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    First trailer for HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3
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    1. FilmSelect Trailer

      Enjoy the first trailer for How To Train Your Dragon 3

      1. francho sanchez

        Mas falso que ella en un futuro contigo

      2. Patricia Lamb

        So when does the movie hit THEATERS? October is here and I haven't seen any tv adds for it.

      3. Brandon Sanchez

        FilmSelect Trailer I can’t wait

      4. TooCrazyButLazy

        500th comment!

    2. 크톤플랗

      히컵 수염 실화야??

    3. 3 Parasite


    4. Tevita 25

      When I first saw this I was crying from how long I've been watching this franchise, it's been 9 years and there should be no consequences on how this should never end

    5. Matthew Rooke

      Why are they taking on Hiccup in the first place? He commands a dragon army, has a god dam fire sword and an epic beard. You don't fuck with someone like that.

    6. shuely akter

      love story begin

    7. Toothless and Hiccup


    8. OUTGIG


    9. Shinso

      A dragon got a girlfriend before me END MEEEE

    10. アキーヤマシロエン

      At 0:08 makes me feel sad 😭 hiccup and Toothless ❤️

    11. Gavin Planas

      I feel like something really big and sad is going to happen at the end...

    12. RDworld07

      Awesome #RDworld07

    13. Sharon Knight

      Conclusion? As in The End? No more? This just will not do! This can not be the last How to Train Your dragon! There are generations to come to write about! Please do not end HTTYD!!!

    14. DarkraiSmall

      The quiver in hiccups voice in the start just hits me with the feels. I grew up with this franchise and I hate how this is ending but all I hope that this movie affects all fans of HTTYD

    15. Vecky 1989

      i'm still waiting

    16. Top za

      อยากดูภาค3 มากเลยครับ

    17. Acke

      Anyone else died at 2:17?

    18. KraddyBoy

      @0:22 Chuck Norris ... with a dragon?

    19. quincio rangel

      When I saw that beard i clicked immediately

    20. Unicorns Are Fish

      How to train your dragon was the ONE thing stopping dreamworks from turning into a laughing stock. PLEASE! Don’t screw it up! 🙏

    21. TheBBro

      If it isnt fake...

    22. Тарас Родзін

      What's the melody on the start? I know that's ed sheeran "castle on the hill", but i'm lookin' exactly for this one. Help plz!

    23. Lina Bo Beana

      1:20 - the exact moment you realize dragons are just like cats

    24. Anggi Vinsensia Stella

      Mr. Toothlesssssssss & Mrs. Toothache

    25. Dimple Desouza

      Dying to see the movie

    26. 白渐秋

      I wonder what's toothless and his girlfriend's babe called...the Panda Fury???

    27. BlackhawkX02

      Ooh sweet mother of dragons, every movie they release is better than the last.

    28. Sawyer Rose

      I cried at the last book in the series, now I'm going to be crying over the last movie 😭

    29. Ga Eun Park

      anyone know the beginning music title?

    30. Sapphire Phoenix

      Oh god that thumbnail why does he look like that.

    31. Ljdude 23

      Why am I finding this out now

    32. Yahyah

      this is gonna be cool

    33. DrakeDracoDragon89

      Doesn't this have the same story as the last HTTYD?

    34. meowlauw

      if toothless dies I'm going to cry my entire life.

    35. Bianca Titong

      I can't wait!! Still sad that his dad died.

    36. lusciousbiebs -

      they literally turned Astrid into Elsa what the fuck why did they change her so much

    37. B0omer96


    38. TECHn TRAVEL

      Thor's costume + captain's beard = him

    39. Aaliyah Scott

      XD at the end where toothless is dancing the lightfury has 3 things going on in her head 1: what the fuck is wrong with him!?!? 2: fuck this shit I'm out 3:uhhhh hi weird useless reptile "kinda hiccup quote"

    40. Aaliyah Scott

      I just realised something... If the light fury and toothless mate they still can't save the night furies race since if they had kids.... How would they repopulate.... They don't expect the kids to fuck each other do they? XD I had to I'm sorry

    41. Sarvesh Parakh

      This is one of those rare movie series whose sequel is better than the 1st part. Let's hope this part keeps up with the tradition!

    42. Sonia1234

      Who else thinks this is the coolest trailer

    43. Derpy Pigeon

      Httyd 1: fight against dragons Httyd 2: fight with dragons Httyd 3: fight for dragons Httyd 4: fight against dragons with dragons for dragons

    44. ManMLG

      Only a few months..this will *rise* again

    45. Tomm Gaming

      Whats that that songs

    46. Mohamuud Mohamed

      Love the dance at the end

    47. Anbu Kanna

      come on buddy

    48. Anbu Kanna

      come on buddy

    49. StrawBerry Dragon

      2:13 Night fury:The holy ospring of lightning and death itself. In the first movie it said that in the book of dragons, the book is right.

    50. Viviane Nascimento

      Aí meu coração!Mais um troço em 2019 esse filme e agora o rei Leão!