Game Theory: What is MatPat HIDING?

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The Game Theorists

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    Over the summer I launched an ARG mystery for the Theorist community to solve. It required people to work with each other to piece together the clues hidden in our back to school merch launch. Today I am going to show you how it all was put together because this was only the BETA TEST! If the Theorist community wants it, we will be making more of these treasure hunts, so keep your eyes open. You never know when the next hunt will begin...
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    1. Victor Ramos

      I may not be able to pay because in my currency that's worth a fortune but it's still cool

    2. Muhammad Rayyan


    3. R.YAN

      "We would not make it that easy " huh

    4. Ibenggg

      8:52 3:43

    5. Braden Vester

      So technically would the Cicada 3301 mystery be an ARG?

    6. victor Roth

      Torie L

      1. victor Roth

        OMG TOP COMMENT!!!

    7. pyoutube


    8. Sasha Kansara

      No memberships

    9. Sasha Kansara

      How do I get the journal merch

    10. Elias Lê

      or not

    11. Elias Lê


    12. Melody Miller

      12:39 pause i'll say no more

    13. Darbie Sasmon

      i love your videos said no one ever

    14. Joshuah Mitchell


    15. Aiden Evans

      So memberships are like DLC for game theory, hmmm

    16. Belle Cipher The Triangle Queen

      Closed Captions: [Da Litttttttt GT Intro] Me: ...captions wth

    17. Joe Hebditch

      though i couldn't use the membership feature i believe those that could would love it so i think you should do it

    18. zach vigneault


      1. zach vigneault

        The answers are... famicom, koopa troopa, and yoshis safari

    19. Chance Janiel


    20. Springtrap

      Look at 3:00.

    21. Bailey H

      at 12:05 when he shows his websites again are they still blinking the same morse code?

    22. Angry Birds Nester

      0:11 Is That The Death Battle Of Optimus prime and the gundam suit

    23. Gabriel Shea

      Y’know, at 9:51 the bite cuts off Community and spells Commun- then cut off, is MatPat working for other country operatives?🇷🇺 ( It’s Communist Russia if you didn’t know )

    24. cat tuber

      There was a phone number

    25. abramstina

      When he said it maybe starting now numbers appered for a split second

    26. Jordy bastian


    27. Munitia Blastpaw

      I only watched this because I heard Sally Acorn was in it. I was not disappointed.

    28. angel ayala

      I wish that i can be like you but i have a learning disability


      You heard him everyone! 8:52

    30. Midnight It's_Ari Forever

      Mat pat: we might make a anothor one. Me: theroy gateway? Edit: 8:29 (turn on captions)mat pat you are very slick but what place and what time?

    31. deadpool unicorn

      Yes texas

    32. Alan Mcfall

      1:27 but the Markilplier (Daddy) character universe

    33. Bling Bling Man

      Who ever notices the typo in the end when it says “the smaatest show on the internet?”

    34. Kalah Suk

      Also they have a wiki which you would also need to watch, VenturianTale Wiki

    35. Kalah Suk

      Hey Mat, do you think you could watch through the VenturianTale Channel and explain their characters timeline and how it all makes sense. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!

    36. poop lol

      my mom will not let me

    37. poop lol

      no don,t do it

    38. MicMacColvin


    39. LetsGo Insane

      Wait I’m curious, does Mat have an evil double like Mark and Jack? Because now that I’m having a Mattpat marathon I’m starting to see the dark side.

    40. PlasmaYT

      You should talk about No Mans Sky’s waking titan if you like ARGs

    41. The Power Dragon

      I am not smart.

    42. Jack Lee


    43. TK Wallace

      Started playing the ARG today! Thank you for designing an experience that’s fun to play at any speed; I’m not knowledgeable enough about Nintendo trivia or audio/image/video manipulation to be competitive (yet ;)), but it’s been great to follow along and start learning new techniques. Major kudos to the community for such welcoming participation, especially the folks running the ARG Master Tracker. IMO, that seems to be the factor that keeps the puzzles “alive”, regardless of when you enter the game. #feedback

    44. Joey Woelber

      dat intro subtitle do

    45. Brayden Buck

      one problem with this is that if i miss 1 vido i will miss a clue

    46. Eduardo Bento

      w e w o u l d n o t m a k e i t t h a t e a s y-23 5- 23 15 21 12 4- 14 15 20 13 1 11 5 9 20- 20 8 1 20- 5 1 19 25- 12:38

    47. Michael Daley

      Matpat more like Battypatty

    48. Willy Wiksaas

      (Pause at 12:38) remember...

    49. RyanTheNyan777 Nyan

      You have autism because you put lit in the captions

    50. Just Me Here

      Do a theory on Steph now.

    51. Eskmo Scratch

      Fight to. R. Try ffgttbrr rrgyuumn drvtumk Utbtvvrc fgyynbbbybggyhbnh buggy gig hbggybg Yiddish fgyynbbbybggyhbnh gym

    52. ConTron Games

      I wasn’t subscribed during either of these, but I really hope I can participate in the next one!

    53. Benjamin Perrin

      The whole merch with a clue reminds me of pay to win

    54. Remax

      How could you dare to start the arg like this. It's written in morse code. Subtitles: It begins again todayaaa Find the clue in this video and meet me in the planne at the time aaa

    55. JustALunaGamer

      Ok I don't know if anyone else has thought about this but... If Mat has copied Mark, at least as a joke, why wouldn't he do it again Jacksepticeye - Antisepticeye Markiplier - Darkiplier Crankgameplays - Blankgameplays (Get it?) MatPat- What hes hiding in this ARG But hey that's just a theory A.... terrible very stupid.... theory

    56. Kertis Monks 2

      Gate 2 is now open!

    57. Cruise Sabbatino

      Welp, I feel left out.

    58. Kaitlyn g

      Ooooo this is about to get juicy!

    59. he122806

      In captions there's a weird code... Maby it's a clue? Lol it also says: ok that's weird Matt. Ps: the code, start at 8:28 there is also random spelling errors.

    60. Milou

      Press F for the lost cube episode.

    61. Jan Albert Gianan

      Sort of Numbers I saw somewhere around 12:37 - 12:39

      1. Braden Vester

        "We would not make it that easy." Lol

    62. ツ


    63. Maggie James

      Yes I want the membership!!!!!!!

    64. SirMaxWell_ThE_BeASt

      Possible theory on Cicada 3301?

    65. Iwer 08

      wait...... if this is a theory theory it will be comments about a theory theory theory.

    66. Noah Crothers

      Mat pat! Is a legend

    67. Hayaa Ibrahim

      thank you for asking us first but its kinda unfair for some of us since some are broke (the 5 dallors in my cerrancy is 89.60000000000001 according to a converter ,) but if it will help your channel then go ahead , i just fear that you focuse more on the members then the non-members ,as long as you are being fair to both sides , i agree

    68. Fort Memes

      I love this show pls keep up the grate work😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁😁😁😄😁😁😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    69. Info Gamer

      Mat is kind of like the riddler

    70. Art Universal

      Is it just me that finds MatPat's voice creepy when it slowed down or do some people agree

    71. Cryptsilon is difficult

    72. jroj assengard

      Is life a game ? Never now that .

    73. Thomas Slade

      are you making a game matt patt ?

    74. ArchAng14

      Hope you see this, but- Yes, absolutely yes. Long time subscriber. I don't get enough free time to enjoy the live stream much, but would love to see what you would do if you had more funds. I might even see if I can do the ARGs

    75. asd dsa

      i finded a clue i think 0.25 speed 12:38-12:39 there is a code and go to saksağans comment click see replys go to thelegend27s reply use both codes to get a mening

    76. ECERD

      Wow, this is stupid and boring. Goddamn.

    77. Prussian German soldier

      What about kids they do,not have jobs

    78. Dave Sherwin

      Saw the mind: Bill cipher confirmed ;)

    79. maribel Ramos Gaming and plushies and other stuff

      Project ZORGO confirmed

    80. Bad23r Bros

      MatPat should make a video game! With help of course

    81. Jonathan Gutierrez

      I hate the science

    82. Sethoman

      Uggghhhhh I would love more than anything to freaking do this arg bc I even saw the little blink of text in the video but I just don’t have the time for it.... so matpat sorry if there aren’t too many people who do this

    83. ROBLOX crafter


    84. PuzzlesIRL - Dark Wacky Comedy

      I was once making an ARG for a subreddit; but I got banned a little while after I posted the story that went with it. Gotta admit, it is hard work to create an ARG and, judging from my experience of running a 2-week puzzle, I bet running one is even harder.

    85. Blue Growle

      If you translate the numbers 23 5-23 15 21 12 4-14 15 20-13 1 11 5 9 20-8 1 20-5 1 19 25 You get w ew o u l dn o tm a k e i th a te a s z

    86. TheGoldenJedi

      pause at 12:38

    87. Zooicide 124

      I would like you mat pat to get it dut the only problem is I can afford it well I do have money but my family is struggling for mo ey so I can't waste money

    88. Lucy Holland

      Too bad I'll never be in that top 100 because I'm 13 years old, living in the UK, and therefore won't be getting any merchandise, despite wanting to, and will consequentially not know anything about any of the clues until it's way too late, and even then, theorist points won't do that much for me...

    89. BoyScoutGuitarist

      Every one pause the video at time 12:38 because i thinck Matt gave a clue about the next ARG at the specific time and that time only

    90. Zammoh

      If anyone's wondering, than the code that pops up says "we would not make it that easy."

    91. Awesome man troll #10

      Maybe he should expose himself about what happened on January 6th on Twitter. Just look up "Toby Fox calls out Matpat" and you'll find it.

    92. Foxthepro Things

      8:29 pause and turn on subtitles

    93. Borko Buzz

      Mat, i kinda have anxiety so.. pls next time have no eye theme ;-;

    94. Borko Buzz

      I wish i could join...

    95. James Eakins

      2:44 Gameseption or Theoryseption.

    96. SoupGod

      12: 39 PLAY IT IN 0.25 SPEED THERE IS A SECRET MESSAGE !!!!?!!!!?!!!

    97. Catherine Baltazar

      i'd love to join the membership but can't afford it

    98. I am the one, the only one, dont need no gun

      So he never did the new ARG for November???

    99. Red X

      Can you make a video about how Mjoliner armor's shield works? Also. How does slipspace work. Is it worm holes, tessering like in A Wrinkle In Time?

    100. ZoeRose !

      235 2315 2112 4 141520 121115