Gorillaz x G-Shock - Mission M101 (Part 1)



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    This collaboration sees Gorillaz help G-Shock creator Mr. Ibe realise a lifelong dream, hatching a plan to reach their mutually aligned intergalactic goals. Stay tuned for part 2...
    Directed by Brutus in collaboration with G-Shock
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    1. Aiden Carlson

      Thank god Murdoc didn’t drive this time... (19-2000 😬)

    2. Melanie Herrera

      I ok mmm ok 9m8n to 6

    3. 1. Q-


    4. n00byboi 533

      Gotta Love the visuals

    5. G4 gamer

      Sponsored by G shock

    6. Hydream Cloud


    7. Bartolomeu Dias

      murdoc ,and ace?

    8. Phiase

      Very disappointing that Scandinavia has no way to purchase the watches besides 3x the original price from people on eBay.

    9. savvy

      For a second I thought that was rick sanchez in that chart

    10. 2- D

      Murdoc told me I should put on glasses because my bright eyes are bothering him, but then I pointed out that Russel also has bright eyes and Murdoc said "who's Russel?"

    11. anotherrandomtexan25

      So is there a gorillaz G shock now? If there is hope its not too expensive!

    12. FC Agus Football Gameplays y Tutoriales

      like for gorillaz in fifa 19

    13. grotesque cherryyu

      Uncle pickle is back yeet

    14. waptek0

      0:52 = Ishikawa Prefecture Honshu Japan

    15. Pink Morphine

      Wow this actually came out on my birthday D:

    16. just gracie

      At least murdoc isn't behind the wheel.

    17. swan 98

      We blame 2D for not using a seat belt, but that "car" doesn't even have seatbelts 🙃

    18. Lisiasty

      0:51 2-D has black eyes again

    19. Mode7

      Should be called Mission M1A1

    20. Stop It

      They could've called it M1A1

    21. Rinnie Forgotten

      Safety First, yes

    22. mint pepper

      I fuckin love the tranz instrumental

    23. Ugh No

      When the HECK did Murdock get out of prison? Did I miss something???

    24. Bandito Splendido

      Get 2D a seatbelt, he nearly died.

    25. Super MARIO Tre Reactz


    26. The Misunderstood Assassin

      Comment that I posted nearly two months ago: It's nice to see a lot more Gorillaz stuff. We didn't get a lot of that during Phase 4. I still stand by it.

    27. Shock and Maw

      And, unfortunately, Murdoc is back.

    28. epparts22

      Your music is awesome Gorillaz!

    29. N/A

      2D seems somewhat more introvert

    30. Køffee_cakes

      2D got those clout glasses

    31. Las Vegas

      Japan is retarded country

    32. Наглый Фрукт

      10 FPS

    33. Speedway66

      I'll miss Ace in the Gorillaz.

    34. IN ALL CAPS

      What was the point of ace

    35. Retr'OS - Tacna Oscar Cusi G.

      10 fps

    36. Pere Parellada Gràcia

      2-D and cars, man.... They just don't mix.

    37. FruitSnackBandit

      This gave me such motorcity vibes I love it

    38. Aizex

      I miss these animations. Thank you Gorrilaz

    39. n0ci

      Whats the background song?

      1. n0ci

        Thank you guys. :)

      2. swan 98

        Tranz by Gorillaz

      3. manny2942


    40. La Fata Della Casa

      Apes in space

    41. crawlv5

      0:32 is that an actual song or is that just for this video?

      1. manny2942

        It's a song Tranz

    42. michelle glez

      Ya guys hear tranz and humillity

    43. Captain Starbeuk

      We need an entier Gorillaz serie ^^

    44. Taco King

      A missed chance to call it Mission M1A1

    45. michelle glez

      Wow Murdoc is like really green cool hair style tho

    46. E E

      I'm G-Shooketh

    47. Damiel Leach

      I feel like they where about to leave 2-d

    48. Damiel Leach

      Is this going to be the animation for the. gorillaz tv show

    49. Eita Finn Sano

      I want the full song...

    50. bubbl

      Damn, I love the stop motion feel of the video. I wanna see where this story goes