iPhone Xs vs X - Worth Upgrading?


  1. SuccsesOverFame

    waiting for the iphone 11

  2. Aztecz A1

    400 dollars? Damn!

  3. ahmed houri

    “Time is money” 😂😂

  4. Princess Gokuu

    So I have the 8plus and I’m getting a new phone this week so I’m here just to see what phone I should get

  5. Annie D.

    My max has a weird clicky noise on the upper left corner. Does yours?

  6. Haitham Bousellam

    iphone xs max giveaway free !! the only thing you have to do is follow me on instagram @haitham_bsllm

  7. Hasnain Tariq Sindhu

    They have launched so much models together of iPhone


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  9. NKVM Đông Hà

    I P H O N E X F R E E . PW

  10. Imacat 17

    Watching hopefully getting one for my bday

  11. Original Man

    Materialistic slaves! I will be laughing at all of you sheep, when nature turns on you fools, and that expensive piece of shit will not mean, or do you any good!

  12. NR NINJA

    iPhone X 256GB or iPhone XS 64GB?

    1. Alessia R

      NR NINJA i had to make that choice too... i got the x

  13. Square Square

    Iphone 6 user here and its still not worth to upgrade to iphone xs We need a better leader and not a cock

  14. moltitrader

    This takes more to to explain what his about to explain. Lol

  15. Christopher Wehn

    in USA the price of the iPhone X when it first was relised: 1000 dollars ( ca. 8000 Nkr) in Norway it was: 1 500 dollars (ca: 13000 Nkr)

  16. benjiebarker

    XS max won't fit my porn VR headset!!!

  17. Marcus Sowell

    I upgraded my 8plus for the xs worth it

  18. TKNradium

    Hopefully the price drops to like 800$ on the xs by Christmas 2019 or else I'll just get the x

  19. Alex Giveaways

    *Great and Awesome video thank you man iPhone XS is very cool phone .... Hey Guys we create a Giveaway on our channel Check it now*

  20. Andrea Mabunga_

    Who else is watching this on they’re iphone x?

  21. Bedis Drass

    I upgraded from galaxy s7 edge to iPhone X, so happy rn and I loved it, Now I became an iPhone member, first time using iPhone :)

  22. Darryl Felton

    GOD Bless you bro

  23. Jordan Co

    I got the Xs max and i love it!!

  24. Jim Shoes

    Warning to anyone thinking of going from 10 to 10s or 10s max. ATT wants a fee of $30, and the government taxes you on the entire amount of the phone even if you upgrade at the year. That’s an extra $110 of pure bullshit.

  25. ツNecation

    Samsung/galaxy where u at?

  26. April Xu

    Anyone else still have the iPhone 7?

    1. Nazrin Jaffri


    2. prince9262

      lol i have 6s plus

    3. Original Man

      +isai J. Simpson There is nothing wrong with the 6, so smile!

    4. jk ko

      6s 64gb

    5. Super Gaming

      it is known as one of the best iphone

  27. Prince 3

    I’ll just buy the XS.Thanks!

  28. Cruel Assassin

    I own a iPhone X will it be worth me upgrading to Xs? Suggestions needed plz

    1. Steve 2x

      No, wait for the iPhone 11

  29. Rebecca K

    I have an iPhone 6s still. Is it still worth upgrading to the xs in 2019?

    1. Rebecca K

      Or should I wait until the 11

  30. Imran Khan

    So the reason to upgrade is 1extra meter in water which is not covered in warranty. more durable glass which still breaks and a12chip hmmm so basically no reason to upgrade.

  31. Mateusz Maciata

    Glass is glass, still breaks :P

  32. Deepa Gautam

    i will surely not upgrade but i will upgrade to 2019 iphone

  33. plus sixfive

    upgraded from 6s to the xs, regretted so much should have gotten the xs max :(

  34. Hue Nguyen

    What office chair is this?

  35. Unknown Pixel strike

    I have an iPhone 8 Plus

  36. Luis Miguel

    How much is the x ?

  37. Allen Kennedy

    2:45 All I see, is room for a headphone jack.

  38. Allen Kennedy

    *Laughs in OnePlus 6T*

  39. Rutu Pathak

    Is the iPhone Xs worth if you’re upgrading it from iPhone 6

    1. Original Man

      +Travis lol Well you keep on being happy with it, my 6 is still running strong!

    2. Travis lol

      Rutu Pathak Yes I had a 6 and got a XS it’s way faster and I’m happy with it 😁

  40. Popovici Pompi

    Hi everyone. I using the iphone 7(128gb) for over 2 years, i’m really happy with the phone but i’m also thinking to upgrade it. Which version would be the best? X, Xr or Xs?

  41. Alam ASYSS

    The reason I like iPhone is because it holds the price, Samsung phone every month the price drops, but android is cool phone, iOS is always behind. If you want a phone to make calls go for iOS, if you want to play around with the phone go for Samsung, that’s my opinion

  42. Gigi Smith

    Got the XR, got robbed 2 weeks later. Back to my iPhone 5. Too broke to even buy 3G.

  43. Adila Badrul

    You're cute!

  44. Shashank Gupta

    I rather buy a gaming PC setup

    1. Mansoor Habib

      Shashank Gupta abay to comment kyn kar raha hay “miser” gandoo. chal nikal.

  45. Brooke’s World

    I can’t wait to get my iPhone XS Max I’m going to be upgrading from an iPhone 6s

  46. Valerie

    Should I get an iphone 8 or xs?

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    i want to learn more

  48. Ahmad Miraj

    You are doing a great job. Can you please start a program in which you start giving away your old phones to the app developers as you have a bag full of phones from 2018 which probably you are not going to use in 2019. There some developers who salary is not very high in their countries and new technology is out of reach from them.Being a app developer, i my self are trying to get iPhoneX before and now iPhone Xs but it is still out of reach coz price is so high. so start a program and give away your old phones to developers. Regards

  49. 109reaper

    The amount of ads on this video made me go to a different channel

  50. hunter hinson

    *The phone is an overall good phone it looks>>>**ur2.pl/1254** and feels great in your hand exceptional performance had to restart twice in one week but other then that all the other features are pretty superior compared to competing devices*

    1. Nagib Azar