SOB X RBE & Shoreline Mafia "Da Move" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)



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    Watch the official music video for "Da Move" by SOB X RBE & Shoreline Mafia.
    Northern Cali meets Southern Cali as SOB X RBE teams up with LA’s Shoreline Mafia!
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    1. Kevin Cortez

      Im just a metal head looking at a different music Idk how youll litsen to this Anyways have a nice day HAIL METALLLLLLL

    2. Michael T

      Hahahaha. These lil boys with purses.

    3. 21 SAVAGE

      2:18 lol portable fortnite ?

    4. First Last

      We need a sob x rbe x otx album

    5. Ali Mohannad

      He got 2M views for nothing 🤞👍

    6. VVSVince

      swear they next up

    7. A.Fontenil aka REDseed

      sponsored by mastercard 💳💸

    8. Søcial_Pressure

      Was feelin the jam till the spy kid started spittin the N word like hot cakes.... You know you can still rap clean without appropriating a culture that ain't yours, look at Eminem, Mac Miller & so on... And all these niggas are cool with it rapping next to him lololol money over self respect i guess.

    9. Aidan JG

      No Slimmy or T.O. :/

    10. Justice Ito


    11. Justice Ito

      I knew SOB and Shoreline would collab 😂

    12. Ronnie Washington

      Shoreline is in the rise

    13. Fabian Zesena

      Shits wack 💩

    14. MarkAnthony Lozano

      How da fukk does y'alls mainstream radio trash listening asses don't already know bout these niggas? I'm 39 years young, and I have been listening to both groups for OVER two years strong now!! #stepyourapgameup #cumgetitho #savagedad #savagepoppahrooski #cumgetithoe

      1. CoolioAintGotShiONMe

        39 year old cant understand why ppl dont listen to trash like this xD

    15. gunfuego

      LoL It amazes me what passes for music.... Do your self a favor and listen to Some Madlib, J Dilla, Or MF Doom.....

    16. Jarrgeez

      who are these talentless clowns?

    17. MadeMann Lee

      I thought the first dude was Mike Sherm at 1st

    18. Greg  Milton

      What’s da move where it’s at cuz I’m trynna get it 🔥when his bitch come around I’m checking chicken 💯 fire ass chorus Cali up in dis mofo

    19. Nike Slang That Iron Tv

      Snapchat YhungMurdaHoe BabyDaboii

    20. BOSSGOD

      Was expecting thumbs to come chasing everybody out the cut.

    21. JJ ThaGeneral

      Daboii went stupid on this

    22. The Journey


    23. walterDiazOakland

      Mike sherm 3 years ago

    24. Jacob Meza

      At lest buy a skin when you where playing fortnite

    25. Davy G

      Impregnated my daughter on this song. Pretty nice

    26. roblox jhalon thomas Thomas

      Where slimmy b?

    27. Kevin Lopez

      Why do some of them sound like Chicago rappers

    28. The 3pic3ric

      Looks like jimmy from gta v😂😂

    29. Derick Alcantar

      00:51 pause it guys lmfao

    30. JDM Cesar

      lean and guns.... same shit every video. shit ain't even cool, let alone original. and if you goona look like a cracked out Andy Milanakis you better be original.

    31. bay area415


    32. UrNoOne BigDogShit

      This shit knockin ....On the set

    33. Keyshon Washington

      Daboi stay snapping

    34. TheTbagger ZY

      Guess im blessed to

    35. Gibmau5

      Shoreline Mafia ain’t new! But it’s about time they get noticed. 🌊💯

    36. WiCCED CALi

      Wish I was trapping with my parents money 💰

    37. Rek One


    38. Raw Footage

      this dope, but yall need an upgrade. Lets get a video together. We gonna be chilling .

    39. Tyler

      Peep the Fortnite 😂 2:18

    40. Blexis

      Yall got your tickets for the tour yet ? because they the wave ya dig

    41. SwitchBlade144

      french montana killed the hook

    42. haydenwardq

      I swear I’m not a bot 🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    43. SwitchBlade144

      mastercard ice was lit af

    44. Michael S

      What’s the move where it’s at I’m tryna get what does he say ?

    45. King Campos

      We need it on Spotify

    46. Tomislav

      Only reason I actually clicked on this cuz sharkboi done glo'ed up

    47. FamiliaC

      Dislike automatically, pure garbage.

    48. Xavier Sanchez

      Best colab

    49. tykwansturges sturges

      “Yo fans get yo name tatted so you know u lit” Come on now that’s tee grizzley shit

    50. Isaiahplayz Fifa

      Justin bieber should hop on this😂