Janice Yap's Vlog: How To Sing Whistle Notes! (3 Quick Steps on How To Sing In The Whistle Register)



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    1. Şahin Z.

      ohhh watched zillion thing about whistle register. I DID IT this time! thanks janice

      1. manuel andres

        hi janice please answer my question @manuelandres comment righnow

      2. JaniceYapTV


    2. kerri

      The best tutorial on AR-new.

    3. chirpy crow

      When trying to reach the whistle register..do you suck the air backwards after you hold your breath? Or as you hold your breath and push the air out? I kinda got the technique but not really sure if I'm doing it correctly. I can produce the whistle note as I'm sucking the air in. But if I try to push the air out..it sounds stuck and cracked. What would be the best way about trying to learn the technique with out damage to my voice? Any advice would help. Thanks

    4. Ekdum Phadu

      Hey. I tried holding my breath and doing as you said, but the sound comes from my nose. I want to learn the whistle register. Can you please help me?

    5. Cassandra Swift

      I can sing in whistle register came to ur video and it was very helpful for me. My highest is f#7

    6. bngtn mochi kookie

      Can someone help me? If i warm up my voice by doing reverse phonation? Will that also help me? Then was i can do it like that? Would i be able to do it the proper way by breathing out?

    7. Tashara Holmes

      I did it

    8. Otaku's music

      Any tips how to support my headvoice

    9. DarkLife Motion

      I tried i heard a whistle but not that much..

    10. The East Blended Voices

      This is Correct Whistle Voice! Whistle is a High Note Part of your Vocal Chord :)!!! Whistle Register :)

    11. manuel andres

      ican do the d7 but its not the way to shidtle but its a whistle before i can do the g6 but i drink vinegar and my throat burned can i whistle ?

    12. manuel andres

      ilike it how she demostrate...

    13. Fiona Fernandez

      O my goodness i thought her voice is small but then when i heard it sounds so big

    14. Paprica

      Yeah I try to do what you're doing or something similar and I start coughing.

    15. Paprica

      I'm thinking I've got a problem. I can sing up to c7 but I think I'm actually using my head voice not whistle. How to fix this?

    16. The East Blended Voices

      i Love to whistle like that! I want to registered too to my Vocal chord! :) i Love whistle! thanks Miss Janice Yap

    17. Muhammad Fadli

      your do it in breathe in

    18. IT

      I can go c,d,a,f 1,2,3 and 4 and i am a male. I am proud of that. What she said is excatly how i USED to do it. My ears start to go weird when i done it

    19. Samuel Numan

      Hello I just meet you and you are fantastic, it's not a Voice That you have but a bird at Same place. Thx for share your joice of singing! Bisous from France

    20. crystalcry2003

      Nice video, thanks for sharing :) Iwas just wondering if it is possible to expand the Whistle register? That maybe after some time you can even reach higher notes? :D

    21. giftedsinger13

      Wow! This is a great exercise by an even greater Vocal Coach.....although I need to keep practicing, I hit my Whistle Register in almost no time using these techniques. Many Thanks for posting this amazing lesson:)

    22. King Desepeda

      How ? I try and try but HUHUHUHU

    23. Molag Xicus

      When I zip my vocal cords I make a guttural sound but that’s it and I’m not sure if I’m doing it right

    24. Shaun Lawrence Estillore

      Okay to be honest, i've been searching different videos on how to sing in the whistle register. Sure, there are alot of results that came out, but not all are proven effective actually. And as I came to this video, her tips REALLY WORKED for me because I found it very easy as the steps are specific and not complicated in my opinion. Now? I have accessed the whistle register, my Highest is C7 , no joke and lowest is C6. I tried some mariah carey whistles and Morissette amon whistle and it worked. But I don't practice it everyday because my voice also needs rest. Anyway, GOOD JOB MS. JANICE! You have another subscriber herreeee. Thank youuuuuuuuu

      1. Black Dog

        G#8 my highest so far. lol

    25. Spilling Teaa

      I don’t know if I can, it’s like there something blocking it when I try to hit one

    26. emotions

      so EVERYONE can sing in whistle register?

    27. Mirela

      So it took over half an hour and sure I damaged my vocals but holy fucking shit I finally got there!!! Thank you so much!!!!

    28. Zia Pascual

      I sounded like a crying dog

    29. Ahmed Amer covers

      My mouth must open very wide or this doesn't matter ??

    30. euin .k

      Our kettle can whistle better than me😂😂

    31. SMJSelena

      the videolink to vocal registers doesn't work. What's the title or link?

    32. Pau Garcia

      Hi Janice, thank you for the tip. I would just like to ask how do you shift from falcetto to the whistle register? Also, when i try to sing in whistle register, i sometimes feel a strain under my chin. Is that correct? Would like to make sure that i'm doing it right. :) hoping for your response. Thanks in advance.

    33. Roshni. S

      I tried your exercises but half the time there is no sound coming out of my voice and my voice is cracking. It also feels a bit like screaming (but very softly). Also I have a question, do people use their whistle register when they scream?

      1. Ieuan Mae-Rose

        Roshni. S Yep, they absolutely do! Just like how people use Chest when they shout (though they should use Mix instead). The only difference is the intensity and the control. You have no control over a scream or shout because it is volitile but you have control over singing :)

    34. Ella Enchanted

      Cannot really focus, she’s so beautiful❤️

    35. Otaku's music

      I can do that when I was just 9 and I lost it when I was 12.Well,do you have a tips to develop it again?

    36. SweetenerLeaks

      Is it possible for a boy like me

    37. Basil Balahay

      Madam its hard to do that whistle while you squeeze your neck.. i tried whistling while neck is relaxe.. pls watch my channel..

    38. David Bertram

      Makes no sense i still couldnt do u

    39. gaurav patil

      is it necessary that whistle notes should at least touch 6 th octave

      1. JaeHyun

        No .depends . Mine starts A5 to F7

      2. Ieuan Mae-Rose

        gaurav patil Not always. You can kinda Whistle in A5, B5, C6 but it's the pitch of the note that determines its colour, mostly. But you can sing a F6 and still be in Head. It's just whether you stay in a fuller co-ordination or transition to the lightest register of the voice :)

    40. Carina Stockinger

      OMG thank you! This helped me to get it for the 1st time

    41. Kenan Thoughts

      i had tried this ritual in my room and then a rescue team from 911 arrived.

    42. haha 123

      What are the warm up exercises for whistle register?

    43. Emily P

      Omg, it's so hard. Lol! I tried doing it and I sounded like I was screaming for help. 😂😂😂

    44. Nidhi Thakkar

      Oh yes..i got it.. Now I am able to sing....

    45. Ricardo Collier

      i wonder if she smokes weed

    46. k o

      I speak 2 languages and I sound different when I speak English does that mean o have 2 different voices

      1. Sammy Varté

        There is something called First Language Influence and MTI Mother Tongue Influence while speaking other languages and even with sentence structure.

      2. Bleuak Hfjaj

        Lana Ali nah I think it's normal, almost everyone I know (including myself) sounds different when we speak english, our native language or our second foreign language

    47. LaCook

      Thank you so so sooooo much

    48. PedroBlaze

      Ok I'm definitely doing something wrong. I sound like I'm trying to push out the biggest dump of my life.

    49. Nathaly


    50. Pris M

      Wow, when she talks i never thought that she can do the whistle register... But i was wrong. Nice.