Mirror, Sailboat. (Official Music Video) ♪



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    you guys wanted a way to be able to listen by itself. so i made this. enjoy my brain.
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    1. DanTDM

      welcome to my brain.

      1. Praj Lee

        Freakin best song of 2018😂🔥

      2. Venomous Dragon

        Your brain is more interesting than the mind of Jake Paul

      3. Rhyiejanna Jazzlyn Gatchalian

        Your brain is amazing

      4. Chelsea Ferguson


      5. anais ramires

        im only at 0:11 but i KNOW i'll love this.

    2. [ZI]PauloGPoke 5

      #1 trendings on my country

    3. winter hare

      I love this song

    4. Isaac Rusciano

      Number 1 on trending good job dan

    5. Nicole C

      1 on trending 😩😂

    6. brian liu

      end of the world as we know it

    7. mr anderson


    8. Colton Fauquher

      cringiest account on yt

    9. Armand Ali

      Dan can you make more vids on MoreTDM? Please?

    10. Jaime Palma

      It’s 1 trending

    11. Gaming Buddies

      Add more to the song

    12. Ms Sketch

      IS THAT @Omarock ??????

    13. Android Lord


    14. Windows 93 is a joke


    15. Zealle Plays

      Best animated music vid ever!!!!!

    16. MilicaLOVES Taylor

      Oh my... 🤣😂 What did I just watched?? 😆

    17. Alright Movies

      Sooo it’s a pirate, mr glass, and a marshmallow..... Sounds bout right

    18. ziptogo

      Good job on #1 on trending

    19. ehm182 _


    20. Roblox Nolen Nguyen

      Wow number 1 on trending

    21. My Life


    22. Hutsonthebeast

      Sicko Mode still needs to be 1# trending 😒

    23. GachaNana Gaming

      I need this for my ringtone

    24. CioGameplay z


    25. Contortio thy 4th

      This is actually a good song

    26. Holy Kev The Animator

      Number 1 on trending congrats

    27. Ryder

      I cant believe you actually made this into a song...

    28. iiMrMarshmellow

      1 on trending....

    29. Wizard Bluetooth

      What is this?

    30. Wyatt Waffles

      This is child entertainment channel right?

    31. Bella Doggo

      *Love the animations, the characters are cool! Love the song too!*

    32. Magic Man

      You made this artwork in under 4 hours!!!!!!

    33. Nevermore

      A truly inspiring art piece. It is a true privilege to be able to see it without paying millions of dollars. I'm sure the Smithsonian is taking up your time trying to get this on display so I won't waste any more of your time.

    34. Nab_haan

      Number 1 on treading whooo teamtdm and dan

    35. GS PowerStartUpTheHero

      Why the trending tab is trash

    36. David Page

      mirror sailboat

    37. Sammy Xoy

      Love it!!!!😀

    38. Elon Kerman

      Dantdm can you put it on Spotify please

    39. Chris De Leòn

      I was here when you had 5million and look at you now

    40. I dont give A oof

      Do more do more DO MOOORE

    41. Jonathan Retkinski

      Am I on some kind of acid trip.......

    42. Campbell Hardy

      i LOVE THIS!!!!!

    43. Joshua Miller

      The one saying sailboats gives me strong vibes of Cheese from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

    44. Ignjatije Stanojkovic


    45. Kyla Ken

      This is art

    46. Bella Doggo

      Congrats for #1 on trending, you never disappoint your fans! *wipes tear*

    47. Hamood 2047


    48. Brady Arnold

      How did this score number one on trending

    49. SausageLetzPlays

      I wonder what Travis Scott and drake are thinking about this passing there latest song

    50. Lights

      0.75 speed