How this house survived Hurricane Michael



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    Russell King and Dr. Lebron Lackey, the homeowners of one of the few houses left standing in Mexico Beach, Florida, following Hurricane Michael, say when they built their home they kept asking themselves what would survive "The Big One."
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    1. virtus59 Virtus59

      CNN been caught lying so much now a days it is hard for me to believe them when they report on hurricane.

    2. Ricky 2004

      Wow that’s so cool more houses need to be like that

    3. drunk mike

      I don't see why Americans don't take notes from Porto Rico they have been building there homes out of reinforced concrete for many many decades and more than most survive.

    4. Zarco Kleynhans

      Fuck of CNN🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

    5. Juan Batista

      Great to see people using their brains and going that extra mile to overcome adversity like this disaster . I salute you .

    6. Bfoots1952

      If I had the bank to build a beach house, it would be of comnercial grade that's above code and can withstand a category 5 hurricane. Same thing for a category f5 tornado.

    7. jakub gamer

      Because they thanked the bus driver during the storm

    8. Keaton0801

      Welp, Florida is changing its building code after this. Especially if Michael gets reclassified as a cat 5 storm. That is the holy grail of houses in Florida. Believe me they’ve been trying to figure out how to build a house that can withstand cat 5 winds for decades.

    9. Full Time Freedom Run

      Thank you for posting....keep the Word going....Cant let this be forgotten...فيديو-gGLOUgPeZMM.html

    10. Valerie Hockman

      If one wants to live on the beach, build for Tsunami's and Hurricanes. These gentlemen are smart.

    11. Jim Frankovich

      I'm just here to say FUCK CNN. YEP ,THAT'S ALL.

    12. Eduardo Benitez

      They built that house good from the bottom to the ruuf.

    13. CopeKings

      Fake news

    14. food4e1

      Thats the houses are built in Pakistan pure concrete

    15. dread man

      They must be democrats

    16. Davidson Lankford

      Terrible interview.

    17. aleksa99se

      This is like an interview with three little pigs, stone house owners. :) Neighbors thought we are crazy to build house of bricks! Let them have their straw and sticks...

    18. Joe Paul

      They must have given him a couple $100 dollars to say that

    19. kenny9maq

      he was reding a teleprpmpter

    20. tonshmar

      Ugh, this was horrible to watch. 🤦‍♀️ SMH Crazy interview.

    21. Justin W

      Unfortunately there's no town left, so his property value has probably plumetted regardless

    22. Devin Jump

      15-25% more expensive wow... well worth it... good grief...

    23. jokalee

      Is that George Bush Jr.'s twin brother?

    24. It’s ya boi Alex

      Lol how my house survived Hurricane Maria!

    25. Amina Ibrahim

      I would never want 2 be the only house that survives because look how sad it is staying alone in the middle of the destruction

    26. John Billingsفيديو-43GUoyz4fvM.html Keep cutting construction costs... how's that working for you?

      1. John Billings

        But Katrina was a "special storm" and the forest fire was a "special fire"... horseshit.

      2. John Billings

        Some may need to be looked at?

    27. Ms. Green

      Beautiful Home, great guys

    28. MrRemmington

      It’s interesting that the house directly behind was probably protected from the reinforced house. It also stole the entire ocean view of the little house that sits behind as it’s only one story. A lot of people comment about Real estate values. And yes it’s dumb to build right on the edge of the ocean. However, that land is still the most desirable beautiful location were you could build a house. I am Magine that only state regulation would prohibit rebuilding of the houses. Clearly the standards need to be increased as category five hurricane’s will become more frequent from climate change despite the ineptitude of the orange faced come-over idiot.

    29. Myna

      Only God did what they themselves are taking credit for. maybe they prayed to God for safety or maybe God saved them out of his favour so that they are grateful to Him.

    30. john long

      I love CNN!! Amazing company.

    31. TWSTF 8

      "How much did it cost?" He asks? Less than it would if they had to completely replace it! Less than all their neighbors will end up paying! Whatever it cost, it was money well spent. Disaster and loss mitigation is ALWAYS more cost effective than disaster response/ rebuild, repair, replace. Dangers are everywhere, they can't be avoided. All people can do is manage the risk. Most people just don't take risk seriously. The danger of living in hurricane or tornado country, or in the shadow of an active volcano is CLEAR. But the risk begins when you want to build your house directly on that 100 meter thick mud flow, or, "Lehar," deposited by the last few eruptions. If you spend an extra couple hundred dollars for insurance, but the volcano doesn't erupt for another thousand years, is that a waste of money? I would ask everyone living in and around the communities surrounding Mt. St. Helens, Rainier, Baker, Fuji, and Pinatubo, who have been hearing the warnings for generations. And then I would ask the people who live in Mexico City, Japan, and Indonesia, who have lost absolutely everything under tons and tons of ash, rock, and pumice just in the last 30 years. The spillway of the Oroville Dam in California failed last year because of a small indistinct fracture caused by substandard concrete used in it's original installation due to "cost cutting." The total cost of the failure, in today's dollars, would have been enough to build three more, "World's Largest Dams," up or down river. Cut cost now and pay more later.

    32. It’s Me CC

      I saw the thumb nail and laughed too hard then I should of

    33. Clarice Gwanya

      It is God mercy's !! They need to pray and ask God same question!

    34. Shackaloo

      OMG! I'm absolutely shocked to see Crap News Network covering actual news!

    35. JJ johnson

      I need to start investing in a hurricane home. It may cost more but it's worth it regardless of the code that code standard is what gets people homes swept away. This reminds me of Noah and the ark the people criticize him but look at who survived at the beginning and the End of the Terrible Weather.

    36. troye's girl

      There's still a house standing at the back though, might check that out

    37. srt hellcat

      it was probably hillarys house lol

    38. Monetrey

      How did it survive hurricane Michael!!!

    39. Francisco Contreras

      that's engineering

    40. Saint Lucifer

      see it still there in Mexico beach.

    41. Pope McGhee

      Fake.. the house is CG and CNN hired actors

    42. Levi K

      Yup I hate cnn and I decided to watch a video real quick and that ending reminded me why I don’t

    43. LAMPS LIFE

      Horrible interview

    44. Justin Y.’s Evil Twin

      Oh my god CNN is the WORST. I saw all the comments about the host interrupting the whole time but I was thinking nahh can’t possibly be that bad. Then I saw the end

    45. Great Fighter

      The building is build by bricks and concrete not stupid wood or paper

    46. Urtrashkid LOL

      Yo when the guy said roof he said rough

    47. Ivone de Figueiredo

      Well done guys. Quality is of utmost importance.

    48. Liam Kelly

      The most trusted name in fake news....... CNN 💩

    49. Doctor Astronomy

      CNN you guys suck!

    50. Rip Blade

      Hello people btw Istated for hurricane michle is was scary I was in my house during it. My whole roof us gone and dont call me a liar b have proof

    51. Magnus Bergner

      Aah. The joy of listening to someone smart enough to think "Ok, the minimum build is this but the minimum is what gets blown down every hurricane, what is the maximum build I can get within my budget?". Building to code basically only ensures that the house is and will be liveable and not fall down on you if the wind blows. Building beyond code is what gets you a house that will be just as good in a hundred years as it was for you. Building smaller but better cost about the same and is not a sin despite what some people seem to think.

    52. Willy p

      Don't believe anything that comes from CNN

    53. Whitefox

      It was’t material or structure issue! Fortunately the house was in the eye of the hurricane!

    54. Khamaka Brekker


    55. Candace Streeti

      CNN wouldn’t even let the older man talk you could tell he was getting mad horrible interview I’d b mad too

    56. Alexx Rangel

      Fucking dick cutting them off ! #FakeNews

    57. Mallets for dayz

      15-20% more for 100% of the value. Pretty good deal.

    58. Extreme Ways

      Wtf houses in Europe are build today like these with big ass walls cement no wood nowhere !!! No wonder in USA all houses get blown apart cuz most of it it’s made by wood lol In Europe and rest of the planet inside walls are made of brica/roof everything

      1. Peder Hansen

        wood houses can take these storms easy.. if built properly. obviously if they are constructed like a thick cardboard box it`s going to have behave like one in the wind

    59. Shar Barrow

      Damn you didn’t have to cut the man off like that, he was complimenting your network. How RUDE!

    60. Alex King

      I DOUBT they are gay. They look alike. Def a family. Cousins, brothers or something along those lines.

    61. prowarslamable

      I guess he has to find new neighbors

    62. Yesenia Arzate

      Let ne pack up my stuff and live there FOREVER


      standard building in Europa

    64. AK Distributors

      You can tell the news reporter takes no genuine interest in the situation he's rushing to get them off the air. Let the gentlemen speak you rude imbecile. I personally thought it was interesting to know how they built a home that withstood a hurricane like Michael.

    65. Lauri B

      The wise man built his house upon the rock

    66. Brandon

      Fake news

    67. Victor De Melo Fernandes

      I know a man who built his house on sand. The storm came and took his house away. But I set my house on a solid foundation. Christ is my rock the rock of my salvation!

    68. zigged Zagged

      Funny. Where I'm at ALL houses are buile like that and we don't even get hurricanes.

    69. JS Reign

      there is a time delay thats why they talk trhough eachother. ps these guys are not gay. My heart goes out to California. Bless from The Netherlans

    70. YouTube Addict

      Watch out for the next big one and we’ll check if it’s gonna withstand once more. Hurricane please come😂

    71. TheMachoCrotch

      Lmao who thought its a gay couple I figured it family who joint own a vacation home

    72. Kris Corpus

      Never thought I would see another Lebron

    73. DinoRaf RBLX

      omg ok so like the reporter was a bit rude, but those people kept going silent making it awkward...what else was he supposed to do lol

    74. Salem Saberhagen

      saw at least two other houses that seemed just as good right nearby

    75. Gage Taylor

      People simply don't make houses like they used to anymore. And these idiots who choose to live in areas where hurricanes and storms are routine never let the thought cross their minds that maybe they should reinforce their homes. But i guess they prefer their homes being destroyed all the time and most of the possessions with it and having to replace all of it. Hell if it's me I'm moving where there's no storms at all.

    76. mauriano baruso

      Make that house the new standard

    77. starfir_CR

      Damn it cnn let the men talk!!!😡

    78. John Smith

      Hide 100

    79. John Smith

      Sneek 100

    80. ro

      all houses should be made of concrete, that's it, especially in high risk areas like florida. So that way you can be sure that your house is gonna be fine after a hurricane.

    81. Vaughn H

      They Probably get zero cell service in there house but its a beautiful house

    82. snejok888

      come on !! south-east of US ravaged by hurricanes every year and people still building houses out of cardboard and spit ... try concrete and bricks next time !!

    83. Hamguy Bacon

      i've got no sympathy for idiots who live near hurricane and get their homes destroyed every year building the same house over and over and wondering what happened.

    84. Free Twistz

      The architect and the engineer done a great job.

    85. Oisín

      This is fake news the house is a paid actor

      1. Unpaid Intern

        +Rick Chacon r/woooooosh

      2. Rick Chacon

        Dude I know lebron, he lives in Tennessee and is married and is a very wealthy man, He study's medicine and once was a CEO of a small good company.

      3. Jerry Dalrymple

        They put their faith on a strong spiritual foundation...

      4. 4Given Wilson


      5. Joseph NMN


    86. Buzz Tech

      Whell its not build from carton box so

    87. Mike Martinez

      Damn let them talk!

    88. random3214

      FaceTime has a shorter delay than these news networks cameras

    89. Cheyenne Pewter

      Orange Man Bad!

    90. 51KTM51Hurricane

      just build your house like ours here in switzerland. And your House will stand like this in a Hurricane. No wonder looks like that with wood houses.

    91. eric ramirez

      That old guy kept trying to tell his story but the interviewer wasn’t having it. The guy should get fired.

    92. Kissinger Kiss

      Gay devil worshipers.

    93. Alecxace

      isn't concrete and rebar standard for a hurricane zone though? Why build purely out of wood?

    94. Denis M.

      stop building with plastic you morons

    95. k HiTrends

      CNN fake news

    96. I AM NOT REAL

      Boss: Let's make somethings Accidents happen. A thing survived. Employees: let's make a story about that. Boss: you're promoted.


      They definitely had a wakanda force shield

    98. NfamousDoshay

      I hope all those who lost their homes write a letter to NASA and the president thanking them for creating Hurricane Michael to destroy their homes and stop thinking this shit is natural disaster. Like how many times do they have to tell you they creating this shit before we believe them and do something about it?

    99. Leafy is Queer

      Lmfao these dumbfucks in the comments really think the interviewer is talking over them and really don’t realize they have a 5 second delay from each other.