Gorillaz - Magic City (Visualiser)



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    Magic City is taken from the brand new album THE NOW NOW. Out Now: gorill.az/thenownow
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    1. lee orszaczky

      Absolute banger at 1.5x

    2. Jacqueline Cook

      The chorus sounds like something they’d play at the credits of bobs burgers.....still love it tho

    3. Ace Is daddy

      Look! There’s a billboard on the moon!

    4. Dominque Nila

      Been humming this song all day long - in attempts to calm my seemingly never ending anxiety.... In fact this album is my go to album to calm myself down. Get my shit together and well it works..-(I tend to find myself humming this entire album at one point or another)-

    5. Steven Lopez

      So Vegas?

    6. DrDave

      I'm upset that this song isn't regarded as one of Gorillaz's best

    7. Brutailgod

      sounds waaaaaaay better at 1.25 speed.

    8. Jorge Elías Chica Miranda

      Thanks for make me company tonight.

    9. Pedro C.A

      I do feel like, lost in "magic city"while listening this song. It makes me think about so many things at once, and the intro is so beautiful to be ignored. I just keep listening and listening to it all time, util 2D with his calm and fading voice says "go" at the end, reminding me of real life. Is my favorite song from this album, I just love it!

    10. Angel GS

      Llenaste su culito con tu ego

    11. __Mitsuki __

      You were right 2D, feels good ~~

    12. that øne persøn

      *i filled the camels with my eagle*

    13. Jeremy Snyder

      Dam it's been 3 months and I'm still lost in this "magic city". If there's away out I don't want to know.

    14. Vocaloid D

      *I hope that i'll make it home by Wednesday* is my favorite part.

    15. Jk Rte

      This song is about psychedelics.

    16. Infected AJ

      *A e s t h e t i c v i b e s*

    17. Chuyperron 25


    18. High Jesus

      I have a big ass theory of this: So Damon said this might be the last time you see gorillaz in a while, in 10 years maybe, but yeah, he says in this song "if I get back, then I'll be greatful" which probably means if they come back he'll be happy, then he says stuff like "I hope that I make it home by wednesday" "you got me questioning it all" and in a concert when he says "look there's a billboard on the moon" 2-D is on the moon, idk but im getting weird suicide vibes from it, Wednesday might be a day before the day he plans to kill himself, if he beats depression he'll be greatful cause he'll be back making music, but as of now he's on highridges looking down questioning it all, in concerts damon looks sad singing this, he might be just tired from singing alot but idk, maybe he's gonna commit suicide, hopefully he doesnt but im getting weird suicide vibes from this, im high so if I sound dumb thats an excuse I guess

    19. Kaipo Jensen

      I want a 1 hour version of this

    20. Andrés Montoya

      That billboard is for The Tranquility Base Casino

    21. The Byron show 2.0

      The drums are amazing on this track great job Russel

    22. Jorge Espindola

      I love this song, more than Humility❤️

    23. Blllkl Bn

      This song is one of the best from Gorillaz.

    24. Abi Ashcroft

      anyone else think that this sounds similar to no.1 party anthem by arctic monkeys??????

      1. Miguel Osio

        Totally agree... I thinked that i was the only one who noticed it.... Both songs are in "G" and sound pretty similar... Of course, there is The important fact of that brithish accent in both of The songs, which give them this mellancholy-special touch

    25. Michaela Sullivan

      The album just gets better and better

    26. Faceless Man


    27. It's Just Aiden

      I can’t explain this song. It’s like watching a sunset out on a blanket on a beach while it’s just you’re friends and no one else is at the beach and you go swimming and look at the sunset and realize how beautiful it is, and you’re just making jokes and laughing with your friends having a good time. Damn.

    28. Vicky Fany

      Comentario español en comentarios en ingles xdxdxd hermosa cancion~...

    29. Ian Nordin

      that keyboard lick after he sings "let me go" gets me every time


      suena mejor en vivo :v

    31. Pan Dulce

      Esta cancion me recuerda a creep de radiohead.

    32. Neil Moulang

      The now now is out now now

    33. Júlio Silva

      Look there's a billboard on the moon :)

    34. Louis cs

      soy el unico que pone un comentario en español

    35. Mass Confusion

      Similar chord progression to Jessica by Major Lazer

    36. Snot Nuf

      The edited the version i hear when i listen to this song. soundcloud.com/better_than_better/magical-city

    37. Feels

      Best song on the Now Now.

    38. Rodrigo Luz

      melhor música do album, merecia muito um clip oficial

    39. DrDave

      Don't you love when you get an ad and the music they play sounds better than half the shit on humanz

    40. Joe McSqueezy

      Best song on the now now Don’t @ me

    41. Percibal Ortigoza

      Best fucking song in the world!!

    42. Intundreon

      Holy fuck all the songs in this album are so good

    43. CladPlanetGames

      Before I continue I have to state I love 2D's voice and the now now, but does anyone else feel like they have been overusing him this album and there's not many too many instrumentals and their other voices?

      1. Fugal

        CladPlanetGames lake Zurich’s basically an instrumental

    44. Alice K

      The song sounds like something ELO would make. 🤔

    45. Professer Dooda

      Wizards only, fools.

    46. cesar contreras

      comentarios a todos los videos

    47. tofemaster

      good stuff

    48. MangaMan M

      God I wish this to have a music video.

    49. Oh Ren

      hi lol bye :3

    50. Luis Miguel

      That track dawn love in heart.