Pizza | Chicken Pizza | Chicken Pizza Cooking by our grandpa for 100 Orphan kids

Grandpa Kitchen

Grandpa Kitchen

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    Pizza | Domino's Chicken Pizza | Chicken Pizza Cooking by our grandpa for 100 Orphan kidsفيديو-j2D65hbOmI0.html
    Pizza | Domino's Chicken Pizza | Chicken Pizza Cooking by our grandpa for 100 Orphan kids

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    1. Grandpa Kitchen

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      1. Jan Alsaleh

        So yummy Granate

      2. Rajender Pilli

        The US is that you

      3. Mãe E Filho Na Cozinha

        inscreva se no meu canal

      4. Raeko RAEAN


      5. Md jahid Jahid

        Grandpa Kitchen hhh

    2. Meena -The Super Woman

      One of your fan😍 heart touching videos. Kudos

    3. Kendo121

      nice one Thatha

    4. Cassidy The potato

      This man is so amazing 😭, Gordon Ramsay need some tips, just look at all of those kids faces 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    5. Milan Sennesael

      keep it up, really great thing u got going on

    6. Matheus Lima da Silva

      Que linda essa atitude😭😢 Parabéns

    7. furqan aslam

      Yes! i disliked it. Not the effort, its commendable Ofc. The pizza looks bad. I mean look at that crust!

    8. Pancek

      "Domino's Chicken Pizza Recipe"

    9. Jordan builds

      But is the chicken boneless 😉

    10. ch waqar

      Grandpaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the Greattttttttttttt........

    11. Immortal

      Boss love u doing great job in the end Keep doing it may God bless u with many more subscribes

    12. Amir Game Show

      First: Where is it? India? then How day kill animals? second: Why there is no education for people to understand in poverty you should not get pregnant. Third: What you do is good and appreciatable. Thanx.

    13. Narsingh Bairwa

      We can spend millions of bucks on religious institutions... Good But if we could spend some amount on these 'Creations of God'... Great Old helpless, and special children... Orphans... Please help them... Request to all those Rich people

    14. altaf nadaf

      Madarchot hai dislike karnewale



    16. Hong Phuoc

      Ông ơi hay quá tuy con ko phải là người nước như ông nhưng mà ông làm rất hay đó ạ

    17. Mundo Gacha Studio

      Vai na África então...

    18. Natália Naty

      thank you Grandpa, I am happy for what you do for our neighbor. God will bless you and give you the good reward. I'm from Brazil and I love you very much. 🇧🇷🇧🇷

    19. عاشقة الهند

      عاشت يدك

    20. Serrar Omar

      شفت النضافة و احسن من مطابخ العالم شكرا جزيلا على توزيع الأكلة .....

    21. Tuhin Samanta

      I like it

    22. Ramis kurt mcpe

      Sen muhtesemsin

    23. Hannah Elizabeth

      you are so amazing!!! ❤️❤️

    24. BhxhcD djdhh


    25. Khoobahsorat Duhsvapn

      Who disliked this so I can throat punch them

    26. geralt de riv

      Ca a l’air trop bon

    27. m.fazly

      Text recipes please

    28. Carla Mora

      Dios bendiga a ese gran señor y le de muchos años de vida y salud. Que bonitp gesto! Y la pizza se ve muy rica

    29. Paul Larkin Jr


    30. Shabbar Ali Asif

      Why didn't he wash his hands with soap? So unsanitary

    31. Fiesta Potato

      that looks delicious

    32. Sahan Liyanawaduge

      Good luck grand pa

    33. Meera Viji

      Super 👌Grandpa congress......💐💐

    34. LKS ́

      You have a big hearth

    35. beenish chaudhry

      you are doing such a great work grandpa may ALLAH give you best in return we are always there for u and for such beautiful children

    36. Tabish FarooQ Lone

      i will cry

    37. nicolas robert


    38. Aneeza Ajmal

      Give me grand baba number I will order pizaa from him

    39. shalini shukla

      Bhai AAP bahot big vanilla cake banayai

    40. Taj52

      This sounds good!

    41. issam Khaldi

      My this man live forever ❣️

    42. kholida solehaa

      Semoga anda semua dimurahkan rezeki. kesian sgt tgk budak budak tu 😭

    43. Camila Silva

      Muito lindo de se ver parabéns

    44. Basit Mushtaq

      Any one 2k19

    45. Daniela Ezquivel

      que rico

    46. Ziad Alsalloum

      كم عربي هون ؟

    47. nurjan h

      Yummyyyy looks soooooo delicious😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

    48. DJ Suvo

      U r great yrr

    49. فطيمة فطومة


    50. Sikha Banik

      wow wow wow