1. FilmSelect Trailer

    Enjoy the first trailer for How To Train Your Dragon 3

    1. Claudia López Gomez


    2. The lenny face

      500h to comment

    3. Amengsha Rai

      When is it gonna release

  2. Awesome Lego Things

    Who came here after seeing the movie

  3. vidio kenangan

    I'm watching ready 😎👍👍👍👍

  4. Evan's Easy Japanese

    Run out of ideas? Insert a random bad guy! Yay!


    I watched the movie and came out as a flood ;-;

  6. noteworthinessxx


  7. Orxan Bayramli


  8. Volts


  9. Crazy CousinKA

    I get to watch every movie 1 week early

  10. Viscot

    the first movie was good until he became a friend with the night furry.

  11. When I first watched the How To Train your Dragon, I always hope that if there is a night fury so might as well have a light fury (girl) and this is it! I'm really excited to watch this! Can't wait!! 💕 Love you toothless! 😍

  12. Splayz YT

    Omgg the httyd end pleaseee donttttt pleaseee dreamwork please make httyd 4 pleaseeeee

  13. Quencially


  14. Vivian Cheung

    2:18 😂

  15. Klari B

    God, I remember watching the 1st trailer and movie... now I feel so old watching the 3rd movie

  16. zahraa badran


  17. Suman Gautam

    the concept is just like avatar film

  18. Username Password

    2:20 me when I get desperate for a girl

  19. Tara Thompson

    I'm not crying...

  20. Chastine Gumabao

    Hiccup looks like Jake Gyllenhaal

  21. Taz Danswan

    no joke the soundtrack used to make me cry

  22. Funtime Candy Eevee

    Toothless and Toothpaste XD

  23. jasper mendoza

    toothless has the power to be invisible

  24. ธนภัทร สมาน


  25. CutieKats ._.playz

    I watched this yesterday

  26. John Smith

    Why is the female "night" fury pink and not black? That's dragonist!

  27. Sedhi Latif

    My childhood is back !! 😂

  28. Luqman Hazim

    After i watch this . My inside felt very empty 😓😢

  29. Madison Heilman


  30. Lucy 22

    I hope this isn’t the end of httyd movies!!! There are so many books! Although the movies are very different than the books

  31. Ejayy Gargallano


  32. Gummikitsune Gachaverse

    Watching Toothless flirt. It's like looking in a mirror.

  33. a

    Me: Oh wow a new sequel My head: *SCOTLAND, FORRRREVERRRRR!*

  34. kristal fisher

    I had to stop I was getting emotional

  35. \\Devila& Lucy//

    2:13 Toothless is now thor XD

  36. Jiwoo Hwang

    I rlly want to learn toothless’s dance moves

  37. Eli Jeffrey

    Toothless is actually *m e* 2:19

  38. Luis Despaigne

    Just saw it on amazon fire stick it was an amazing movie

  39. Jesus Justiniano

    1st movie he lost his foot, 2nd movie he lost his dad, now in the third movie he is going to lose his penis 😂😂😂😂

  40. Salam Saraireh

    even though I'm still waiting for the movie to be out, I am still very sad that's its the end

  41. kitty katarina :3

    0:52 Really dad?

  42. Attempt 0

    2:13 More like a Dragon version of Thor.

  43. Cheryl

    *******begs for httyd 4*******

  44. mahika kanodia

    i love how he says always hp fans where yall at

  45. IIOHEB .

    2:19 Me when I try to flirt with someone


    Who writes this? Part 1 found the nest and the world of dragons. Second part found alpha and world of dragons. Now they found a new world of dragons again. SMH

  47. IceWolfey

    When is it coming?

  48. Paris bell

    Trying to introduce yourself to your crush *falls*

  49. Mytchy Mallows :3

    2:18 to 2:20 this part i so funny 🤣😂

  50. Barry Benson

    A How to train your dragon 3 trailer ad for a How to train your dragon 3 trailer video? *_Nice_*

  51. Huginn Evuson

    Next Time “How To Train Your Dragon: Fallen Kingdom.”

  52. Mr Engineer


  53. 성이름

    I cried for last 10minutes.... feelings are still lingering in me

  54. Nelson Ng

    "It's you and me bud,always-Hicuup

  55. Nelson Ng

    Who came after watching the movie?only me???i cried like 5 times

  56. muthu kumar



    I'm the only one who misses the time when he's a kid and his father 😭

  58. Ten Xenophen

    I dont kinda like the ending for this episode..

  59. Billy Townsend

    Suck my left nut

  60. fun madeproductions

    Bruh 2:14 transprotation or the skrills power

  61. MarshmallowLPS

    I have a trailer of httyd 3 before this video xD

  62. Orvin Tube

    Rip chief

  63. Xiao Bai

    When I want ot watch the trailer of How to train your dragon 3, and the advertisement before the video is the trailer of How to train your dragon 3 :')) go home YT, you're drunk

  64. holy shit

    I'm going to see this movie on saturday (it's thursday today) and I honestly can't wait

  65. SA Campaign

    He got a beard

  66. Nil Chica

    I’m really excited to watch this again part 3

  67. belluzinha


  68. Isa Mohamed


  69. Hamza Choudhary

    Only if Daenerys Targaryen had a night fury...

  70. ErNeStgames6

    Ugh this trailer spoils so much that it ruins the movie

  71. Azer Reza

    too bad the movie sucked

  72. Nicholas flame

    Attack of the manly beards

  73. Valvadere

    I'm getting a feeling that Toothless will leave Hiccup at the end of the movie

  74. Macoy Rufo

    am i the only one feeling like crying? 😢😢

  75. Sia Chung Shun

    whats the song at 0:07

  76. Ariel Pialago

    Great a new fucking bad guy

  77. Army201804

    This movie mad me cry 😔

  78. Nishikata Sitohang

    Hiccup with beard looks like PewDiePie Swede confirmed

  79. CyanideTouch Reignz

    I'm on the brink of crying after seeing this show, especially the ending

  80. vinay kumar

    Hiccup looks like guy from slow MO GUYS

  81. mobile vlog

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ahaha ha h ahahahahahahahhahaha

  82. Kennith Greenlee

    Ok just letting you know ahead of time this damn movie will only cause you tears, you o my wish you didn’t watch this shit of a show

  83. Saakshi Mhadgut

    ohmygod the level of adorable is sky high

  84. Taestatics On Twt

    I watched the movie in 3-D, and I'm just gonna say it. I did not see the "save him" part throughout the movie.

  85. Maz Yue

    I Love toothless

  86. kaisa


  87. Amazing Jo

    End is the best part lol😂😂😂😆

  88. JBJ deserved better

    I am still waiting to watch this in the theatres and sob like i did with Toy Story 3 😭

  89. Jaymarc Buan


  90. Sigmund Salazar

    If you are nothing without your dragon then you shouldn't have it

  91. Lolita

    Im still crying

  92. spongyboi TM

    When will this movie come out?

  93. dragon 87501

    The movie killed me 😭😭😭😭

  94. LatencyProblem

    wait how did Toothless get Skrill abilities...

  95. Laura Matthews

    I love toothless scenes he's funny.

  96. Masterine

    toothless has a love interest. eh..

  97. Caroline Kristiansen

    I cried for half an hour straight after I watched the movie, so sad. Its like an official end to my childhood and the kind of movies I grew up with

  98. Emma Rye

    This is a really really good movie i love it ❤️😂🥰😭✨🐉

  99. HoHoHo Studio

    Bye Toothless, I will not forget you forever.