KFC Chicken / 100 Legs / 100 Wings / Prepared by my DADDY / Village food factory

Village food factory

Village food factory

55 433 434 عدد المشاهدات48 849

    Village food factory now PATREON

    تم نشره في سنوات قبل


    1. Senthilkumar V

      Very very nice to see this beautiful video in village

    2. Chandra Kanth

      you are great sir

    3. Gowri Shankar Kichu

      hats off man 😍

    4. AJITH Ajay

      Call NUM bro

    5. Banijaan S

      Mashah allah

    6. Ka loners

      Pink chicken

    7. Cindy Nguyen

      Maybe he’s not rich but is heart wow!

    8. Gary r

      Why tf did i watch all of this 😂

    9. Kamran Khan

      Daddy ...u r amazing.... .want to come your village and eat that all....😍😍😍

    10. Arun Kumar

      I can not understand this language plz tell about this video in hindi

    11. BADSHAH_TIGER 05

      Where is blackpepper? cumin powder ?ginger garlic paste ?

    12. Bullock TM

      Mixing with his hands🤗

    13. Rani D

      Wow 😯 | ar-new.com/online/فيديو-FGFpHEZRFvA.html | desi chicken 🐓

    14. Gurusamy Gurusamy

      oh ! soo nice

    15. Avol80

      What are those white pills?

    16. lets Tune

      Salut to hardwork still no use for me as m gym going guy

    17. Chobe Chavez

      Agushto papaaaaa!....

    18. OGNrazer

      The man have 6 fingers in a hand wtf

    19. Abdullah Albahri

      What happened to your dads fourhead

    20. Kannan Muthuraja

      I watched this video midnight...and being a foodie nearby kfc is closed :(

    21. bijay dalei


    22. *あさり*


    23. Riska Agustina

      Jadi lapar 😊

    24. Khan Computer

      baba jivan ka ant yad rekho aatma kese niklti hai

    25. ęž Bøįž

      Pls 👇 👇

    26. K.Chandra Latha


    27. Allan ONiel

      Food for the souls God bless

    28. Joe Wheeler

      Look at all that salmonella

    29. Beezy760i

      That yard bird look good. Respect Ase'

    30. Kam

      Bless you dad's HART! HE'S A GOOD MAN! :) :) :)

    31. Rakibul Islam

      KFC is very fresh

    32. Rakibul Islam

      What a man

    33. Валера Валера

      Как свинья чавкает

    34. Mirzi Mendoza


    35. đkdjd Jfjfjd

      It must be “vff fried chicken” =))

    36. Abhijeet Singh

      Colonel sanders left the chat 😂

    37. Diedre Burns

      WOW. Didn't know that Indians got down with fried chicken too. I want a piece.

    38. Рустам Сообцоков

      Многие и на сковородке, дома, с газом да электричеством не сделают

    39. Ricardo Vink

      😋😋😋😋 im going to try it at home 😂😂

    40. Solomon Nirudi

      Nice yummy food

    41. Anmol Singh

      Are uncle akale khauge kya

    42. 배때지

      잘 드시는군요

    43. Angel Nelson

      I love this channel 😍

    44. Eileen Pitman

      SOOOO COOL . I loved it. I would of loved to taste it. The oats threw me off some ?

    45. Bala Krishnan

      super Super congratulations unga Itha KFC chiken Samayal enakku Seithu koduga please

    46. chris.p. bacon

      6:15 wtf lmao

    47. Laiana Brandão

      É um ser humano extremamente generoso... que o universo lhe dê forças

    48. AtabakPlayz