Pizza | Chicken Pizza | Chicken Pizza Cooking by our grandpa for 100 Orphan kids

Grandpa Kitchen

Grandpa Kitchen

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    Pizza | Domino's Chicken Pizza | Chicken Pizza Cooking by our grandpa for 100 Orphan kidsفيديو-j2D65hbOmI0.html
    Pizza | Domino's Chicken Pizza | Chicken Pizza Cooking by our grandpa for 100 Orphan kids

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    1. Grandpa Kitchen

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      1. Ava Campaner

        I like your video

      2. _ KPRMX_

        I think his Indian Person?

      3. Dagau Lucian

        Indians have so much money to make STUPID temples and yet this kids don't have money to eat .... good job go and pray to a cow instead of making somes jobs for the porr

      4. Murthy Oln

        Grandpa Kitchen k

      5. hari somu

        ఏ ఊరు అబ్బా మీది?

    2. Danella Moses

      Granpa i love your pizza it,s amazing. Good job love it 😅😄😊😆😀😍😍😎😎👌👍✌👏💝💘💓💞💟

    3. maria guezzou

      اتمنی ان يدخلو الجنة

    4. Nikhil S

      there are so unlucky that they don't have parents. It is very difficult in life without parents. But you guys are giving them proper and nice food which they can get little satisfied and happy. u guys are doing a great job hats of.

    5. Giovon Music

      He’s a hero may god bless him and those kids

    6. Алина Алиева


    7. 이만EXO-L EXO-L

      طيب ما يصير تعطيهم بعدين تصورهم انت عملت هالعمل لوجه الله مو لحتى توري الناس

    8. 古宮結衣

      LONG LIVE Grandpa

    9. Tiffany Whaley

      Its amazing how much love and care is in his cooking.He's cooking outside and the pots and food is cleaner than most restaurant kitchens

    10. Alex kawaii Ph

      now i know how to cook peperoni pizza thanks granpa i love all of your videos😉💕

    11. Yuvaraj r Yuvi r

      Super bro

    12. first last

      I appreciate the time and effort he put in, but man im so thankful i could just put a Digornio in the oven and have it be done it 20min lol

    13. SJ-Hacker

      nunu khuja kar khana banata ha

    14. SJ-Hacker

      chuda ha tu

    15. Edson Jesus

      Deus um dia vai fazer ele mais feliz como é e tomara que seja agora e sempre🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    16. Галымжан Уалибеков

      Кушти 👍👍👍🤙

    17. Happy Teen

      Is a crack

    18. ZA

      yum in the tum make me go dum dum

    19. Essrraa Samra

      Super like 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    20. ib ibtissam

      ماشاء الله كم من مجهول معروف عند الله اللهم اكثر من امثاله

    21. Manisha Khadka

      Super grandpa❤️ lots of love and respect for you👏👏 and my middle finger salute them those who unliked tw video 👿 ❤️❤️❤️

    22. never ever

      i will also try to help poor kids😢

    23. never ever

      u r soo kind

    24. ۶زوز 17

      الله يديم الضحكه عليك ويسعدك

    25. Jeddahlyn Ignacio

      The sounds is so satisfying hehe

    26. Daniel Jamil Yasha

      pizza shop

    27. Davae Gantt

      I always feel like a trap beat is gonna play when the music starts

    28. kiki nyoe

      I really like what u did to the good hearted😍😍

    29. Saima Abidi

      Brilliant grandpa you are doing wonderful job

    30. Han Kim


    31. Yaniz Art

      Molcajete 😍✨

    32. Yaniz Art

      Alguien español ? Toda mi admiración y respeto a grandpa kitchen .🙏 por que tanta gente mala onda da dislike :c ✨Mi novio y yo lo vemos siempre por las noches ✨

    33. Emilio Vasquez

      These kids were smacking on some pizza haha

    34. ashley silva

      this is so wholesome😭

    35. keesara gopal

      Please mansion the engradiants that you are using in the every recepy..

    36. Daniel Pillajo

      😋🙏 Namaste

    37. Groove4Life _

      That's really great! Entertaining and also helps someone. Really good 👏😁

    38. Rafael Vizcaya

      I cry... God bless this old man.

    39. cronos gamer

      Sou brasileiro amei esse vídeo, muito lindo.. e tantos querendo ter uma mãe e os que tem não da valor. Se fosse rico eu ajudava mais não tenho condição Boa, pois eu ainda sou criança

    40. Yui

      Alguien k hable Español xd

    41. Tee Dogg 2003

      You can tell each and every meal he makes is made with love ❤️. Mad respect

    42. Eyetunes

      I like this channel and the wonderful things you men do for the children. God Bless You.

    43. Glow It up

      Guys check my channel pls

    44. Pynshailang Pynshailang

      U make me cry granpa

    45. Naa Peru Madhan

      Tears aagatlev really good nd great job 😢😢😢

    46. Anu Vin

      My gradpa also will do like this grandpa he will make his own coocking

    47. Musical_ comedy

      grandpa i wish you to go in heaven when jesus come✔

    48. samantha martin

      I realy am greatful for a man like you I hope god bless you

    49. Eduardo Guzman Serrano

      de tanta comida que hace el, deberia comer un poco parece estar desnutrido:v

    50. Madan Rathod