Jimmy Kimmel’s Full Interview with Kanye West

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    Kanye talks about his passion for music and fashion, what he thinks of Donald Trump, Kim’s trip to Washington D.C. to meet with him, the two motivating forces in the world, overcoming fear, being too caught up in the past, how he feels about people being mad at him, his daughter, his fashion brand, the meaning behind some of the songs on his latest album, his porn preferences, recording his latest albums, mental health, being bipolar, and wanting everyone to be able to express themselves without fear of judgment.
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    Jimmy Kimmel’s Full Interview with Kanye West

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    1. Adam OfficialMusic


    2. Steven Aguilar

      Try love not hate

    3. Mark Barber

      Please tell me Kanye West said I’m this interview that is worthy of a podcast?

    4. sunbro84


    5. natalya tkachenko

      Blah blah blah. its like English is not his first language, he can't express what he thinks clearly 😂😂😂

    6. Sawatha Da

      He’s not bi-polar, he’s a hypocrite. I was waiting on his answer to Bush < Trump.

    7. Cristie Hitchens

      Very passionate man. Incredibly smart and talented. I am so impressed with this interview. I am listening Kanye.

    8. zaida rodriguez

      I'm confused though how do you have to watch porn when you dating Kim Kardashian? Lmao And not even just cuz it's Kim but I never understood why married men who have a girl have to jack off and watch porn like you should be getting that from her.

    9. Alessandro Calza

      why should he be worried she was with Trump? He should be worried if it was Clinton... who is actually the only confirmed sexual predator

    10. Izal Pratt


    11. holly peers

      Kanye is ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    12. Dark_Matter

      I don’t see brilliancy here; I think he’s just poetic in expressing a worldview that many genuine human beings already have. But I do think it’s great that he’s encouraging people to be individuals and break from a sort of herd instinct.

    13. Jake Murdoch

      Love Kanye West.

    14. Grey Wichmann

      dude if ye designs space force uni's im all in

    15. Truflow Hub

      Kanye West is powerfully intelligent.

    16. Creshendah Martin

      I feel like Kanye is speaking to his younger self

    17. ryan 1


    18. Stephanie Crosby

      Kanye doesn't vote so why take about the process if he isn't a part of the process. At this point, he's trolling. He lies like Trump, there are black Rep...he isn't the only one and black ppl aren't a monolithic group.

    19. Eugene Russell

      He makes me cringe every time I see him speak.

    20. Skante Warrior

      Get rid of the 13th... make Kanye aka CoonYe a slave🤣😂😂😂

    21. Genevieve Trevino

      His calmness and smile are so refreshing to see.

    22. leslie telles

      I never was a fan Kanye, but you articulated yourself over and over again. I'm about it. can you and Candice Owens make babies??? xoxo keep going I'm sure most of America appreciate it

    23. leslie telles

      you are literally an a hole jimmy, to make him look stupid for having a broader opinion embarrassing for you and unfortunately your own children

    24. Repture YT

      So he basically said he put on the hat so they know “ye” is the man and no one can tell him what to do

    25. Sonia Thomas

      Wow he’s really intelligent than a regular person

    26. popeLicker

      man he is such a weird dude

    27. ling ling

      Shimmy Kimmel NEUTRAL

    28. Chris Johnson

      He's definitely more controlled. Never have liked him, but, I'm proud he's getting the help he needs to get well.

    29. erinesj2000

      Kanye is medicated. He needs to come off those meds, he’s having trouble expressing himself.

    30. Morten Kalland

      Sleipe Jimmy

    31. BlackWizards

      I like how fast Kanye's smile disappears from his face lol

    32. Ess

      what happened to Kanye at 2:35 ?? 🤔

    33. john deer

      That Kardashian cruse..1 Lamar=crackhead..2Scott=drunk powder head...Kanye=pill head🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    34. mr NlightNment


    35. kao long hang

      "Wearing this hat makes me feel like superman" said kanye "Superman didnt wear a hat you stupid idiot" said jim brown LMAO!!!

    36. Rajan Waterman

      Great how Jimmy played devils advocate and asked sone really thought provoking questions to Kanye West. Also, was a nice change of style/pace for this show. Became an interesting thought provoking interview rather then just entertaining. Great interview!!!

    37. Johanna C

      Mental illness displayed and sense of grandiosity given air time, sad times in the world

    38. Laquisha Benit

      I feel him on this Interview though

    39. Laquisha Benit

      He is a genius at his craft I wish people stop putting him as the status of a leader he’s not a leader he’s entertainer which is a puppet

    40. Valerie Newby

      I liked everything he had to say. That was a first

    41. Adam Wagener

      This one paragraph will cure anyone from bipolar disorder, if they truly understand it, and then follow my directives. Number one: the thought of you being bipolar is actually correct. You are made up of atoms. Atoms have positive and negative poles. For this reason, every single living being on the planet is technically bipolar. Now let's address the mental issue. Your mindset is a reflection of how you interpret reality. If you get very angry or very sad easily, this is all controllable, if you are patient and mature enough to handle your situation. I know for a fact that initially this is not easy. It takes time to shake this stigma when people begin labeling you. I have been through it myself. You will not carry a disease with you your entire life, if your will to win is greater than the disease.

    42. Darker Star

      that was wonderful. alot of heart and truth from Kanye, and Jimmy seemed very hospitable. great stuff:)

    43. 117MCT


    44. cartiereign

      why does he talk like that 😂😂

    45. Daniela Badino

      Stop making stupid people famous!

    46. Colin Mackey

      Kanye and I watch the same porn channel.

    47. Coley3782

      I don't think Kanye is crazy. I hope he finds peace.

    48. Raman Bham


    49. Sacred Waves

      I am impressed with Mr. West. He is nothing like I thought he would be. I was buying the media's "mental illness" line. I believe his "illness" is his ability to see past societies norms. He is his own person, and strong in his beliefs. I am so impressed. Much love to him, and MAGA on!! 🤗

    50. The Rainmaker

      These self-righteous hyptards! There isn't more hypocrite than celebs who would do anything for that £$€paper including "trash talk" on Kanye to make a good impression. I hope he's is not losing sleep for any of those trendy mothefuckers.