. Radhika Technical

      Effort may be fail, don't fail to make efforts...

    12. ARchi

      Made in Ukraine!!!

    13. Phil Merrall

      Also see Phil Merrall - UK Politica

    14. Siddhartha singh

      No of luck for next time.......👌👍

    15. KillerHero YT

      First empty the fuel ok before ejecting the rockets that's why we cant reach lightspeed

    16. dear russian

      all alive and not a scratch

    17. Саша Ковалевич

      Хорошо сработала система аварийного спасения!!! Главное пилоты не пострадали, а железо имеет свои́тво ломаться. Я патриот России, но когда речь идёт о космонавтах/астронавтах, мне без разницы национальность - это люди Земли.

    18. kevoo Jero

      Where is a curvature???

      1. Plumbus 48

        They didn't get high enough to see it lol.

    19. superbayan

      Как тебе такое, Илон Маск?

    20. nova396

      Haha, losers

    21. shortbuspileup

      Russians are even putting dashcams on their rockets now.

      1. Joseph Astier

        There is a lot of insurance fraud in space.

    22. 晋三安倍


    23. Chris Vesy


    24. Scott Cozart

      Houston we have a problem.

    25. Danix Guate91

      Área 51 ?

    26. Thomas brunkle

      It's a simulation right?

      1. TheZui

        nope. This is real footage

    27. Jeff Cloutier

      If nobody is at the launch site does a rocket engine make any sound? Apparently not.

    28. Ron Marovich


    29. Gubba Bump

      Danica must have been driving.

    30. Mike

      This wasn't a failure! Soyuz saved its crew from a huge problem! Thanks for the video.

    31. Trigg K4T

      I want to set up some way of being able to ride the rocket but have a good suit and oxygen mask and a parachute then jump off before it exits the atmosphere

      1. Joseph Astier

        If you jumped before you left the atmosphere the aerodynamic forces would tear you to shreds instantly. If you jumped after you left the atmosphere you would have a long period of weightlessness before you re-entered going approximately the same speed as when you left, and get torn to shreds on the way back down. There is a reason rockets are made of metal and only carry the humans safely stowed inside.

    32. B Real

      Don't all the Rockets blow up, when they hit the Van Allen belt!?!?

      1. AlexFranma

        +B Real Wow Wow Wow, calm down, fanatic.

      2. B Real

        +Plumbus 48 stupid like calling someone else stupid and not knowing what they're talking about. Do you even know what the definition of stupid is, obviously not because you're showing me your stupidity

      3. Plumbus 48

        Either this is bait or you are the stupidest person in this comment section.

      4. B Real

        +Random Animations lol if you have to ask me that and you probably shouldn't even be doing research in the first place. There's a lot of stuff you don't know and probably never will, I bet you didn't know who created NASA and why when and for what purpose. Bet you didn't know "space" is a fabrication created by the U.N. NASA and Disney! Bet you didn't know "gravity" is still a THEORY.

      5. Random Animations

        +B Real What do you suggest I research on the Van Allen Belt? Explain why I know nothing on this topic.

    33. Zvuk Records Music

      This is pizdets

    34. Ron Geremy

      Fukn ads

    35. robitussin

      Hit the dome.

      1. Plumbus 48

        Sure it did bud.

      2. boboprime2000

        Sarcasm ?

    36. Annie Mosienko

      Don't worry! Nine out of ten time, no problem.

    37. forcar ko

      왼쪽 추진체가 충돌한듯

    38. Thomas Robb

      Revert to launch 😂

    39. Luis Guerrero


    40. SSA KADER

      Rocket cant fly staright and this shows it may hit dome

      1. Plumbus 48

        It didn't hit a dome dipshit. A booster's sensor failed and it gauged a hole in the fuel tank.

      2. boboprime2000


    41. Tim

      Powered by vodka

    42. Captain Caveman

      Cosmonaut forgot to pull his foot of the clutch

      1. Joseph Astier

        Forgot to take it out of 4x4 once they left the atmosphere.

    43. Patocje Bouche


    44. Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography

      1:23 right there we have our smoking gun

    45. Beltschazar2000

      Was für eine Beschleunigung!!

    46. sidharth cs


    47. Jon Chaidez

      I think SpaceX should be in charge of the transportation of astronauts to and from ISS from now on.

      1. BlueHamster

        +aasquared Isn't it already too late? SpaceX is the main supplier of unmanned cargo for the ISS already besides, the astronauts who will fly on the Dragon capsule would be from NASA.

      2. aasquared

        +BlueHamster iss is whole another level. this one building SHOULD be operated by national space agencies only.

      3. BlueHamster

        +aasquared Their goal is getting to Mars, can't get to Mars before getting to the ISS so it makes perfect sense, as for me watching "streams", I've been following this company for over 8 years now, still remember the amazing dootage from 29th December 2015 when they landed the first stage on ground

      4. aasquared

        +BlueHamster you are just another guy who watched some spacex's streams (which are great, ngl), and thinks that they can and must do every single thing. no. they should not.

    48. pulsar's beam

      The video is silent. But I can still here the crackle of the rockets in my head lol

    49. Brent & Connie

      firmament happens

      1. DON SMITH

        The only vacuum of space that exists is between the ears....haha

      2. Bartonovich52

        Doesn’t exist

      3. Blanik L-13

        So do religious nuts, and here you are.

    50. Spicer Cook

      I'll save you one minute twenty four seconds of your life. Go to 1:24