Soyuz Rocket Failure

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    The start-up ended with an RN accident due to abnormal separation of one of the side blocks (block “D”), which hit the central part of the block (block “A”) in the fuel tank area, which led to its depressurization and, as a result, loss of stabilization of a space rocket. The reason for abnormal separation is the failure to open the lid of the nozzle cover of the oxidizer tank of the “D” block due to the deformation of the sensor of the separation contact sensor (bending to 6˚45 ') allowed when assembling the “bag” at the Baikonur cosmodrome. The cause of the RN accident is operational in nature and extends to the groundwork collected in the “package” of the Soyuz type PH
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    2. Гавно

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    4. TheNoobyNoob 61

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    5. Олег Ефремов

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    6. KMH —

      Test or actual mission or what????

      1. kieran jordan

        Bit late bit if you are still wondering this was a real mission to transport astronauts to the international space station. They all escaped unharmed and normal missions resumed without a hitch, this was just a fluke

    7. Ерик Серик


    8. Brett Harland

      Well you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what happened there...

    9. کوروش ایرانی

      قابل توجه برخی بیسوادانیکه ازپروژه ماهواره ایران که مرحله سوم کامل نشدهیاهوبه پاکردند

    10. Tamas Stiener

      That not was failure, the rocket dropped the empty boosters

      1. Fjxjfjdbyb Dhdhdjy

        Tamas Stiener It was an failure. The Booster at the left doesent jetisont normaly if you look closely.


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    12. OmAN

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    22. MUJIE LIU

      One of the rocket's boosters failed during the separation and a lot of white smoke appeared. A sensor responsible for issuing the separation command failed, causing the launch vehicle's booster not to be immediately separated into a safe distance, which in turn caused the booster to hit a rocket's fuel tank and the fuel tank ruptured. The reason for the deformation of the sensor is that the sensor was bent about six degrees when the rocket assembled at the Baikonur launch site in Kazakhstan. The manned rocket failed to launch. Fortunately, the four separate engines on the rocket fairing were started in time, which led to the departure of the spacecraft section carrying the astronauts from the danger zone. Finally, separation bay was safely landed by using a parachute.

    23. Bami G

      Revert to Vehicle Assembly Building

    24. John Martlew

      Where was all the exhaust smoke from ignition and lift off? I saw the tunnel under the rocket, but it had to escape somewhere. There is no sign of it at altitude.

    25. Owais Malik

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    26. Andreas Karczewsky

      They should set camera settings to manual so exposure doesn't change. If they don't know this , how they build rockets?

    27. Mahesh Dubbasi

      Science May Click or May Fail, But God never fails, He is Aternal God is Great Jai Matha Shakti

    28. Jon Garcia

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    30. The Voyager 7

      Anybody got vertigo there...??

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    33. Piaodang Suifeng

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    35. South Indian

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    36. Pallaton

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    39. Umar Atish

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    40. Chand S

      No failure at all. That were the 2 solid stages getting separated.

      1. Welyum

        Soyuz uses no SRBs and the failure is caused by the failed separation of the booster on the left of the screen

    41. Ma Nu

      Sound is awsom!!!

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    50. Akhil Akhil

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    51. InterNational Nomad

      Well, that escalated quickly.

    52. kousar shaik

      I think it doesn't seems to failure it's just over exhaust of propellants

      1. Welyum

        at 1:25 1 side booster didnt jettison correctly

    53. Ric Ferr

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    67. Tinotin

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    68. Andrew Lankford

      Looked just great right until the end. One faulty component can ruin your whole day.

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    70. Ridwan Dwi

      What happened next?

      1. Blanik L-13

        Ridwan Dwi the capsule escape system fired, pulled the spacecraft away from the rocket. The Soyuz craft then continued on a ballistic trajectory and made a normal landing. None of the crew were injured.

    71. Joseph Astier

      Excellent rocketry bringing the crew down alive.

    72. np dm

      The design was impeccable and nobody got hurt. The salvage system got triggered and cosmonauts returned on Earth safely

    73. D

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      1. Joseph Astier

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    83. KillerHero YT

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    95. Jeff Cloutier

      If nobody is at the launch site does a rocket engine make any sound? Apparently not.

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    97. Gubba Bump

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    98. Mike

      This wasn't a failure! Soyuz saved its crew from a huge problem! Thanks for the video.

    99. Trigg K4T

      I want to set up some way of being able to ride the rocket but have a good suit and oxygen mask and a parachute then jump off before it exits the atmosphere

      1. Joseph Astier

        If you jumped before you left the atmosphere the aerodynamic forces would tear you to shreds instantly. If you jumped after you left the atmosphere you would have a long period of weightlessness before you re-entered going approximately the same speed as when you left, and get torn to shreds on the way back down. There is a reason rockets are made of metal and only carry the humans safely stowed inside.

    100. B Real

      Don't all the Rockets blow up, when they hit the Van Allen belt!?!?

      1. AlexFranma

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      5. Random Animations

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