Gorillaz - Magic City (Visualiser)



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    Magic City is taken from the brand new album THE NOW NOW. Out Now: gorill.az/thenownow
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    1. Gray Goes Dark!

      With you now guys, Graham Coxon (Blur) on the adctional guitars

    2. Alien Toker

      Ye never did no wrong ye never did no wrong

    3. Holden McInerny

      This song reminds me of songs i used listen to with my sister before she went off to college. i miss her

    4. just a guy a mustache

      Im asleep

    5. Dder Nabroc

      2:10 Omg

    6. kaiju_khamodon 54

      As much as I love this song, this and Idaho are probably my least favourite off it. That doesn't mean it's bad. That further proves how good this album, even my least favourite are incredible.

    7. Cass Leaf

      Reminds me of an acid trip. Imagine, lying on a magic carpet, soaring over desert canyons towards a city of neon lights. Gazing up at the stars, the moon looms overhead, a bright red arrow stuck to its face in a cartoon fashion, "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas". "I hope that I make it home by Wednesday... and this Magic City lets me go."

    8. Unoriginal Ideas

      This is the gorillaz I fell in love with

    9. Kaiser Charles

      I'd Love Listening To this In Downtown Manhattan Just Walking IN My City

    10. Indigo Wendigo

      I think this is my favorite song in the album.

    11. Danny Breezy

      2:08 oh my god...

    12. LoganBea77

      Can't believe Damon was less than a mile from the Vegas shooter that one night

    13. Indigo Wendigo

      Sigh... Why can't Gorillaz play more in stores and the radio? :p If it wasn't for bands like Gorillaz, I would honestly believe that all music is terrible. XD I'm really glad my family knows about this somehow from many years ago. :p

    14. Mr. Protato US

      1:50 - 2:33 best part

    15. Paige Westermann

      Ever since I heard this song I've been wondering Why Wednesday?

    16. Brubicus Blaze

      Damn.. after reading the lyrics, I’ve just realized this is dedicated to the Las Vegas shooting. Good on Damon for writing something so beautiful for an event as tragic as that.

    17. Fox sin Ban

      1: Magic City 2:Souk Eye 3:Kansas 4:Tranz 5:Hollywood But I love all songs, exept lake zurich

      1. Samarama

        Lake Zurich is fantastic wtf

    18. Nicolas Dussias

      *I dont care where I live now or ten years from now, MIAMI will always be my home. Thank you Gorillaz for this song to remember it by.*

    19. TheClayGuy 2

      You’ve got me lost in the nownow

    20. Antonio Gomez

      Feeling these joints still!! This one now more then ever along with a couple others OF COURSE #GORILLAZ #11/20/18

    21. Zachary Confer

      *cough cough DMT cough cough cough cough cough*

    22. Roiy Benkel

      I'm on the high ridge looking down While we're evolving, I get old If I get back then I'll be grateful Look there's a billboard on the moon Let me take you this far This crossing isn't much to me There's lightning in the storm clouds And I'll send you there to stay You got me lost in Magic City You got me questioning it all I hope that I make it home by Wednesday And this Magic City lets me go Magic City Magic City Magic City Magic City You put me up here in the penthouse And painted me in red, white and blue I filled the canyons with my ego Look there's a billboard on the moon You got me lost in Magic City You got me questioning it all I hope that I make it home by Wednesday And this Magic City lets me go

    23. Bengt Henricsson

      *You got me lost in magic city*

    24. Shiro

      the beginning reminds me of a muse song, I can't remember which

    25. Jeremy Snyder

      Dam!?,It's been years and I'm still lost in this "magic city". If there's away out I don't want to know ,I'm in to deep.

    26. Mario Vilchis

      Gracias por hacer especial aquel 24 de octubre en México con esta canción✌🏻😁

    27. ShiroKira

      I thought it was tranz for a second when it started

    28. I am Lion Man

      This visualiser is rather hypnotic and compliments the music perfectly.

    29. Stu Pot

      Does anyone know where i can get a fidget spinner like that? Deadass

      1. Gregory Barrientos

        Stu Pot Check on eBay

    30. SunshineHorizon

      I personally don’t enjoy this song as much as the others and it’s ironically about my city.

    31. León Wishuno


    32. Fox sin Ban

    33. GFoot Man

      The question is is what happened to ace

      1. GFoot Man

        NewYorkForever happily avoiding the reboot he went back the the classic

      2. NewYorkForever

        He went back home to Townsville

    34. Chappitos


    35. aPeX Cringy

      normies: durrrrrrr KaNyE wEsT me, an intellectual: gorillaz

    36. be wary for i am the S T A I R S

      how does this have less likes than zurich lake its so good

    37. MooseJuiceYT

      My favorite song in the entire album

    38. Zachary Confer

      Oh yeah 2D is totally not on psychedelics

    39. Alan Ibarra Huerta

      my summer´s song

    40. After Fall


    41. Vapors Music

      I believe this songs about Damon's "survivor's guilt" towards the Vegas shooting. Really sad song if so.

    42. DamonMercury

      2:28 Patrick City

      1. Gregory Barrientos

        DamonMercury oh my gaud

    43. lee orszaczky

      Absolute banger at 1.5x

    44. Jacqueline Cook

      The chorus sounds like something they’d play at the credits of bobs burgers.....still love it tho

    45. Ace Is daddy

      Look! There’s a billboard on the moon!

    46. Steven Lopez

      So Vegas?

      1. Guicho Hernández Prado

        Oh , I thought it was México

      2. NewYorkForever


    47. RawBotato

      I'm upset that this song isn't regarded as one of Gorillaz's best

    48. Brutailgod

      sounds waaaaaaay better at 1.25 speed.

    49. Jorge Elías Chica Miranda

      Thanks for make me company tonight.

    50. Pedro C.A

      I do feel like, lost in "magic city"while listening this song. It makes me think about so many things at once, and the intro is so beautiful to be ignored. I just keep listening and listening to it all time, util 2D with his calm and fading voice says "go" at the end, reminding me of real life. Is my favorite song from this album, I just love it!