Magician Shin Lim, 'AGT' Winner, Leaves Ellen Speechless



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    Newly crowned "America's Got Talent" winner Shin Lim left Ellen speechless after showing her an incredible card trick that will leave you speechless too!

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    1. Apurv Dev

      Going by the standard he set for himself, this seems a very easy one....the first trick was extremely simple and the second was easy to figure out as well- He did not folded the one with Ellen's signature on it but the one beneath it (which already had his initials written on it) and gave it to Ellen. Then @2:21 he did some clever hand work and changed his card to the one which had Ellen's signature on it. This act was purely reliant on his spectacular speed. Shin Lim is my favorite magician but these tricks were too easy for him.

    2. milo tanzanite

      funny Ellen. always love her.

    3. alwayssme


    4. 뱅뱅뱅

      he's fineee

    5. Olivia Balafika

      Top or bottom ?

    6. 오하준

      top or bottom? what do you mean?....hmmm....


      y should i subscribe .you nurds

    8. Its Faith

      I’m flying to Las Vegas to see him live. I can’t wait

    9. Kevin Tham

      Very amazing card switch. Its god level.

    10. isabelle swann

      Ellen I love you Soooooooooo much you make me laugh when I am all broken, my BFF is hanging out with some one else and I was so lonely and you make me smile

    11. steven bizzocchi

      2:00 switch card 2:20 switch card 2:24 we can see the edge of the card in his mouth and this is the heart 10

    12. Dazity

      Pretty simple to figure out how he does it

    13. Umar Ahmed

      At 2:01 he turns 2 cards (elen's card and a pre signatured card of his)

    14. Molia Vahaakolo

      'Dontnlet me touch or go anywhere near that' that sounded mean . Butni get where theybget that. 😂😂😂

    15. Kia Vang

      Truth is guys: he’s not human.

    16. Kia Vang

      Truth is guys: he’s not human.

    17. Lindy Refos

      Nice tricks

    18. Mukhtar Siddique

      He take the card in his mouth at 1.54

    19. Javier Calderon

      bruh how did this man win?😂🍆

    20. NLD

      Loving my shin lim... ❤️❤️❤️he's smokin💋

    21. Hahacshacsjaven Javidjbojwsjwbsozjjbsojk zp

      It’s not magic if your casting level 99 spells

    22. Aikz Akira

      hes my crush now ahahahhaa....i love you shin lim

    23. Ian Black

      One of the best magicians i have ever seen easily as good as Blaine Dynamo copperfield

    24. Ronald Chan Ting Chuan

      Wait... Aren't those the cards he bought with over 300 pounds of REAL GOLD in the casing design AND in the cards?!! Shin Lim is destroying his own cards... ( If you want to know how I know this, just go to his AR-new channel and watch his video of him unboxing his cards.)

    25. Karina Takayama

      He just Had To make that face when he put the card in his mouth

    26. I Have a Boyfriend

      Is he asian?

    27. Coolfirelava Gaming

      play 1:59 on .25 speed and watch his hands

    28. I stan Legends , BTS

      He is sooooo good looking and Talented and I can relate to Ellen. I couldn’t relate any less to her reaction at the end 😂🔥

    29. CN AC

      Shin is NOT human...

    30. Akram Ebrahim

      Hahahaahaah spotted the pinky break

    31. Mário He

      In slow motion 2:24, he bites the heart 10 since the beginning (the red “1”)

      1. buzozg

        there was card he signed before and had it somewhere with him, in deck maybe

      2. Alisha

        yea but how did he get his card in her mouth with his sig?

    32. Supa Jim


    33. Tabon Bhabes

      Wow..he move soooo fast.

    34. Rigby Blanche

      charisma 9 luck 9 perception 9 agility 9 speech 100 sneak 100 a perferct build for magician

    35. Jonacris iglesia ni manalo.

      Camera tricks when you on the studios what live. And you see its directors cut

    36. b_student09

      At 2:25 u can see that the card is the 10 of hearts

    37. Logibear


    38. Green Plant

      Open it are Amazing!!😂🤣

    39. Philipp Scheucher

      When you actually watch that in 0,25 speed..... and still don't having a clue what he's doing other than it sounds like they were retarded

    40. JS Sandhu

      Looks like amateur to me(no offense..) but after seeing David Blaine, everyone looks amateur to me.

    41. GICking

      Sometimes you know what he's going to do, but you just can't tell how he does it!!!!

    42. Руслан Серикбаев

      How he did it?????????

    43. omi patwa

      it was clear that he switched the cards on both tricks, in the second trick he didn't show the card that he folded!

    44. Happiness is a CHOICE.

      He has real power. Nice.

    45. Juan Pablo Gonzalez

      oscar owen shows how to do it

    46. Dong Sang kima

      This one is easy

    47. Micah Tuck

      Another magician. THATS NO TALENT

    48. kudu Tab

      At 1:48 he did something with the cards in left hand...n if I knew what he did I wld be a magician :)

    49. Baddy forall

      At 2.24 , we still can see that he is biting 10 of hearts not king or jack whatever he had signed on it.

    50. Anthony Pastor

      A trick who doesn't have a "shuffle the deck pls".