Jim Cantore vs. Category 5 Winds

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

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    Jim Cantore heads to Virginia Tech where he steps into a wind tunnel. After taking on winds of Tropical Storm strength, he continues the climb through Hurricane force winds... and breaks a record.

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    1. Czech Gopnik

      1:53 Look at his head. What the fuck is going on up there

    2. Golden Dog B

      Omg if you know BTS you know our park mochi and his face is sooo squishy so imagine his skin hahahahaha oh how i love our squishy mochi And im not saying he is fat he is just squishy and cute i 💜 them

    3. Brains Strowman

      Take the rope off and see at which speed you cant walk no more he will be stuck to the glass like a starfish

    4. Christopher Nemeth

      I recently read three seperate books pertaining to the "New England Hurricane of 1938" which had different effects in the wind depending on where it was measured with speeds above 150mph, 186mph sustained. Hats off to Irma, Flourence survivors.

    5. Judson The Pro

      2017: Hurricane Irma

    6. Bryce savage

      He’s is a bad man

    7. Peter Oleynik

      I love this man

    8. blarpo

      florida man will stand in 200mph winds.

    9. Hazazi zie

      That thing can push a semi truck with a trailer

    10. Eugene Flores

      Remembering Typhoon Mangkhut 2018

    11. firewolfhaydenRBLX on games

      The strongest I was in is 155mph I was in micheal

    12. Savannah Penn

      1:35 ur not in 100 mph yet

    13. Savannah Penn

      Rest in peace

    14. Donald Buisman


    15. Edward Tucker

      That looks like fun

    16. amor servo

      all that sucks haiyan is the best

    17. Franz Clyde

      How many farts did he make after that

    18. YumCherryPies

      just watching this gets me an headache

    19. eda396

      Trump is offering fake news rehabilitation treatment to the MSM employees. Everyone knows someone with this addiction.

    20. mattioder

      Yeah in 25 mile an hour winds you look the same....

    21. JAMAICAN

      i wish his clothes would have just blown off. he's just so fine ;D

    22. springermusicnet

      same as a sky diver at 120+ MPH, ... but if you add rain and such... would really tear you up.

    23. Aleatha Vogel

      Damn, forget the rollercoaster...how do you sign up for this? ;)

    24. Candace D

      I'd get to 40mph

    25. HarleyDave

      If you have ever met Cantore you probably know what an asshole of historical proportions he is in person.

    26. Panama City Weather [some of it]

      Florence? Nah, Michael.

    27. Josh C

      imagine a fat lady naked in there

    28. Steve H

      Someday, on live t.v. God forbid, some news reporter like Jim Cantore is going to be standing outside bracing himself in kneedeep water against some ferocious wind, when an errant metal sign, viciously ripped from its place atop a wooden post, is going to come along at 146 miles per hour and before the reporter knows what hits him, is going to be decapitated in front of millions of viewers. All because they wanted to get across to the viewers how bad the winds are. Do us all a favor and stay inside where its safe, ok? We know the winds are bad. We know property is being damaged and we know that lives are being lost at that moment because some stupid hick decided to ride out the hurricane in their poorly built seaside retreat. We get it. Its not necessary to risk your life to show us all of that. We get it already.

    29. Derek Daniell

      who is here?

    30. miguelisms

      Who's here for Hurricane Michael?

    31. Angel Whisper

      Now, try a an F5 tornado wind speeds 🌪 😌

    32. AEONlll

      Who's here because of hurricane Michael?

    33. MsChic73

      Cat 4, almost 5 hurricane Michael just hit the panhandle in Florida 10/10-and yep, he was there, not sure where exactly?, anyone? He looks like he’s had practice lol

    34. F M

      That must have been a fart from Hillary to be that powerful.

    35. Johnathon Bounchanavong

      Jim cantore vs hurricane micheal

    36. Johnny Knoxville

      Who is here because of #HurricaneMichael?

    37. J.G. Conumdrum

      At 5'2" the wind has a shorter target to push.

    38. Tyler Smith

      It hurts to see Jim getting man boobs. I feel your pain Jim. Age is a bitch that takes no prisoners.

    39. mike liburd

      I wanted to be a category 6 hurricane but i lost my juice

    40. Adam Weiser

      Hurricanes do not scare me.

    41. Banks Barnes

      That right there was peak weather reporting performance. All Jim Cantores hours and hours of training and experience of standin in canes were for that moment.

    42. Ceecee Fishing

      Put Damian Marley in this

    43. sñr bandala

      Esa era la velocidad del coyote en el misil para atrapar al correcaminos

    44. B-Columbian Truther

      Who's here for Hurricane Michael

    45. t 1 01

      I'm here because of hurricane Michael.

    46. Orion L.

      Michael, just lost power. Im in Georgia.

    47. ann huff

      His cheeks

    48. Trin_ Horner

      Bro Hurricane Michael

    49. Mike Redding

      Ahh turn it up to 190 mph!

    50. Sammy

      Michael brought me here