Jason Momoa Made A HUGE Mistake While Filming Aquaman | The Graham Norton Show


  1. Zhaggysfaction

    Remember when that tattoo of his first appeared. It was between (filming) seasons 2 and 3 of Stargåte Atlantis when he got it and then in the first or second episode (of season 3) he gets it in character so they don't have to cover it.

  2. Kelly Angel9

    Oh yeah there is a god 😍😍😍😍😍

  3. 445 BoyZ

    Yea.. agreeing to be in it

  4. Nisa Ashruf


  5. Sunny Webb

    He is so adorable!!!!! I love the dichotomy of his hotness and size, next to his goofy, earnest personality.

  6. Meme Man

    Justice league < aquaman

  7. Sid

    Click this button it will turn blue 👇

  8. Juan_RockGuitar

    Huge and Jason should be in a movie together.

  9. Queen Candace

    Lisa, I want to hate on you lol. You make a beautiful couple.

  10. Tae Smith


  11. Ben Ferguson

    Dino trucks?

  12. Ethan Nolastname

    Wow. My favorite AR-newr, Graham Norton

  13. Endangered Mexican

    How is this trending... less than 200k views in 6 hours. There are other channels who get a million views in 2 or less hours

  14. James Catling

    man from atlantis remake

  15. Yerik

    He’s funny wow I didn’t think he would be 😂

  16. Debbie Jane

    Could watch him all day!

  17. shahad abdulaziz

    a MAN

  18. BabaJiughi PizZia


  19. Te'Marion Marshall

    Jason Momoa did an opsie I see it in a PewDiePie vid

  20. Juice Reed

    Jason is pure winning...man married Lisa Bonet 🔥

  21. Dovyeon

    Is this the first him he has had a Hawaiian on the show? Not including anyone who was born in Hawaii that isn't Hawaiian like Lauren Graham

  22. Iskedo

    Why did they reupload this again? $$$$?

  23. abdul guled

    FRONTIER anyone?

  24. Curry is GOAT

    I swear to God I will like this comment You sweared

  25. Zachariah Partridge

    The huge mistake was filming Aquaman

  26. Guðrún Petrea Gunnarsdóttir


    1. Guðrún Petrea Gunnarsdóttir

      Means in icelandic ,,hes good,,

  27. TheJeanean

    He is so delightful ❤️

  28. Gino Aldeguer

    What if his kids want to watch Mary Poppins instead? lol

  29. Daniel Monaco

    Hugh Grant and Jason Momoa are basically two men that your girlfriend fantasizes about for very different reasons.

  30. Wagner Henrique

    Why are they wearing poppies???

  31. James Remus

    Lovin this dude more and more by the day.

  32. Nathan Pelayo

    they say that everyone has a doppelganger on this earth but with Jason I doubt that. The man is just so unique looking.

  33. allmysoul

    What a beautiful man ..

  34. MrStensnask

    Hugh Grant is still funny

  35. fish and banana

    Jason Samosa!

  36. Alex's Gaming

    allready made more than civil war and more than many movies at the marvel

  37. Mr11ESSE111

    Graham/or BBC obviously dont have money for bigger TV screen on show

  38. jon Doe

    He lives near me

  39. E M

    that stupid guy with the long hair is overrated

  40. Francisco Estrada

    What was the mistake? I’m not watching the whole video. Thanks!

  41. Maud Trenité

    Hugh and Jason are like the opposite ends of awesome and I love

  42. RoScFan

    Family crest?! What?

  43. mannelshah

    how can he be so huge and manly but so soft and giggly and cute at the same time ???? ugh♥

  44. clove 1971

    I would have love to put the stickers on him😌😌😌😌😌😌

  45. Adrien Rako

    hihihi and then I opened it up hihi ... AND THEN THE COLD WENT IN bear voice

  46. Rebecca McGuire

    I'm going to be 60 years old in a couple of months and i have to say i never have seen a more sexy being than Jason Momoa. i have always found The Rock Dwayne Johnson a sexy and GQ man but once i saw Jason in StarGate Atlantis ... it's been him from then on. My perfect specimen of a man PERIOD!!!!

  47. zTxmi

    God damnit. Hugh Grant aged 25 years in 10

  48. Adaneth

    This is an old video, right?

  49. Rige1997

    This is from one of the reshoots in a studio so thats funny

  50. Christopher O'Sullivan

    1:00 me every time I first go into the water in the beach