SOS: How to Survive - Make a Zipline

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

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    On a special SOS: How to Survive, Creek Stewart visits Puerto Rico and shows us how to make a makeshift zip line that could help residents get around while recovery efforts continue.

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    1. Antônia Veras

      Oh mo deuso

    2. bexs 22

      Who's going to be carrying all this in a survival situation?

    3. scasey1960

      A garden hose, come-along, 2x4s, wheels, and bamboo - one of these things is not like the others?

      1. bexs 22

        Only one is natural! The bamboo!

    4. Sam Campbell


    5. Salty Diarrhea

      This is why I carry lawnmower wheels in my sleeping bag when I go outside.

      1. Amy Campbell

        they make these vids so you do carry them around just in case

    6. Nancy Feddersen

      Not enough info

    7. Daniel M P


    8. ivona kocon