Hurricane Florence expected to bring heavy rain, significant flooding



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    The Category 4 storm is 400 miles across and picking up strength. The latest models shows Hurricane Florence could bring 10 feet of rain for parts of North Carolina.

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    1. CH Steele

      Now we are going to hear people who didn't take emergency management advice to leave complain that when the water rises and they need to get out how they got forgotten just like when emergency people didn't risk their lives to get the 3,000 people who died in Puerto Rico who didn't listen to leave

    2. Darryl Brooks

      Praying for y’all take care.

    3. Ethereal Energy

      Pray for the people in the Philippines they have a monster storm over there.

    4. airplane george

      really nice dress

    5. Edmund Singleton

      When was the last time you drove down a dirt road in an automobile, if you did a complaint would be filed with the city fathers for some sort of remedy, to correct the muddy condition of the road after a rain. If addressed correctly, housing would soon follow along the roadside, as the value of the surrounding land is increased, office buildings and factories would soon follow. When a hurricane arrives producing a foot of rain then mass flooding, now the paved road with housing and buildings have been taken over thirsty grounds that would have gladly absorbed the water, now resulting in mass flooding, so who is to blame? We all are…

    6. Rich Lacey

      People still fall for the money making ratings hype!

    7. Cole Evans Hood

      0:45 why is Florida broken into counties?

    8. Lil Panda

      🙏I pray to my family to stay safe including me and my state...

      1. belly tripper

        YOU CAN CALL YOUR FAMILY ON THIS WONDERFUL INVENTION, WHICH HAS BEEN AROUND FOR 44 YEARS, CALLED...............LOOK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!............HERE IT COMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.................BRACE YOURSELF!!!!!!!.............GET READY FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............ANTICIPATION IS BUILDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....................DRUM, ROLL, PLEASE??................A CELLPHONE, AVAILABLE AT TARGET.

    9. Ancient law

      I bet before it hits land the weathermen say oh well this is only a category 1 or Category 2 lol Why they had millions of people spending all their hard-earned money preparing for a huge storm. Why they are sitting on the beach laughing it up. Think about how much money they are getting from the cutbacks on all the money that they raise these companies. How else do you expect them to pay for the satellites they put up in space. 😂😂😂

    10. daniel mayer

      If you are hunkered down... Know you have been inundated w preparation tips Having lived thru many learned a few things You could get a whistle or noise maker if you need to be found and are trapped with no phone. Also blankets and pillows covering you in the most interior area house and away from windows Make sure you know where closest shelters are Also buddy system w neighbor & swap contact info for emergencies Be safe

    11. Savana Phillip

      400 miles?!!

    12. Rebecca Swanson

      Pray to accept Jesus, a knowledge your sin and ask Him for forgiveness. He loves you.

      1. Frank Black

        capo200christian because this hurricane has NOTHING TO DO WITH JESUS! . . . Donald Trump is responsible for this hurricane and only Donald Trump can stop it! 🤪

      2. capo200christian

        Rebecca Swanson why?

      3. Frank Black

        Rebecca Swanson SERIOUSLY? 😳

    13. Minkio Nano

      Let's hope that one spaghetti model at 0:39 that goes out into the ocean is right!

    14. Maryssa Estep


    15. Nimrod Quimbus

      Looks like a sharkhurricane Remember that pets can be used for food.

      1. Nimrod Quimbus

        I dont knit

      2. Niia Heart


    16. 2 Late

      It says 10 feet !!??

      1. Shawtiers Lugardo

        I'm gonna die.

    17. Bobbi gypsy_soul_33

      So is central Virginia ok now? Specifically Harrisonburg, Waynesboro area???

      1. yur3693

        and if you have friends and family in the world, tell them to hope nothing bad will happen to USA

    18. Jen Jen Teflon

      If yoy stay. Your dumb. Run!!! 🏃

    19. tom my

      Stand down folks. Our Republican leadership assures us that hurricanes are a hoax; just like the global warming that is making them worse.

      1. tom my


      2. belly tripper


    20. lilpreaux

      what is the chance that hazel green alabama will be effected???

    21. b p

      I heard everyone is evacuating the states it's hitting because of how bad it is expected to be

    22. Dyed Bliss

      Va...U gonna be ok?!

      1. Nica

        +The Flying Spaghetti Monster I'm worried about anybody in its path.

      2. The Flying Spaghetti Monster

        Lol forget VA, worry about South and North Carolina

      3. ultron schheess

        Florencee dont need visa jahaja .....

      4. Nica

        Dyed Bliss I hope so. 😬

    23. VAcreeper2000

      I wanna eat her ass from the back

    24. Im Sh0e

      We all finna die from God himself

    25. Rob Rosen

      President Trump and Vladimir Putin created Hurricane Florence. They're in collusion to wipe out Democratic population centers.

    26. Gus Putin


    27. ACE112ACE112


      1. belly tripper


      2. This is Our Channel

        Hi :)

    28. Sharky SL

      And thats the bright side of the uk

      1. Sharky SL

        James Martindale Yeah Just me sitting in my bedroom watching others suffer #mylife

      2. James Martindale

        Sharky SL true 😅. I hope people in this hurricanes path will be ok