SOB X RBE & Shoreline Mafia "Da Move" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)



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    Watch the official music video for "Da Move" by SOB X RBE & Shoreline Mafia.
    Northern Cali meets Southern Cali as SOB X RBE teams up with LA’s Shoreline Mafia!
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    1. J.Hyde

      Put this shit on Spotify

    2. Gus World

      They don’t have this on Apple Music

    3. Tayte Thomas

      0:53 this bar was stolen from Tee Grizzley, no hate just saying

    4. Alex Paz

      can’t get over DaBoi’s part 🤘🏼🔥

    5. Aaron Rodriguez

      Tag bangers

    6. J3R3MIAH Yellowhair


    7. Jaime Rodriguez

      Do another song

    8. BGTS

      Wave check

    9. Joey K

      They threw tee grizzley n calli inna blender. Ya feel?

    10. J3R3MIAH Yellowhair

      What's there gamer tag ;)

    11. Mr. AmateurFlow

      Nice tigger control tho

    12. Koto Fish

      Legendary right here💯💯🔥🔥

    13. Ector Davi Lopez

      What bottle is that in the beginning of the video????

      1. spetsnaz juan

        Belaire rose gold

    14. rjdimebag YT

      U no there savage 4 going tilted

    15. nf21098

      Ohgeesy was lackin on his verse tbh

    16. Doug Hamilton

      1:40 2:38 1:40 2:38

    17. Carlos Garcia

      Mike Sherm went in

    18. Connor Evans

      1:11 he playin Fortnite in the maybach

    19. Ashxz

      best calibration no cap

    20. Luis Mayoliz

      Haters make people . All you see now is negativity.

    21. Charnei C

      So we go just skip the fact that they stole this beat and some lyrics from Tee Grizzley

    22. MEL FCBJX

      This sounds like mix of “Bands” and “Rampage”

    23. puRa !

      geesy got that smooth light skin voice no cap

    24. Iso 12:34am

      Is this a Tee Grizzley song?

    25. Black Mamba

      That 2 seconds of fortnite ruined the vid but song still fire

    26. Thee Accuser

      "You aint trap lil nigga you a fuckin bum" i love that line lmao shoutout to all the niggas who sell dime bags and think they making moves in an apartment

    27. Pyromancer

      They’re really playing fortnite lmaoo

    28. Flower Child

      Ohgezzy verse was trashhhh daboii was hard tho

    29. Maria Pouwhare

      Com to New Zealand an do a show we litt ive hea with this fire🤣🤩🤩😍😍💩

    30. whocareslol99

      why this not on spotify tho :thinking:

    31. California Heat

      When we getting this on Spotify

    32. jose castro

      Who else got tee Grizzlie vibes??🔥😂😂

    33. Julia Kalter

      Übertrieben geile beats und die Stimmen das knallt einfach...als wäre ich stoned

    34. Master of Ice

      I came for 2:39

    35. XvG Deadshot

      🔥 🔥🔥🔥

    36. Sean HH

      Welp this is a slap to the face to African Americans

    37. iamxdTADOGE

      tee grizzley line?


      The collab I didn’t know I needed 🔥

    39. Devin Jackson

      PBE is out now!! Go run this up and share with your friends⚡️🤞

    40. Cdot Davis

      I like sobxrbe energy they come wit it 🔥

    41. yvng. dxnx

      Shoreline Mafia is underrated asf " he do gangs eww' head ass nigga shut yo pussy ass up

    42. IvanDaRealist

      Is this a tee grizzly type beat ??

    43. esketit esketit

      What is thus garbage music

    44. chris Deida

      I am

    45. Frozen Semen

      2019 ?

    46. carlos quintero

      2019 we still bump no cap

    47. Jessi Vlogs

      0:52 is the part of Fortnite in the car Lmfso pause it


      Best collab ever who here in 2019

    49. zRxthless Godz-

      When u get a ad and its a song

    50. Omar RojasRodriguez

      it 2019 and it dope