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    This week on Basics, things take a turn for the sweeter because I'm making ice cream. We're going to try a few different techniques that vary in difficulty, but they all have one thing in common: you don't need a standalone appliance.
    Join me 7/19 on Twitch for the the ice cream live cook-a-long:
    Ingredients & Grocery List:
    + Blended Banana Ice Cream:
    2 bananas, frozen
    Whole milk
    2 Tbsp cocoa powder (or more to taste)
    + Sweetened Condensed Shortcut:
    1 pint of heavy whipping cream
    1 can sweetened condensed milk (14 ounces)
    4 Tbsp melted butter (optional)
    2 heaping Tbsp cocoa powder (or more to taste)
    + Standard Ice Cream (Hand Churned):
    2 cups whole milk
    2 whole eggs
    1 cup white sugar
    1/3 cup cocoa powder
    1 1/2 cups heavy cream
    Medium bag of ice
    1/2 cup Kosher salt
    Special Equipment:
    Stand mixer (with whisk)
    Instant read thermometer
    Metal mixing bowls, various sizes
    "Melt" by Broke for Free
    My first cookbook, Eat What You Watch, is available now in stores and online!
    Barnes & Noble:
    Theme song: "Stay Tuned" by Wuh Oh
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      Where's the cross section

    2. Henry

      Unsweetened or sweetened cocoa powder?

    3. Marshall Perryman

      Andrew I thought you were deathly allergy to bananas

    4. ReySpace

      How do you feel about the bag of ingredients inside a bag of rock salt and ice method?

    5. Angelina Fidler

      I get so uncomfortable when he doesnt eat it on camera

    6. Bleach

      Are you allergic to bananas?

    7. CheZstuff8024634

      Should it be sweet cocoa powder or unsweetened?

      1. Francisco Gativideo

        Unsweetened if you use the condensed milk method, doesn't really matter with the others

    8. ThatOneGuyWhoWatchesHentai

      Different flavors?

    9. SrThunderDodo

      I got a ben and Jerry ad

    10. Charles Chemtob

      Be careful what you whisk for.

    11. Armor InterGalactic

      'Straight up Chocolate' ..does that come with chips?

    12. hotpocketonfire 1

      Can't respect chocolate

    13. Devon  Lemasters

      you missed the opportunity to say “high whisk, high reward” about the standard ice cream

    14. Travis Whitworth

      now wait a minute... a kitchen aid is pretty hefty. How big is your microwave Babish :/

    15. TJ’s Aviation

      What about vanilla

    16. Thiago R. Silva

      Silly blender. Plungers are for toilets

    17. Xenon VH2

      The man's weakness is banana

    18. jared bewley

      i thought he was allergic to bananas

    19. TheStopShort

      Are you allergic to bananas?

    20. Trevor Cook

      the one thing I will say that's different from how I was taught in school is.. he adds the cocoa powder after the mix has reached the correct temp and says "this would be where you would add different flavorings if you wanted to." Eh, it's not that it's wrong, but you won't have a pronounced flavor of what you want. They way I was taught is to add the flavorings at the beginning and keep them in there until you're ready to freeze and churn.. So in this case add the cocoa powder at the beginning.. Or if you wanted to do something like lemon lime ice cream (shitty example I know) you would grate the zest of lemon and lime into the beginning stage and after it's brought up to temp add the juices. HE IS STILL GREAT AND AWESOME AND DJFSDG IM JUST SAYING HOW I WAS TAUGHT IN CASE ANYONE IS INTERESTED

      1. TaazOtaku

        +Trevor Cook Cool cool cool, thank you btw! you've helped alot.

      2. Trevor Cook

        I would add it with the heavy cream in the initial stage.. Because like he said you're diluting the sweetened condensed milk base with the whipped cream.. if you dont add it in the heavy cream stage you'd be essentially just adding bland whipped cream.

      3. TaazOtaku

        +Trevor Cook hmmm intresting. and when do i add the vanilla extract in the sweet condensed milk one? once i dump the sweet condensed milk in the bowl, righty?

      4. Trevor Cook

        Great question. Personally I never add any flavoured “powder” because there’s always the opportunity for it to be chalky or gluey. When you buy vanilla look for “real vanilla extract” on the bottle. Some say real some say artificial. Or you add vanilla paste. OR you could be really fancy and get vanilla bean pods.

      5. TaazOtaku

        i have a question, if I want to make a vanilla ice cream, do i add vanilla powder/flavoring? or should i buy real vanilla? and also that lemon lime flavor you mentioned sounds fucking delicious

    21. Brendan Jones

      Ok I made I'll of them... Tasted bad, real bad... Bet yours tasted better! I'm still gagging help me...

    22. Seth Staples

      I like your intro

    23. kisānis tv

      In the 1st recepy but insted of the coco put blueberrys.

    24. LoveofChocolate18

      If you don't feel like all that whisking, then check out your local thrift or goodwill store. Lots of ppl give up their ice cream machines for some strange reason.

    25. Richard Harper

      How much and what kind of vanilla should I use to make vanilla ice cream?

    26. Erin More

      Since you are lactose intolerant are you actually using dairy milk? Or are you using something else? Can you eat cooked dairy like in cakes?

    27. Blake Allen

      The only thing that kinda worries/bothers me is that after he touched the banana ice cream his hand went towards his face

    28. The Channel of Wonders

      Why are you not allowed to eat the banana ice cream?

      1. Kassi Serenity

        He’s very allergic to bananas

      2. The Channel of Wonders


    29. madison anne

      can you taste the bananas in the banana one? i know it’s a dumb question lol

    30. Brady McCall

      I did the middle method with raspberry purée instead of chocolate and got a sort of frozen mousse

    31. James C

      This was beautiful. I’ve learned a lot from you. Thank you.

    32. Stephan - Stumbling on Balance

      Love your videos! One tip: The ice cubes would cool your bowl faster if you use a water/ice mixture and not just ice with some salt on it. The salt melts the ice but it then drops down to the bottom which only helps a little. Ice/water is the way to go! Much much faster.

    33. Ali Taleb

      doesnt he have a banana alergy

      1. Lunch

        I assume it’s only if ingested. He doesn’t seem to react upon touching bananas, so I assume eating is his only restriction

    34. gearoid gallagher

      Is he allergic to bananas?

    35. Jake Hills

      No whisk, no reward.

    36. Peraou

      Babby please stop cooking with Banana, I mean I love banana but you're making me worry

    37. David Johnson

      I made ice cream with my dad as a child and we never put eggs in it. I want to try that but now I'm lactose intolerant. Ok, yeah, that won't stop me.

    38. Kevin Dukes

      He made 3 iced creams

    39. john love

      you can also make ice cream using a plastic bag, ice cubes, rock salt and Heavy cream, and chocolate or other flavorants.

    40. monkey dude

      Making ice cream is whisk- y business

      1. monkey dude

        *Bad_jokes has joined the chat*

      2. Julianna Meszler

        *My sanity has left the chat*

      3. Fairly Local Dumbass

        Damn it 😂😂😂😂

    41. Fireurchin Productions

      2/10, he didn't even show the 6-month long process of extracting dairy, chocolate, sugar, flavouring, etc. from their natural sources. And I bet he can't make clear glass either

    42. Jae

      Anyone remember the Arrested Development ep where Babby said he had a banana allergy?

    43. SCP-001 The Gate Guardian

      Bruh I thought you were allergic to bananas

    44. JudgmentDay78

      And why can't you taste the one made with a banana?

    45. Panicky Khan

      Three different methods thre different tastes and everyone of them is chocolate

    46. Tori Grant

      I'm so happy there's someone else out there whose fave ice cream is also just plain chocolate. I always get teased for that being mine!

    47. George Prendiz

      Can you use eggnog instead of milk

    48. Ben Morrison

      I just got my heart broken yesterday and god dammit your voice makes me feel so much better

    49. Julianna Farrell

      Pls make a video where you make banana ice cream without milk; I was so impressed at first and then so disappointed. Try using coconut milk if you still want that creamy affect.

    50. Crush Tuan

      Why can’t he eat the banana ice cream?

      1. E3kHatena

        Food allergies.

    51. Dingo

      Was i not paying attention..? Or are you allergic to bananas or something? Edit: ohhhh I found the episode. Lactose intolerance/potential banana allergy. That sucks

    52. bmxking2003

      2:36 he licked his finger after touching the banana ice cream babish is you okay?

    53. Fluffymiyster

      I bought a cheap Cuisinart ice cream maker that I used to revel my family with my ice cream concoctions. I bought a book by Ben and Jerry as well with simple recipes for making ice cream and have followed those for years. I like that all I have to do is freeze the bowl, pop it in the maker, pour in the ingredients (minus anything that requires chunks, save those for near the end), and let it go. I always then put that mixture in the freezer for several hours to make it harden as I don't prefer soft serve if I get a choice. My favorite that I've made is egg nog and cookies and cream. My very first ice cream was sea salt ice cream from Kingdom Hearts (I've had this picture of Riku as my profile for the entirety of my time on AR-new, since 2006; natutally I had to pay homage to the series). My sibling loved it enough to ask me to make it again. You want to talk about a person grinning like a fool from praise, lol! He and I are now roommates but I need to retrieve the freezing bowl from my mom's from when we all lived together so I can take a stab at something else. Chocolate sounds like it indeed will be my next adventure.

    54. Swatter

      I love you but nobody has that much space in their freezer

    55. Wrench Jr

      This should be called Babishing the Basics

    56. jackalhenryjax

      Sorry for asking but why can't he eat banana ice cream?

    57. Bartok

      Do you think espresso powder would enhance the chocolate flavor for these recipes? Usually when you see recipes involving cocoa powder they add a teaspoon of espresso to it for more chocolate flavor.

    58. Diego Victoria

      Belgian chocolate is my favorite flavour :)

    59. JustAMessenger

      Ya I’ll just go to Cold Stone and have them make it for me.

    60. jpegjpg

      Hey what are you sous vide'ing in the back of that shot?

    61. Claudio Oyibo

      OMG I have seen your face!

    62. Chad Lawhorn

      A wise man once said, "you can never have too much chocolate."

    63. Kyle D. Arthur

      As someone, who can’t even cook a piece of toast, I have a pro tip for you on store-bought bags of ice and that would be to drop it on the ground(preferably, inside one’s own home, where the floor is the cleanest) from approximately waist to chest height, right before you open it - to make sure all the big chunks of ice have been broken into manageable sizes.

    64. Kyle D. Arthur

      You should create a episode, sometime in the future, on the basics of making breakfast burritos...

    65. MWP Gaming

      instructions not clear i drink all the liquids

    66. Raviollie

      why does he look like vsuace

    67. Animating Alex

      Arent you worried about going into anaphylactic shock?

    68. Max Allen

      Question: Do you have to use whole milk, or can you use 2%? I can't have a lot of whole milk :(

    69. Mediocre Reviews

      Please do a video on omelets I am 14 and want to start learning about this type of stuff

    70. Carol Shuturan

      No bananas? Why?

      1. Carol Shuturan

        +Rachel Swanson All bananas or just raw? My cousin is allergic to raw apples but can eat them after they have been cooked.

      2. Rachel Swanson

        He may be allergic to them as i am.

    71. Mr. Moffle


    72. Pete Smyth

      The KitchenAid ice cream maker actually works really well, without all the in and out of the freezer nonsense. It's just a mixer bowl with coolant between two walls, and a special paddle you attach to a KithenAid stand mixer. You freeze the bowl for several hours, then churn ice cream mix inside, and pour into tubs for storage.

    73. Samuel Masoud

      “Science can be cool sometimes” I see what you did there

    74. TonGi018

      We have an Italian ice cream machine from the early 90s at home, that thing just makes the best most delicious ice cream I've ever had. When we go to restaurants I usually don't even bother to look at their ice cream selection because it just tastes like cheap artificial flavoring. (In case you're interested the machine is called a SIMAC Il Gelataio (The Ice Cream Boy) 800)

    75. themza912

      Did you say the "light and fluffy" one is like gelato? I'm not sure you've had real gelato...the point is that it has so little air in it that it is very dense and heavy.

    76. NTH Awesome

      Basic with babish: baldi's basics

    77. Galactic123

      I love your Basics with Babish intro!

    78. Spearos

      why can't he eat banna

    79. Tommie is annoyed :3

      I like icecream😕 XD

    80. DemiTV

      Careful what you whisk for.

    81. Graham Warwick

      Wait ... are you also allergic to bananas?

    82. Reuben Bunanta

      Now I don’t have to buy ice cream anymore. Thanks!

    83. Da Tellysayhi

      You haven't lived until you have tried mint cookies and cream

    84. NadlieHime 1814

      I threw my liquid ice cream in the freezer... it made a huge mess... My mom's gonna kill me... 😱😱😱

    85. NadlieHime 1814

      I'm sorry for my ignorance but what does ice cream sound like?... 😕😕😕

    86. ghost rbyt

      I love the intro

    87. C Stilwell

      Hey man you should give your bag of ice a couple smacks against the floor before opening it to avoid those annoying chunks

    88. befree2209

      I thought Babish had a deathly banana allergy!

    89. Ewan 123

      Standard all the way

    90. mega vega

      Your blossom tattoo is so precious 🌸

    91. Caleb Robinson

      How well would the banana one work with vanilla

    92. mwmmatt1

      Is it just me that loves plain ice cream? And no, I don't mean vanilla. I'm talking about proper, unflavoured, milk ice cream. It's pretty much my favourite type of ice cream yet it seems near impossible to find!

    93. Hello!Nurd

      My favorite ice cream flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip. I feel like a lot of people are so disappointed in me right now.

    94. Wat

      Why do people like chocolate flavored ice cream? It’s bitter, flavorless, and bland

    95. Gabriel Canto

      Do you really need the bananas to be frozen before blending them into a liquid and freezing them again?

    96. Jonathan Yew

      1:38 When you have a 2000 word essay and your trying to make every word count xD

    97. Headless Chicken

      I personally like melting chocolate into my milk vs using cocoa powder making almost like a ganache. I like the intense chocolate flavors of 70%-80%.

    98. DoDoBot48

      Wait, why can't you eat bananas?

    99. Rifbjerg3

      Why are you not allowed to eat the banana icecream? :)

    100. EVI GAMES