iPhone Xs vs X - Worth Upgrading?


  1. yukinomichi8

    By the way great review anyway, thanks for pointing out the difference.

  2. yukinomichi8

    Omg I agree with the others. X to Xs doesn’t make financial sense. Good updates but not worth it. If it’s maybe a 6 or 7, then yes possibly, but even if it was an 8 a definite no. Like others said, it’s just a damn phone. Also, if I wanted great photos I’d use my DSLR professional camera. Blows any phone camera period.

  3. tanafc96

    Not worth it and I know both phones very very well. This is even less than 5-5s and 6-6s

  4. emizzu

    What's funny is that when i opened the video ,a huawei ad jump in.😄

  5. Divagirlsd

    I will not be upgrading I’m happy with my iPhone X

  6. 방탄아미길만걷자

    I have an se. Should I buy the X or XS?

  7. Shayan Kanani

    How can we make this shit more expensive? We could remove the headphone dongle this time. Fucking genius👏👏👏👏

  8. AlbiNation

    Can you give me a phone lol

  9. Magg78

    Unless you manufacture money there is no reason to upgrade after one year. Period.

  10. Maiso

    I’m upgrading from a 6S to an XS

  11. Samuel Mollenhauer

    You are totally right. I love Apple probably as much as you, but until they come out with a triple camera system and a smaller notch, with nano second load time I will stick to iPhone X #hellofuture

  12. Curtie

    As someone wanting to upgrade at Christmas time from a iPhone 6s to any x series, which one is the best?

  13. Olga Ratasik


  14. Javier Baquera

    I have an iPhone 7 should I get the normal ten or s max

  15. anand0010

    wow apple........How boring

  16. Sihath Dasanayake

    I seriously expected him to say to upgrade

  17. Marc

    I have the X. Not gonna upgrade barely any difference at all we’ll see next year

  18. FlyGuy FromThe-6

    Is it just me or did the lightning port look bigger on the Xs?

  19. Emperors Ordeal

    Yh but it's not under warranty so basically there not sure

  20. Yes Its me

    Basically the same price tho😂😂

  21. Official Zx.Lemon是不

    Iphone x is better Iphone X= 1080/1020 pixels Iphone xs xmax and xr= 720p IPHONE XS XMAX XR XS MAX= HAS PROBLEM ON CHARGING IPHONE X= NO PROBLEM

  22. Shan Iqbal Adviser

    I'm the user who send you a message and also comment on your channel when I was thinking about iPhone 4s. i'm your subscriber with old history. Love your voice and reviews. But i'm gonna buy iPhone xs just because of Gold Color/ A12 Chip/Fast Face ID/ and personal choice. i was gonna buy iPhone x but not changed because of your video.

  23. Manny G

    Im watching on my Galaxy s6 with a better screen than the iPhone XS MAX lol🤧

  24. Megan Domingo

    i have a 6 and i really want to upgrade but idk if i should get a XR or a XS 😭 Any suggestions??

  25. 王启帆

    You recommended upgrading to 10s max instead of 10s right. The former one I will choose is great!

  26. Layton .J

    I hate how their are so many who keep buying iPhones year after year, you are wasting thousands and yes their will always be a little difference but that is little. Keep your iPhone X until a new kind of iPhone releases that is evolutionary again

  27. Eric

    should I get an iPhone X with 256gb or iPhone Xs with 64 gb. They are basically the same price.

  28. life hakes

    bro i want i phone plzz give me plzz broo i love u

  29. Ney Dl

    I have the iPhone se but I’ve wanted the 10 should I just get the 10s? Help me

  30. Beats Daily

    BUY IT NOW: amzn.to/2zyKfrH

  31. Andrew Nunez pussy

    This man is a little weird

  32. genxer711

    You talk too mauch amd say nothing 👎

  33. Stan Spon

    Not sure if I am allowed to do this. iPhone X Case .... www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=me%3DAID0XFBA6RY3N&field-keywords=iphone+x+case&sort=review-count-rank

  34. Syrup•Pancakes•Waffles•EggMcMuffin

    Why would you take your phone near water idc if its an option you just dont.. like fucking a hooker you know you could but why would you

  35. so won

    so guys what color should I buy for the Xs?

  36. Buddy Arturo Dura

    Im happy with my X. Will just wait for another 5 years before i buy a new iphone. At the time, the features could have been significantly complete. For a 67 year old user at that time, the iphone will give me full satisfaction.😘

  37. Opus Dei

    No. No it’s not...

  38. DammitCarl108

    What if I’m buying new? The X is significantly cheaper than the Xs new where i live.

  39. jack emi

    I will upgrade my 6S to X , better for me now. 🌹 thanks 🙏🏻 bro.

  40. Prince of All Saiyans


  41. OnehandGaming '


  42. Jefferson Mariano

    Can i have an iphone Xs/max as a gift from you? 🙂😞

  43. Afnan Studio

    In my country Apple is like the king people selling iphone boxes for 20 usd each

  44. MrSincerity88

    I have an iPhone 7 Plus. Not sure if I should upgrade or wait for the 11? Lol

  45. Bob Log

    Size does matter

  46. Zikki Zidan

    apple sluttery,paid product review

  47. William Reyes

    upgraded cause payments were same as what i am paying now ($42/month) for my X and ill have an upgrade again come next iPhone launch ....figured it would be dumb not to upgrade no ?

  48. rore e.m

    I do really want your opinion guys I have iPhone 6 and I don’t know what should I upgrade to To X and or Xs ?

    1. rore e.m

      vintage babe same here Also the Xs is really over priced, especially that no one is gonna get the. 64 g Most people get the 256 and it’s super expensive

    2. vintage babe

      rore e.m I heard that the X has been discontinued.I'm also debating whether to get the X or XS.I want a gold one that only XS offers but I dislike the beauty mode on photos that comes with it.

  49. EMJEIGH12 O.

    Time to upgrade my 4’s😍🔥😉

  50. JasGail Raon

    Damn..target rich people..