Mike Bettes brings you closer to lightning than ever before!

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

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    Mike Bettes avoids a lightning strike in this instalment of The Weather Channel's Immersive Mixed Reality experience.

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    1. Quiet Storm Clasher

      0:19 0.25x speed

    2. DJ Major Tom

      Aahhhh, yes, perhaps if your clothes were not so eyeball popping tight, you might be able to predict a snowstorm. ACCURATELY. As bad as snowmageddon. One week later, not a word about the fucking snow now falling or on radar. You motherfuckers could not predict your way out of a wet paper sack. #STUPIDFUCK

    3. Yen Luu

      Yep 5 seconds thunder storms means thunder storm is 1 mile away!

    4. Mewcat

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    5. gabes tornado siren show

      yeah conductors of heatand stuff

    6. billy kobilca

      I hate thunderstorms. .... this freaks me out.

    7. Cordon Kalis

      Thunder, thunder Thunder, thun', thunder Thun-thun-thunder, thunder, thunder Thunder, thun', thunder Thun-thun-thunder, thunder Thunder, feel the thunder Lightning and the thunder Thunder, feel the thunder Lightning and the thunder Thunder, thunder Thunder

    8. ___

      Why does this have less than One million views!?!? This is Amazing!!!

    9. ABushInDisguise

      The storm is closing in BOIS.

    10. Thu Nguyen

      I know Mike Bettes. He was almost killed in the El Reno tornado in 2013

    11. Jacoe 162012

      i saw that lightning striked that light

    12. Burj Khalifa

      0:19 OOF

    13. Emma Chiocci

      Hotter than the core of Jupiter

    14. Nely J. Redoblado


    15. Renae Cooper

      My son was in summer camp last year and was struck by lightning almost in the parish hall

    16. Charlie Smith

      Every July Saturday is my Birthday so my Birthday is on the deadly day

    17. sean andrew

      0:18 0:18 0:18 0:18

    18. Kerbalizer Gaming

      *moist expand dong*

    19. Roger Waters

      WRONG Doc Brown says it 1.21 gigawatts

    20. Rachel Spenader

      Fake but cool

    21. Rachel Spenader


    22. James Deininger

      TWC has really stepped up the game. Your move, NBC.

    23. Michael MC Fly

      wow. did u hire hollywood animation professionals ?

    24. Diana Bendit

      Run, hide, sheesh

    25. E911Eagle

      give us the whale playing with boat vid! please!

    26. three super kids jd

      a hurricane just came up it is called Héctor

    27. ItsFreakinHarry

      Huge props to the animation team at TWC, both on this and the tornado simulation videos. Incredible animations on both, also very helpful! Thanks :)

    28. Damien Alicea

      0:19 mind...blow 🤯, again.

    29. _ TacoAmigo777 _

      I’m loving these animations. They’re beautiful

    30. Metal Head 420

      If you’re going to be hit by lightning you’re going to be hit by lightning there’s not much you can do about it.....

    31. Eric playz

      My tree got stuck by lightning at NIGHT I got so scared I started to cry lol

    32. Anthony Alford

      I love the weather and science ☀⛅☁⚡❄🌀🌈

    33. laurencia eugene

      Very Educational 👍👍

    34. Nathan Kittlaus

      Lightning strikes DEAD

    35. Dasery Ballesteros

      Why is this so fascinating 🙂

      1. SynthAir

        because learning is underrated :D

    36. Joseph Scott


    37. Victor Hardy

      Weather channel wow your good

    38. Keira Wilson

      First 💖

      1. Kevin Vo

        Keira Wilson Please subscribe to my channel and ding that notification.

    39. MattBatFilms