Red Dead Redemption 2 - Official Launch Trailer


  1. GameSpot

    How hyped are you for Red Dead Redemption 2 on a scale of 1 to yee-haw?

    1. Alysia Chisholm

      Im 9 and on the scale yee-haw!!!!!!

    2. ONLY ONE

      1/0 = infinity

    3. the detroit

      PUBG IS GONE....🖕🖕😱😱😱

    4. R0ck0Tac0 _

      Not feeling to strong about this game. But I’ll give it a yee

  2. Chris Jackson

    I've played 40+ hrs of this game...and I cannot get over how good THIS trailer is.

  3. MoeGuns

    RS really knew how to tease us just right with these tiny John Marston bits. And then turns out he’s in the game like all the time.

  4. Connpwn

    “But it weren’t us who changed.” Greatest line in the trailer for me

  5. Tim Templeton

    wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Suchti

    I still watch this everyday even though the game is already out

  7. ALI


  8. Albert Bremner

    If you take the cars away...the fancy 787's... this is New Zealand in 2018


    super game

  10. Wilson

    I just can’t respect people who love and talk about this game and never grinded the first. Where’s my og rdr fans? 💯

  11. The Lazy Man TLM

    So sad for the people who suicide after battlefield v out.

  12. Atom

    is it on PC? and if it is will i buy be able to run on mine? SPECS: Core 2 Duo E8400 4GB Ram Intel GMA 4500 120 GB Hard Disk

    1. Atom

      ikr i was jk

    2. Kyle Burden

      It's not on PC, and even if it was you couldn't run it on that.

  13. JosephVideos

    “Nothin’ means more to me than this game, I would kill for it, I will happily die for it,.”

  14. Anoynomous

    Her: Come to my house Me: Nah Her: My parents arent home Me: 0:35

  15. Joe David

    I was weirdly scared I was gonna fucking die somehow before the game released

  16. theofflinegamer gaming

    why did Arther look like Edward cenway

  17. Tommy Demarko

    I’m buying a playstation 4 Pro bundle that comes with RDR 2 in 12 days when I get paid, I can’t wait, seriously, I’m literally counting down the days.

  18. Am I Shroud?

    First rockstar game where we can see childrens but in gta 5 and red dead redemtion1 they are a kinda like grown up like if you agree

  19. UthinkUknowme26

    Do what your godamned told

  20. Ten Skripz

    This looks like a movie trailer.

  21. Chirping From the bleachers

    Bought on Xbox one OG

    1. Chirping From the bleachers

      7%. Been a day

  22. Chill Ace

    So why does rockstar release their games on console only first?

  23. Tsar Peter I

    I have not watched any other trailer than this one that it sold me to buying it! I know nothing about red dead redemption


    Best game of the year!!! like if u agree

  25. Josh Yepez

    I'm downloading the game rn. Hearing dutches voice, John's voice, seeing Javier escuela... I can't wait :')

  26. Javan Twoyoungmen

    Anyone finished chapter 6? They will forever hold pain and dread tears

    1. Javan Twoyoungmen

      Limbo Killah ;)

    2. Buzz Buzz

      +Limbo Killah he didnt spoil anything what

    3. Limbo Killah

      Javan Twoyoungmen you fucking prick, why you gotta do that?

  27. MagicaL ShaDow

    Will it beat Witcher 3? Story wise

  28. Cade Washa

    That fucking old school wild west music is one of the best part of this trailer

  29. iBot

    Not as excited for this game as I otherwise would be because I HATE gaming on console. (I AM NOT HAVING A DEBATE ON PS4 OR XBOX, PC TRUMPS BOTH!) On console: 60 framerate max, inferior controller, major graphical limitations when developing, removal of graphical modifications such as anti-aliasing, post-processing effects, very few USB ports so a multi USB port is needed which is EXTREMELY infuriating, stripped of 3/4 of customization in any terms (you can change and have access to more settings of devices connected and of in-game settings when on pc)

  30. Sleezy slumpkin

    Once you go Rockstar, you never go back.

  31. Carlton Rudd


  32. Awesome 2309

    Hey anyone that see's this which game do you think I should get red dead redemption 2 or Battlefield 5

  33. Gangsta 888



    This game better redeem rockstar The futuristic shit on gta V ruined it I better expect no fucking modern day weapons in this game

  35. The Skinny

    "(...)that god damn train" (cj) :p

  36. Zeriod Period

    ''Do as your goddamn told!"

  37. Zurre 2004

    Another work of art made by one of the best companies of the century.

  38. TheSantiago6


  39. Doctor Degenerate

    i got it

  40. Wild E

    Best Western game of all time! Masterpiece!!!

  41. DankMcSpank

    *JUST. ONE. MORE.*

  42. b2crazyeye of the meme police


  43. צאַר האָלי

    Mine's installing right now

  44. Jeremy Montes

    Just a few more hours...

  45. Izzy and Sadie

    Fuck Gamespot

  46. Harris Avaan

    gamers should get a fucking life

  47. Stoke City

    1 day left y'all

  48. Julian Messner

    *What about loyalty?* I climaxed right there.

  49. TheNightLover

    *blasts ram ranch*

  50. thejoker 5631

    Why do I have a feeling that Arthur will die and we get to play as John againnnnn omllll if that happens 😂😂❤️