NASA ScienceCasts Lightning Across the Solar System

Space Videos

Space Videos

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    Lightning is beautiful and powerful, and has been observed on planets across the solar system.

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    Music by Keving Macleod

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    1. Jesse Grant

      Have you not seen Thor??? 😂😂😂

    2. n1k32h

      That voice!

    3. Josephine Dorion

      This is esoteric, sort of, came from the quantum physics ........The theory is called WAVE INTERFERENCE. When a large amount of energy wave hits a lesser amount of energy wave, the bigger wave will absorb the lesser wave and it will result on the collapse of the situation that the lesser energy wave is keeping alive. ...Ahemmm.......This is what happens in instantaneous healings. this is the mechanics of Jesus' healings. NOW,....we all know at this point that we are quickly moving from this most depraved reality into what we were told to be the THOUSAND YEARS OF PEACE AND PROSPERITY. But...we can't possibly move until this insane reality is collapsed . THEREFORE,....I was just thinking.....maybe , just maybe.......a lightning bolt or many lightning bolts (solar flashes) are being detonated by the invisible power of the Universe ,...across the solar system to dissolve the nasty energies we are encased with. What do you think..?

      1. Alter Bart

        +Josephine Dorion You know, I think you should concentrate on growing crops and painting. Science is dangerous for weak minded.

      2. Josephine Dorion

        Alter Bart,...Oh,...OK. I did not tell you that these lightning bursts will intensify,...and a lot of people their nervous system will fry and will die. those whose light are barely visible will be totally collapsed by these solar flashes . You know anyone that fits the description...?

      3. Josephine Dorion

        Alter Bart.....NO, just information,...nothing more.

      4. Alter Bart


    4. fatima naim

      سبحان الله

    5. TaniSon Lobom

      If you worship Science, does it become God?

    6. Huelison Chaves

      0:52 tards sound?

    7. 왜그래

      I remember the "X File" that was aired on TV a long time ago. I saw a person in the drama shoot lightning and spout super energy, and at that time ,. I had a feeling that I had to feel lightning and want to have psychic power ..

    8. Nilguiri

      On roughly what frequency should I listen for local lightning on?

    9. teenee4

      doesn't lightning came up from the Earth?

    10. Bishnu

      best video


      Buen video de la,naza Dkos te bendiga siempre Space videos por compartir este canal muchas bendiciones para ti

    12. Björne Ekgren

      Nice nasa

    13. Melisa Melisa


    14. M Mulberry


    15. Kevin Louwrens

      The Electric Universe Theory told you so, but NO, let's mission on with the Big Bang Theory =D wake up NASA!

      1. FLYNN STONE

        Nilguiri 😂

      2. Whizzpopper

        +Ashley Hearts outer space does exist, stop being ignorant.

      3. Nilguiri

        NURSE! He's out of bed again!

      4. Jesus Christ


    16. day6creation breathing

      how do you stop a train

      1. Josephine Dorion

        Dean Wilson........hehhhh...! I was just being silly.

      2. day6creation breathing

        Josephine Dorion i was being sarcastic

      3. Josephine Dorion

        one day soon, you'll know how.

    17. Pet Pooja by Lata Santani

      Very nice video Like subscribed

    18. Palmate Mediaworks Entertainment

      Lightning is beautiful and powerful

    19. Stephen Crowder


    20. LonxlyMe ._.


    21. Saturn Mapping


    22. Vijendra Rathoure


    23. Sibga Sheikh


    24. Nikhil Megh