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    Every other week, cook-a-long with me on Twitch as I make the previous week's Basics with Babish episode. This is the rebroadcast of the Risotto live stream, where I make risotto and arancini.
    Watch the Basics with Babish Risotto episode here: ar-new.com/online/فيديو-E_8wQsmjn0A.html
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    1. jerrybosify

      If no-one has said so (I didn't read all the comments): a Coffey still is a large stainless steel used to produce grain whisk(e)y, which, at least in Scotland, is mainly used in blended Scotch whisky (with a proportion of malt added). Malt whisky is from a copper pot still, and is always produced from malted barley. The amount of malt whisky in a blend is usually higher in higher end blends (but sometimes also in blends produced by smaller, unknown brands). In Japan the rules are a bit different (some would say less restrictive, some would say less transparent). For instance, the Nikka Pure Malt is (in Scotch terms) a blended whisky: it contains both malt and grain, but, because the grain was made from malted barley it can say pure malt on the label (because this isn't a protected term in Japan).

    2. WindAlchemist23

      This week on Technical Difficulties with Babish: Various Devices That are Janky.

    3. Fat Guy Airsoft


    4. Fallon Moore

      Bone apple teeth 😘👌🏼

    5. Ret Gnu

      Prefer Chapelle to Mulaney

    6. jenlovesgreen

      You have managed to turn me into one of those thirsty bitches in the comments. 😑😑 I love watching your videos. Your attitude is appealing, and you're excellent at conveying your ideas. You've hooked a new subscriber. I look forward to catching one of these streams live one day.

    7. Nick Belanger

      "Pour myself a little drinkeypoo" Was that a Trailer Park Boys reference?

    8. Emma Smith

      i saw the mr. rogers documentary i cried like a mother fucker

    9. baileysmithful

      Was not the question about a secret plan to fight pizza inflation a sneaky West Wing reference?

    10. Thomas Whiteowl

      "love" is a chemical response to promote procreation. partnership is a choice.

    11. malpanka

      asafoetida (hing) might be a good substitute for oniony flavour in dishes, it's a resin/dried up latex but it's similarly pungent, has a smell "reminescent of leeks".

    12. RJ World

      "play some scrabble"

    13. Jessica Baker

      Coffey still is a type of column still, different from a pot still (think Irish whiskey).

    14. Trinity Green

      i nearly fell asleep from how soothing his voice is. 😭😭

    15. Anim Baroi

      Hey can u make a remake of the Ratatouille

    16. Hailey McBrayer


    17. T.James Dean

      So goood!!! whats up babish!!!

    18. T.James Dean

      So goood!!! whats up babish!!!

    19. zerg539

      With your oven burning so hot make sure it's using the right kind of fuel propane burns much hotter than natural gas which could easily make up for the temperature difference

    20. Chris O'Neill

      Kim Crawford wine! Former prime minister of Canada.

    21. AaronDidIt

      "Let's get that out on the tray. Nice." Love it! Haha! Big Steve fan!

    22. jace jerome

      I love this guy so much

    23. Maurice Seidel

      Can u make the burger from How i Met Your Mother?

    24. OhHeyDidntSeeYouThere !

      can you do the omelette from food wars

    25. sselgninaemsiefil wontidne

      I absolutely love you.

    26. Jake Green

      Can you do "Jake's sandwich" from Adventure time?

    27. Grumpy Gamer

      How bout do the food in family guy when he made that sandwich with weird food

    28. Mana

      Make a croquembouche

    29. brandon dixon

      Do sams rabbit stew from lord of the rings

    30. Emily Johnson

      You should make spam & eggs from 50 First Dates, maybe add the peanut butter cups for nostalgia 😂

    31. Katyusha Stova

      Please do the original McDonald's burger from 'The Founder'

    32. Ellie Marie

      you should make the new york cheesecake from that episode of friends!

    33. Søren Pedersen

      Babbi you should totally try to make some food from the SNL sketch Hamm and Bublé.

    34. CreativeJam

      When I keep my garlic in the fridge it gets soft and mushy really quick, so I keep it outside. Sadly I don't have time to cook fresh every day, so I need my garlic to really last. Mine doesn't sprout that much outside the fridge and I don't know if I'm being the biggest amateur here but I don't mind if it does. I just cut the sprout off and use the garlic, it always seems perfectly fine.

    35. Samuel Goodwin

      Doubt you're reading this by now but other anime about food include: - Restaurant to Another World - Isekai Izakaya Mostly about Japanese foods and how they're made.

    36. LOLbluepastel

      You should do gumballs perfect meal!

    37. Laur T

      recreate the microwave wings from regular show season 7 episode 3

    38. HeyitsBianca

      You should make the pork picnic from Regular Show

    39. Isaac March

      "Risotto Really Gets the Asses in the Seats", gonna have to put that in the new home on the wall! Haha

    40. Morning

      Will you cook one of Auntie Fed's dishes?

    41. Sean Nitte

      Do you have hyper-jets on that thing...

    42. Genetix Gaming

      try to make marges sandwiches from the simpsons

    43. jonathan

      I like stream babish the way he acts is a refreshing change of pace compared to his preped videos

    44. Johnny Despacho

      Can you try to make the secret sauce from good burger?

    45. Samantha Garcia

      Do Kevin Malone chili from the office!!

    46. MetalJoypad

      You should do Gales coffee from BreakingBad


      I want you to cook the streak from the movie BLACK MASS.

    48. Mikhail Bruno Mikhail Bruno

      Make meemaws secrete brisket from young Sheldon

    49. Undaunted

      You should make the brisket from young sheldon

    50. DAm2k

      Next episode do codename kids next door crumble ( without pink eye crust)