How Wildfires Spread

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

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    Weather plays a huge role on how explosive a wildfire can be. Take a look inside with our Stephanie Abrams.

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    1. Jtof

      Are these available in spanish?

    2. Fast CSX

      Ok great video and umm is that 747 have 2 jet engines or 4 I can’t tell

    3. Elvis Catsley

      Itz lit

    4. globalimage

      Trying to figure out the point of the planes. Anyone?

    5. Janet Airlines

      Mike seidel disabled his comments after getting caught doing fake news. OUCH

    6. khansaa

      Thats graphics omg😍

    7. MaddelynnZehGayUnicorn

      The should use the Weather Channel for graphics and CGI in Movies

    8. savanna lujan

      So scary how it looks similar to California 😭

    9. Night Howla

      hopefully my neighboorhood will be in the path of a fire i wanna play this game!

    10. Night Howla

      lol u forgot lasers start fires to some of which are in orbit or on spacecraft

    11. Zeek M

      I don't even know why the weather channel is on the air, they do nothing but lie. What they really are is terrorist, globalist, liars for NAZA. It's best to give the weather channel their eviction notice. They should be called "The Lies and CGI Channel".

    12. Savannah Penn

      She’s not really there it’s a green screen

    13. SPCshottyweather 120

      Comments: 85% Graphics 14% I hope those people in the fire are okay! 1% Something else

    14. ndnpro64

      Next should be surviving an asteroid belt while flying through outer space.

    15. c pavao

      ok lies

    16. Imperfect

      Amazing graphics 😜😜😜

    17. Sasha Ivanoff

      Отличная графика и подача информации.

    18. Tytygh Ultimate

      Just to think, in a decade this will look old. The future of CG is exciting!

    19. Sarah McLoon


    20. ValaglarPropoganda Company

      Looks like the gates of Hell have opened and Death has sallied forth against the world.

    21. Boe Man

      Where can I buy the beta version?

    22. Fish girly Gaming

      Make a 360 video of this

    23. Axolotlu Animatoru

      *w o w*


      Hey weather channel tell the idiot Fire Departments to throw ICE on wild fires to stop them spreading!! The steam will control the embers better!!!

    25. David Kirby

      Ok, so now it takes a small army of sudden ( experts) to tell us dummies what we've known since the beginning: fire is fucking hot y'all!! They somehow get paid big money to tell us this shit,,.

    26. SteveSabbai

      @1:37 "ludicrous speed" She must love Spaceballs.

    27. A Land Fish

      The 17 dislikes are from fires

    28. Tommy TDB /Weird Vids And More!

      I did not look at anything instead of that moose at the beginning

    29. Those Video Game Moments

      Skyrim is looking great

    30. HadiIOS Daily vlogs

      Amazing modern way to convey the advice and infos more clearly

    31. SquareCoder8929

      Idk how these people and the camera man survive such harsh weather

      1. Mr.Pīxël

        SquareCoder8929 theyre god

    32. SSKitti_Wake

      Great Evacuation, Stop Drop And Roll Kids..... Don't drink and drive.

    33. Andrew Schumm

      There’s going to be a heavy snowstorm and blizzard out tomorrow in Chicago, Illinois and United States tomorrow in October 25, 2018!!!

    34. Ashlyn Simmer

      2:30 well yea I mean I live in Kansas so

    35. Pat Ratzinger

      These fires are being set by our Government! A lot of them are being set by Direct Energy Weapons, microwave technology! She is either lying, reading from a script or is misinformed! Go look at DAMX AR-new channel, he only he has a few videos on his channel so you don't have to search for them! This is all about Agenda 21 2030, The Wildlands Project for the government to get people off their land and into mega cities. Then they will downsize those cities! They want to depopulate the earth because there are too many of us to control for the New World Order. Check out the Georgia Guidestones, the 10 commandments of the New World Order!

    36. Geek Conspiracy 98

      The future is now

    37. Chuck Nourrizzz

      The cringe is real

      1. Zulfan Falah


    38. T harn

      may b they should build some big underground rainwater tank n piping around sensitive area, no need fire truck o airplane running around all the time

    39. GG Ma

      Burn this bitch.

    40. Can I get over 1000 subscribers with no videos

      So the weather channel has better technology and editors then Hollywood okay

      1. Rick Canfield

        Hollywood is using it too

      2. shoi

        You must be fun at parties.

      3. Booplesnoot


    41. Дмитрий Александрович

      хорошая анимация.

    42. Mary Nelson

      Fire men now adays say that if Its in a area burning far from a town they will just let it burn. Which is completely ideotic cpnsotering the fact that when this happens they can't put it out in time and it then burns down a whole town

    43. mypavei

      Графика это конечно хорошо. Но не забывайте о посыле видео!

    44. Just a dude With to much time on his hands

      Oh it’s just a little warm

    45. Boris Litvyakov

      good job

    46. Balta Bueno

      This is great, because SOME people still deny it for the sake of greed.

    47. S2S

      GTA 6 looking pretty sweet.

    48. Александр Берновик

      Кто здесь по ссылке от Онлайнера?))

    49. Watch Siege

      These are amazing and really cool to watch. This video makes it even more realisticفيديو-f1aib0hx1bg.html