Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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    Everybody feels lonely sometimes. But only few of us are aware how important this feeling was for our ancestors - and that our modern world can turn it into something that really hurts us. Why do we feel this way and what can we do about it?
    Books mentioned in the endcard:
    'Emotional First Aid' by Guy Winch
    'Loneliness' by John Cacioppo & William Patrick
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    1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

      We designed a poster on this topic as well. You can find it here: standard.tv/collections/in-a-nutshell/products/in-a-nutshell-loneliness-poster

      1. Julião Branco

        This video made me want to listen for So Lonely by The Police

      2. Syk

        +June Cash Your beliefs are not Facts.

      3. Karkat Vantas

        The animation in this video was phenomenal! Always incredibly well done, but this time it was noticeably more dynamic and smooth. Things like the transition to the dots to represent communities of 50 -100 people staying with you your entire life, so smooth and well thought out. The detail in these videos help the understanding become so much easier. Amazing work!

      4. welberson franklin

        can I write some subtitles in portuguese for your videos?

      5. June Cash

        Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell can u do one on why you shouldn't eat PORK.

    2. 박승현

      This is a message to all left and right extremists agendas to stop or loneliness will kill humanity and not war or disease.

    3. Daniel Cox

      well now im crying

    4. TheSnoopKat

      I have a few great friends. My problems generally come from wanting anything more than that. I've tried and nothing ever seems to work out. I've experienced the feelings you describe in the video. Over thinking how people don't like you, paying more attention to others but feeling disconnected from them, etc. Even with all that I still force myself to get out more, it just never goes anywhere. And that just feeds into my previous emotions of feeling unwanted. It's really hard to keep at it like this, but I know if I stop trying I'll never get better. I wish everybody good luck with their loneliness.

    5. Danny Matlob

      This video was actually such an eye opener for me. Just yesterday I was trying to decline an invitation, not because I couldn't but because I was afraid of social contact. Today I accepted and I feel like its a step in the right direction!

    6. Sattam


    7. Magikarp

      I don’t have a single friend

    8. Your Local Weeb

      Can't feel lonely if you never had anyone.

    9. Georg Steinröhder

      Can you do jealousy next?

    10. Acidminter

      I like loneliness actually. It gives me the feeling of being alone in the Universe. I like it

    11. Del Toro

      They feel linely cause they live their phones more then people.get rid of that shit or find some phone only with text and call.fuck social media fuck internet, we need human expereinces

    12. Salsabila Deissy

      hi! does anyone here want to get to know each other? would be nice for me to have an overseas friend from the internet, as I can improve my english too! we can talk about things and maybe that could help us to feel a little less lonely

    13. Papa Joseph Stalin

      i am always alone in school only doing lessons and nothing else

    14. Hybrid Gaming

      The lack of birds makes me feel lonely

    15. bloop gaming penguin

      2 videos in 1 month. Wow

    16. Perfect


    17. eweliyi

      10:41 Most animals get what they need from their surroundings, we get what we need from each other. That is not correct, most animals are as social as we are and can't survive without close social ties either.

    18. Damian Louden

      This video made my cry so hard. I knew I shouldn't have watched this shit. Not only am I lonely, but I'm also fucking dying. Great.

    19. Devashish Mantri

      Wow. Watched this video at the right time!

    20. Joseph Sarra

      Hi Kurzgesagt, Great Work! I have a video request I want to ask, remember the video called 'What Is Something?' Where you talk about what and why are things? And then you'll talk about them more in detail on topics such as 'What Is a Force?', 'Why Are There Things?', and 'What Is Energy?'? Can you make these videos, please? It's been three years since 'What Is Something?' is uploaded and I want to learn more about them through your videos instead of seeing the message 'Release in 2016, subscribe so you don't miss it.' Although it's been three years already and so far, nothing. Please let me know about the videos and thank you for reading.

    21. Nikita Tushinski

      It started with me too early

    22. Tsuser Gaming

      This is an amazing video that highlights not only how loneliness came to be, but how we react to it accordingly; I think this very well may be the best video made by this team of talented content creators to this date. (I enjoyed not having an ad awkwardly crammed in the beginning)

    23. ricardo diaz

      Well this answered me but I really have a problem trusting people and always feel like I have to add something to the table if I want to become friends. That’s why I’ve changed my life by heading to the gym to lose weight and gain muscle. Plus for some reason I always thought having a huge group of friends is boring and remember in highschool I always had 1 or 2 to talk to at a time. Generally I always thought having friends was unnecessary and bettering oneself is more important.

    24. Bill Cipher


    25. MrRolnicek

      Well, yes I have become complacent. But to me, feeling lonely is better than going through the social interactions I had before. Maybe I'm not actually feeling lonely, maybe I'm fine without social interactions.

    26. Viersechs

      This was... Eye opening.

    27. Bilal Arshad

      I am feeling lonely one like may help

    28. nopls

      get out of my head

    29. Estorio DeathAngel

      You know kurzgesagt thinks a video is extremely important when they keep out the dead birds out of their videos

    30. Alexander Johnny

      This is bs, everybody is different you cant tell somebody what to do with their life , we are not all sheeps to do what you want, everybody knows that the media including youtube is controlled in the shadows by the real leaders of this world

    31. Аркадий Скайуокер

      Great video! I was feeling lonely for a long time. But recently I acknowledged it and changed my behavior. It really helps

    32. Felix Dubis Wolf

      This video cut deep. In the best way possible, though. It's made me realize a lot of things I couldn't put into words. Thanks Kurzgesagt.

    33. Elvis Teixeira

      I love hearing german people speaking English. Last week I had a job interview with a german lady and almost proposed her in the spot haha

    34. Vishal Yadav

      You have no idea how sincerely I watched this video. I am lonely af. I can relate soo much. Thanks!!

    35. Panda Watch

      Do you think, with the world changing that we'll keep evolving to a point in the future when humans don't feel lonely, as loneliness evolved, maybe it'll evolve again.. Anyway nice video, have a good night everyone. Gd luck

    36. yiran

      Oof . Tfw you are actually happy when people avoid you and actively try to avoid people... Welp. Guess I'll die early. Not that I'm complaining

    37. Budzy Games

      Thank you.

    38. Nils R.K.

      Well, it seems I’ve got chronic loneliness... It really do be like that sometimes

    39. JamesIsMyName

      Amazing video! Touching and informative!

    40. XNX.ROmania

      Maybe every individual should be somehow educated to to empathize with people how suffer. I had a few existential crisis in the last 2 years and what I got from them was that the most beautiful thing in this universe is to be amazed of this reality we live in and to try to understand it. In the process of understanding it, one of the most satisfactorily things are to try to understand other people and also, to help people who suffer to accept themselves instead of shunning them or even mocking them because everybody (even people with some mental disorders) have something in them them that worth to be known to the others.

    41. João Santos

      This hits home. I want her back. I want someone to love me and whom I can build a family and grow old with. I'm scared to death I won't be able to achieve those things. There's this whole inside me that I can't fill.

    42. Matti S.

      Best Yt channel

    43. Alex Whitton

      Yup I'm lonely even though I have good friends...

    44. Tsuna Takahiro

      I can relate to a lot of this but I'm not lonely I prefer to be alone and people just suck these days social media has turned most people into self-absorbed sociopaths and everyone only just wants to smoke or be smoked out. I feel I'm the only person not into smoking.

    45. Srijan Maharjan

      I'm here if anyone wants to talk.

    46. Ingenio Ocioso

      Nice video! We love this channel, but we miss the Kurzgesagt birds!

    47. LemonadeQuoks

      Olivia Liang's hybrid book, The Lonely City, is a wonderful novel that is both a simultaneously comforting and all too realistic depiction of modern isolation between artists and musicians alike. Give it a read, it was written for the lonely ones

    48. JohnnyAngel

      DND is how i manage my chronic loneliness.

    49. Kevin Trinh

      Donald Trump is lonely at 9:55

    50. aLostLonelySoul

      buds gonna die when he’s 20

    51. Julião Branco

      This video made me want to listen for So Lonely by The Police

    52. r3tr0m0nk3y MIMI

      im so glad i found this channel

    53. crazyyenii

      Well makes sense. Probably why I thought about doing myself in when I left for a foreign college and why even with people I felt isolated. The more you know I guess

    54. Pmax16

      I’d just like to say that the soundtrack on this video is amazing. You guys always do a great job in all the aspects of your videos

    55. DahVoozel

      But wouldn't you rather hang out watching AR-new videos made by people who explain that your alienation has clearly defined perpetrators?

    56. Tbasko sauce

      My dad got sick in 2015 so i moved back to my homeland and ive been home for almost all those years i went from extremely social guy to almost 70 percent introverted, I still talk to friends online , and play online to pass time, but ifeel socially awkward now. Hardly able to talk to women its weird....

    57. screetch sketch

      My cry for help is not acknowledging it .... But I'm hopeful. It's abstract but it is as absolute I can bring myself to be. Great video.

    58. Good potato

      I got no friends and I FEEL GOOD

    59. Rayne Veron

      i felt so lonely this year since all my friends moved :(

    60. Your Residential Gondola

      Yeah, I did something similar to this to get out of that hole. For most of my life I didn’t have a lot, at some times any, friends or social interaction. I took hella risks to get out of that cycle. For anyone with a similar problem, it will get better, but not on its own. You can do it. Take some risks

    61. Benis :-DD

      "recommended for you"

    62. Ye Monkey

      Fuck you recomended

    63. Eric Hershel

      As the video said, being alone doesn’t = loneliness. I rarely feel lonely when I am alone. On the other hand, I often feel lonely when around others.

    64. Filip Mitevski

      Cool Idea to post some books at the end

    65. Soleilune

      Stop being selfish, you f*cks. It is human nature to share with others. Greed is corruption. Come together!

    66. Antiance _

      This video perfectly encapsulates why I love Kurtzgesagt. It’s simple, elegant and accessible. I love how they make these videos so human and positive, even when addressing critically important topics. Keep it up, Kurtzgesagt!

    67. Acryval

      Wow i've just told my brother that I probably have deppresion and that I genuinely need help. So.. thank you for this video, it's beautiful and I want to like this more than once.

    68. Reez 8

      What if im obese,smoking a pack a day and lonely??😭😭

    69. Cedric M

      Point 3: ABSOLUTELY TRUE, in my case. So accurate it hurts.

    70. The Original G

      I'm a flaker so... am I lonely?

    71. Joshua TheAwesome

      I wish I had enough invitations to stuff to turn some down, but no one invites me anywhere almost ever. At least I can help other people have the luxury of turning down invitations to things, though!

    72. Valentina Liu

      Fuckkkkkk. I'm fuckedddd.

    73. Menelin

      I love how this video adds ways to counter the feedback loop instead of just saying why it happens.

    74. RED mind

      IDK if it bad but I like to stay alone to study or think, I don't really have any close friends but I like to be with my self. .

    75. suga glider ;-;

      ...I have chronic loneliness..now I know.

    76. Ashish Chandra

      Hey....wanna be friends..... can't offer more than lifelong friendship

    77. SUKOTTO 21

      Just what I needed

    78. stomppa

      Thank you for making this video!

    79. Ethan Ling

      That moment when u realize there was no intro

    80. oh really

      I hope that the people with that problems get better or get a professional help because I was in this mess as well and I was depressed 2 years and I didn't have friend but one day I gained confidence and courage to get help and step out of it. I assure everybody that reads this that after they get help they will understand what I say. Please be brave and don't let anybody or anything to stop you in search for happiness. I hope this message helps you all.

    81. make me Famous

      Loneliness makes you to learn psychology

    82. Rick Bhattacharya

      Yes i am lonely but i have my 2D companions . And where are the birdies ??

    83. Nerd Stark

      Thank you School of Life...Oh wait.

    84. sohfti

      bro so i can die from being a sad lonely bitch??

    85. Zuhair Nadeem

      Anybody 😢 wanna be my friend.....

    86. Muhammad Wardhan Nurrizqillah

      I thought I had chronic loneliness, but then I remembered I'm just super lazy and really appreciate being alone. I still try to keep in touch with my friends though.

    87. Skrillah

      Thanks for making me feel lonely even though i hang out with my friends multiple times a week

    88. Zero Supremo

      well no familyno friendsno nothing ....i guess i will die

    89. Tony Elizondo

      I have learned how to do most trades. Auto repair, welding, plumbing etc..... and study basic wilderness survival. I now feel if the world ended around me I would be fine. I also keep busy, so if my friend (only one) doesn't want to do something then I have something to do.

    90. Guy

      I've been single for a few months, I live alone and only work with 2 people who are not the same age as me. Any close friends I had live far away in the town I used to live in. Looks like I should be spiraling into insanity any moment now.

    91. wifilost

      Life has been hard for me recently, the person that took all the bad thoughts off my mind was my wife. Been lonely can kill.

    92. BBJBS

      In sixth grade I sat down at a lunch table and the rest of the table moved to another one. I feel like that's where it really started. Fuck middle school.

    93. Nipun Khare

      Truly beautiful, 12 minutes are more meaningful and amazing than most of the movies and TV shows out there.

    94. Disney Jazzcore

      I watched this while I was at the mall... I took a second to look around me and everything the video said was what I felt.

    95. Nativ

      So If we evolved our brains to feel pain when lonely, can we evolve that back? How do I de-evolve faster?

    96. Zuckerdrone

      I can't help but call bullshit on that most connected thing. You know how easy it is for someone to whitewash themselves and present a lily white picture of who they are. When you meet them they're actually a disgusting goblin. Connected? No. It's all fake personas and masks. The internet is a false reality.

    97. NoahsDeaths

      you know how you can connect? dank memes and reddit

    98. Lyrical Hub

      I have loneliness in most things :(

    99. Kieran Oldroyd

      Its scary how i feel like ive got no one to speak to and no one i want to speak to and that is what i like. I feel lonely but i prefer that for some reason. Have no social anxiety and can speak to people just dont want to.

    100. lovkesh kumar

      waste of 12:29 min. of your life