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    Movie: Noor
    Directed by : Sunhil Sippy
    Produced by : Bhushan Kumar
    Krishan Kumar
    Vikram Malhotra
    Screenplay by : Althea Delmas-Kaushal
    Shikhaa Sharma
    Sunhil Sippy
    Saba Imtiaz
    Based on : Karachi, You're Killing Me!
    by Saba Imtiaz
    Starring : Sonakshi Sinha
    Kanan Gill
    Shibani Dandekar
    Purab Kohli
    Digital Partners : Diwan Videos
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    1. asma zardari

      Bakvas movie

    2. الصادق الهادي يسن

      فلم بايخ بشكل غيرعادي ضيعته وكتي مواكتر

    3. Rai Mehdi

      NICE 💜💚👌

    4. Nishan Gurung

      Sonakshi is the power pack and the most awesome hero of this movie. I just loved this movie, lop u sonakshi ma'am

    5. Nishan Gurung

      Super movie

    6. Md,Mahmudul Islam

      Sonaski is bast herion

    7. Mohammad Yousuf

      Excellent screenplay,natural cast and a mix of East and West.

    8. Narayan Roka

      Super flop movie

    9. ayyaz karim atk

      Copy Karachi is killing me

    10. Nadeem iqbal

      I love this movie

    11. Sherry Mulayme

      Thought dis movie is action But it was good She is grt

    12. DeDoom Media

      Good job !!!

    13. Faroq Murd


    14. Sukhdeep Kaur


    15. Ayesha Qintar


    16. Multan pigeons

      Good movie

    17. Amogh Kelkar

      1:26:30 masterpiece .... superb acting by sonakshi

    18. Amogh Kelkar

      1:26:30 masterpiece .... superb acting by sonakshi

    19. Abdul Motaleb

      Really loved its......

    20. Sunny Claus

      This movie is basically an much exposition!

    21. Khadija Noor

      This movie's name is Noor my name is also Noor please like this comment

    22. Tannjina Jannat

      1.42 main mane roya

    23. Zubi Buubi

      is mah bhi adult sites...

    24. Rabia M

      nice movie and I love sonakshi she is good actor

    25. AINY INAM


    26. Kainat Production

      Sonakshi Fan like here

    27. Do Ka

      شو اسم هي ممثلة راهيبة

    28. Sunehra Tehzeeb

      These type of movies never get appreciation... Sonakshi deserves national award...Karan Johar movies will always be overrated

    29. mharz barrios

      I ddnt regret watching this movie....though it doesnt hve Eng Subtitles whch killin me to undrstand😂😂😂....but Sonakshi is 1 of my fav bollywood actress...From a FILIPINA fan here !❤❤❤❤

    30. Saad Jani

      Sonakshi i love u

    31. barna chowdhury


      1. Hasan sahab

        Hi g

    32. shamima shima

      is it any suspense?

    33. Zaid Shabir

      dlet ku ki???

    34. nigar afzal


    35. Creym_ Sa

      I want a part 2 of Noor’s life after Shad asks her out !! Like if you agree!

    36. Lubna Akter

      Nice 👍 movie 🎥

    37. Ahmad Khalid

      V nice story

    38. Rajat Bhandari

      Superb ma'am really u r very talented actors. God bless u

    39. kashish ganglani

      Thankfully any bollywood movie which is not based on better half love story.

    40. Siddiq Rehman

      Knsi movie h

    41. Qaisar Ali

      NYC movie

    42. Merazul Hasan

      hashtag noor ...

    43. innocent Child

      Sole artist Great soul

    44. Nabil Pathan

      movie is the best

    45. Zakir Ali

      finally bollywood made a movie without showing naked actresses and sex scenes! this is what i call a good story that can be enjoyed together with a family and kids can also learn whats going on in the country. Sonakshi is my favourite cuz she can act and has skills, she doesnt have to show her body half naked to earn fame like some other actresses who r willing to do anything for fame! Greag job Sonakshi and i hope u will keep working like this without shooting half naked and sex scenes in movies

    46. Ninad Choudhury

      Noor's father is an astonishing actor..wish to see him more

    47. AbdulSatar Hakimi

      She is my favorite actress I like her a lot with glass and tia hairs

    48. সবুজ Sobuj সংকেতSanket

      actually i am feeling boring

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