Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap

Mark Rober

Mark Rober

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    This might be my Magnum Opus. Go to and use code MARKROBER to get 75% off a 3 year plan and an extra month for free.
    My buddy Sean posted a video with more details of the build:فيديو-IpMxOmUcfOI.html
    High Speed camera courtesy of They rent high speed cameras at killer prices. Hit them up.
    Info coming soon!

    Summary: I got upset that my package was stolen so I made a glitter bomb revenge package.

    They are soft-

    I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:

    تم نشره في أيام قبل


    1. Mark Rober

      I've officially peaked. I'm @MarkRober on Instagram and Twitter.

      1. ethanpet113

        Your magnum opus even though you developed a rover?

      2. Anon Anonymous

        4 rat trap like devices under the lid could work. It would have to swing around the lid to break their fingers.

      3. Makaveli Santos

        I wannna Buy 😂

      4. Aaron Purcell-Cox

        Not sure if you'll see this.. but you're awesome! and as an undergraduate aerospace engineer, I aspire to be like you. :D

      5. googlegiggler

        Honestly the best thing I’ve seen in a long time

    2. EndermanOrea

      Ohhhhh the karma!

    3. E Z

      its not worth their time?? isn't stealing mail a federal crime?

    4. L K D

      When you screw with a super nerd!!

    5. Chiillxer

      I‘d use acid instead of glitter...

    6. Mejia


    7. tanukihat

      Boy if there was a dictionary definition for "Weaponized Autism" this video would be linked.

    8. RKOStunner

      Incredible video

    9. Kelly Pham

      This is going viral and for all the right reasons

    10. Jill Williams


    11. Marie Antoinette

      Take my money!!!

    12. SIrL0bster

      You definitely should have used the ink bombs that banks and clothing stores use.

    13. BreakingPintMedia

      1300 people need a coupon to Brown Bear Car Wash.

    14. spook show

      How was it plastic wrapped when he put it back in the car?

    15. 787brx8

      You should use itching powder mixed with sulfur next time. It will leave A more lasting effect.

    16. Christie Mahaffey

      Yes, can you start selling this on Amazon?

    17. eries77

      Can’t stand thieves. This is is justice!

    18. Justyn Mills

      I would have put something a lot worst in those boxes

    19. Craig Shaffer

      Awesome...just awesome. I can't believe how many times you got it back. Well done!

    20. Don Till

      Instead of glitter you should put acid

    21. oscar fang

      One question what university or college did you go to and if you live in Canada can you tell me what would be the best college or university is best for tech?

    22. Lance Thompson

      How could anyone downvote this?

    23. itsHalfSkiin

      imagine the clean up process

    24. Shinku

      Dude I want one...I dont have a problem with stolen packages but its too cool

    25. boredom974

      Should have used something that would ruin clothes.

    26. JJAG3

      Can you make those an sell them

    27. jaredrl06

      of course police wouldn't handle a federal crime like mail theft, that's what the US Postal Inspection Service is for, nice prank and all but i guarantee they're still stealing mail from other people still. just saying.....

    28. Bronson Seehafer

      Wait, do it with super glue or something

    29. Benjamin Abbott

      *when the slow motion of the glitter plays* I am so happy I clicked on this video

    30. K Scully

      You should sell these lmao

    31. Shahbaz Khan

      They deserve it.omg amazing

    32. Roraigh Price

      id have Mixed pubic lice &or flee's that you can order off the internet ala CRAB REVENGE KIT in with the glitter to make them realy remember & Regret what they did. a litteral Guilty Itch.

    33. Clorox Crapmaster

      That was an amazing video. Thank you.

    34. REGI


    35. Bagyo Policarpio

      make cheap mass produced version of this that launches poop. or some goop that looks like weet poop so it slimes their house and clothes etc

    36. Nelson Muntz

      Haa Haaaa I just wish we could see their facial expressions. I don't know why you censored it. Expose the thieves for who they are.

    37. Ian Bonnar

      If I lived in like Texas or something and I caught people doing that on my property, I'd sit inside at the door watching the cam view with a shotgun

    38. Julia Henwood

      Seriously you should make this a series....or a actual product!

    39. michael Fien

      Should sell that on Amazon loaded ready to go. I buy it

    40. Misaelp098

      Did the law get involved?

    41. Fewyouknewme be for

      meed more

    42. Irate Puffin

      BRILLIANT!!!!!! You could seriously market this. It could work. Until people figured out there were phones in it. Then it wouldn’t matter. lol So if there were any way to do it without the phones. Maybe just a glitterbomb designed as a package to get back at package thieves with no video. I know I would buy one. Just to have the satisfaction that someone got some instant karma and had glitter stuck in their carpet for years.

    43. TheTNTPickaxe

      Nice now replace the glitter mechanism with a bomb

    44. Fierce Deity Link

      I love how these a holes are getting what they deserve! Great work man, you are my hero!

    45. james bond3w

      Lol dam jerks desrved all that hah!

    46. Amy King


    47. Dushanbe Bbd Dhdhdjsjs

      so good

    48. James Montigny

      You are my hero!


      Look how many thieves disliked the video

    50. B Rich

      Dude sell me one of these