1. algene romero

    the queen card is two the other one have sign already.

  2. osiris Blanche

    Listen to all these EXPERTS commenting HOW HE did this... Please by all means, EXPLAIN HIS OTHER TRICKS on Penn Teller & AGT! :) We're waiting.

  3. Son Dang

    He likes to put card into his mouth a lot. 😂 Anyhow, the two queens with his signature on them look slightly different. Looks like there are duplicated queens: one he signed before the show and one during the show.

  4. N3KO

    I love his smile 😂❤️

  5. Khoa Pham

    Im not gonna play poker with him lol

  6. Jose Villanueva

    Ellen’s crowd is too slow for these fast paced card tricks.

  7. Maliphresh

    Top or bottom 😂😂😂

  8. shashwat arvind

    I know how he did it 😁

  9. Noemy Duarte

    2:36 Ellen's reaction is priceless💜💜

  10. ItsReallyChris

    He’s the flash...that’s how he does it!

  11. drungu prabhu

    That was not so difficult but he is still the best!

  12. jade fire

    I love the fact that here on Ellen he talks while he does it. His being quiet during his AGT performance made me feel unsettled, lol which might be his intention. That being said, I don't think I've ever seen anyone with hands that fast for sleight of hand. I guess his being a piano player probably helps that immensely.



  14. Huot Charina

    I like ellen😚

  15. NeoLegendX

    The tricks are simple They make a deal with the devils Eternal torture for card tricks

  16. Nike Jun Talaroc

    Just bite on it. Don't open or ill be exposed.

  17. D Ferrise


  18. Sokpheap Thorn

    I love him

  19. Jack Jay

    He wasn’t good. I saw what he did twice. He let his guard down twins

  20. JCJ

    Last trick is very common amongst all magicians. Should’ve stuck to his routine with smoke gimmicks

  21. Music is my Love

    2:20 and there the screen goes back in deck

  22. Music is my Love

    1:09 that's top yeah right

  23. tired af

    Double lifting


    Even the last trick he never gave her her card he put it back of the deck lol lame


    This guys too obvious lol


    Wow so obvious at 58 59 he slides her card with his fingers under the deck from the middle 😂😂🤦‍♂️


    Watch his hand at 1:30

  28. JAMES R S

    Well.. i can see the trick. 2:25 its a hearts card. Thank me later

  29. Vinsmoke Gaming

    That double lift is the key to the trick. His skills is flawless.

  30. Abdul Basit

    Such an easy trick to do

  31. Agni TV

    So fast... but 2:28 thats red card 😑😑

  32. virak Chamroeun

    I love the innocent face of Ellen when Shin Lim reveals the card in his mouth haha!

  33. Azazel Guatno

    Shin biting the card and putting it in his mouth is sexy

  34. rocket9244

    Ignorant people sating he looks like Michael Jackson , obviously have never seen jackson. This guy is asian. Jackson was black..lol.

  35. Starry Midnight

    I love him

  36. Hendra Wijaya

    When will Ellen bring Jackie Evancho to the show??:(

  37. Zaidi Eiyqah

    I see him change the card yeahhh!

  38. Satwika Golagana

    I saw he had 10 hearts card when he was putting it in mouth, I mean when he folded. But don't know how that happened

  39. Ash

    His magic's are better with music lol

  40. form glazing

    wooow..very fast

  41. aditya ashok

    Ellen makes everything dead. Even Ellen audience is NOTHING compared to Fallon's hype audience.

  42. Dee Collier

    ANSWERS NOW!!!!!

  43. Kean Chin

    The below comments just know to talk, just do it and post your own video.

  44. Sharon Malepe

    I believe in magic

  45. John Boona

    These tricks are obviously the work of demons.

  46. Gumiho Mochi

    Oh he's using his Regalia cards! They look pretty!

  47. Gumiho Mochi

    "That makes it kinda fair....ish" I like this guy😂

  48. B Nguyen

    heres how the trick is done. he have 2 queen of spade 1 is a presigned queen of spade. The folded card he gave to Ellen is actually the presigned queen of spade. With sleight of hand he was able to switched it without her noticing. He then signed the 2nd copy of the queen of spade and pretend to fold that signed queen of spade and bite it but in reality he switched it with the signed 10 of heart.

  49. Jefferson Ando

    I got it, double card flip then fold haha

  50. Rakesh Saikia

    I understand the trick..

  51. ไอรดา โมคขรัตน์

    He come from?

  52. John Eduard Bamba

    The way he flip it

  53. baris yalin

    That Real Magic no more👌😬

  54. Anku Goyal

    It was the bottom card, he suposed ellen to say bottom but she said top so hw looked at the audience for some kind of joke to distract which is top or bottom. I DIDN'T FIGURE OUT RHE TRICK THOUGH but he is clever

  55. Jimmmy Joe

    2:00-2:02 slow down to x0.5 you will see him picking changing the cards..

  56. Rahul Singh

    I got it...

  57. jonh doe

    Switch to top 131

    1. jonh doe


  58. Adrian Denila

    Awesome magic! so awesome, those 3k dislikes are magician haters!!

  59. Cristiano Ronaldo

    its tooo easy actually

  60. Abam Long

    Dirty mind is magic

  61. Satnav Simmo

    Pretty basic stuff expected better

  62. Marc Jesus Pongasi

    wow how he do that

  63. Harvey Lee

    How to change the card in other person's mouth??? Amazing

  64. aegyo taehyungie

    He's cute.....

  65. ram singh

    How many laugh when she said Top🤣🤣

  66. Harvey S

    2 Queen of spades signed by him lol

  67. a f

    You know what's going on when this magician performs in Indonesia ???? Most of them will say "this man must be a satan worship. How can he do that ? Not make anysense." Well, what a ridiculous backward mind they have, mostly.. instead, Magicians are not using "black magic" anymore. Thumb's up for the man on this video

  68. Wasim Hoodie

    im a magician and if u want to know how its done dm me at @darklemo on instagram

  69. Mister Li

    There’s always an Asian, better than you.

  70. Aiswarya Kv

    Let's make this kind of fair.... ish.... What does he mean??🙄🙄 @ 0:49

  71. 78desertgirl

    Omg 💀💀💀 Never seen Ellen so genuinely caught 😂😂 and embarrassed 1:11 her nose twitch bahahaha.

  72. Alexis Samarra

    And the card underneath was a red 10 too tho ..hmmmmm

  73. MrAnon

    he has 2 queen of spades. simple

  74. J̷i̷z̷z̷o̷

    Asian Persuasion

  75. Summer O

    oh no he's hot

  76. Gaza Prince

    2:03 You can see him pull her card back, in palm of his hand. Thats the part where he also gave her his (*"double") card to bite onto, with signature already written onto it..

  77. Cricket Its a Mystery

    This magic is done by DYNAMO

  78. Nozha Pratama

    02:00 - 02:05 LOL.

  79. Kyisoe Thant

    Top or Bottom had me dying

  80. LifeIsGood

    i like magic tricks but this one wasnt all that.... you can tell when he puts the cards back into the deck he quickly switches them

  81. makoy eugenio

    thats not a magic that is demon power

  82. Invisible Agents

    I know how he did those two tricks, but damn that’s some good sleight of hand, I didn’t see a thing but I know exactly when he did things. But it’s so fast...

  83. Hazezil Ezikill

    Its pretty simple..........it's The ASIAN Harry Pongter!!

  84. Eric x

    He may have just turned Ellen straight.

  85. Ardeshir Afshari

    When he flipped he made a double lift that’s all i know

  86. Indra Gunawan

    Shin always walks facing the wind on his left side

  87. Albious Konet


  88. Mika khe

    0:35 Shin lim's mug says "K" Ellens mug says " IND" "KIND"

  89. Zoe Porphyrogenita

    Camera tricks aside, how?

  90. Bob Doe

    X = Queen of spades signed BEFORE Y = Queen of spades signed ON THE SHOW Z = 10 of hearts Ellen signed he swapped Z for X @ 2:01 Then signed card which = Y @ 2:17 Then swapped Y for Z @ 2:24 (you can clearly see the edge of the 10 and the Hearts as soon as he puts it there)

  91. Jansel Deharo


  92. Amit Chopra

    Same act doing by Dan in Jimmy Fallon's show with scarlett Johnson ✌☺

  93. H. Y.

    He looks like a sexy Asian version of Charlie Heaton (Jonathan on Stranger Things).

  94. Emma The Weirdo

    Ow someone kicked my shin limb hahahahahahahah

  95. GTkds007 k

    She said top but the card was at the bottom xD

  96. Rods Start

    Thats not some normal cards ill be impressed if some one gives him normal cards then show this kind of magic

  97. Bien Santos

    that reaction tho hahaha

  98. El Nino

    That wasn't a trick. That was actual MAGIC

  99. Angie MontoyaCuri