Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists

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    Part 1: FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
    Did you know Theory Merch can have the same kind of mystery as FNAF? Get your Back To School Theory Wear and solve our puzzle! Today Theorists, we are finishing the FNAF timeline! What you've been WAITING to know is - how does this story END? Where have all the games been leading? Well Theorists, I am FINALLY going to tell you!
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    1. venos gamer

      Why Did Micheal Come Alive Again Because Of That Baby Voice In FNAF 5

    2. Alan R.

      actual video starts at 3:51

    3. Matty Knowles

      Which one is faster Foxy or the puppet

    4. crescent moon

      You will be missed fnaf theories. But all good things must come to an end sadly, good job Scott.

    5. natasha ludwig

      if scott says no to this thoery. i think mat pat will FREAK out and maybe quit

    6. chircy 11

      Nightmare is in the box as a plushie

    7. White Wolf

      I really want one of those notebooks but I cant...

    8. NekoBrokenAngel

      7:37 Was Funny as hell.

    9. mr foxy


    10. True Teebs

      During the end, I legit almost cried. I've been with Mat ever since his first FNAF hurts to see a wonderful game burn.

    11. Boomatron5000

      She possesses the security puppet and she is the normal puppet?

    12. Gabriel Lockwood

      Fredbear's Family Diner (???) (Circa 197?-1982) Freddy's Family Diner (Pre-FNaF2) (Circa 1982-1987) Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (FNaF2) (Circa 1984-1987) ??? Pizzeria (???) (Circa 1986-????) Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (FNaF1) (Circa 199?-199?) [30 Years of unsolved mystery] Fazbear's 'FRIGHT!!!' (FNaF3) (Circa 202?-202?) ^(One week before opening...)^ Some overlapping locations, but mainly for lore purposes.

    13. maranda piekarski

      wait. if the kids are fused into one body, how are they released by the dismantling of the og cast?! you implied Michel went downstairs the same time that afton was in the suits. rule one i guess :/ but not satisfying edit: i get it! there is parts of the souls in the fun time animatronics and part were settled by the puppet after "killing" afton. makes sense now

    14. Mew Plays

      Soooo William is killing William?

    15. Gabriel Lockwood

      ... Where is Lefty in FNaF6's ending scene?????...... Not gone yet...

    16. SuperFuzzyBros.

      *sigh* the end of an era. This was probably the most successful series on your channel. I’m gonna miss it. Unless you do a theory on the fangame s....

    17. gtaman211 goku

      It not over there is no end

    18. Lucas Gara

      "Im not doin a theory on this one!" Lied the youtuber

    19. funtimefreddy and bon bon

      Fnaf won't die

    20. Crazykiller941

      Matpat i have a question. Who is William's other son?

    21. Paul Brady

      This came out when I was at my moms house

    22. TyTheAwesomeKid


    23. owen bale

      holy..... Mat Patt i just... i dont know what to say except thank you. thank you for the good times with theese theories it was an incredible ride and to be honest not too many youtubers make this much dedication to your viewers but thats what you do and i apreciate it so much

    24. Magnus the Red

      I have a theory.... Scott iis a terrible writer who kept changing the direction of the story after a fact.

    25. SSM vlogs

      Are there 2 fredbears FredBear and Spring Freddy or is Spring Freddy non-canon/not even accounted in fnaf franchise

    26. KittyKat Potato

      matpat:BUT THATS JUST A THEORY (shows "fnaf 7 :P")!.......nO..........oh NO NO NO NO GOD PLEASE NO

    27. Wiktor Małek


    28. All might (Toshinori yagi)

      Y los subs en español?

    29. Damian Bruderer

      what happend to the older brother of the afton family ?

    30. Scott Higton

      shut up

    31. Eskil Tornberg


    32. jonathan fellers

      video starts at 3:51

    33. Gamer Madilyn

      22 theories that i counted wow so much for us. thanks mat i love the channel

    34. Nicholas

      You need to add this video to your FNAF playlist!

    35. Krissy Gribbin

      Hi it,s me matt pat save taveam

    36. Jesus Trevizo

      I think the puppet carry them on her hands

    37. Galaxyanimal2002 Animal jam and AJPW

      Watch Scott bring fnaf 8...

    38. SQASHY


    39. Brayden’s Star Wars Talk. Review Channel.

      Is fnaf 2 a sequel or a prequel. It can’t be a sequel because if it is the fnaf 1 animatronics couldn’t be possessed, but if it’s a prequel how can the fnaf 1 animatronics be withered.

    40. gunsl1ng3r98 dragonking

      Did you think about that William afton was springtrap then in UNC who is springtrap

    41. Victoriy Ryabtsov

      Scott: **makes fnaf 8 trailer** MatPat: Oh... Great .-.

    42. Chris Castello

      I have a theroy in micky mouses goofy his voice is all raspy when he says aw shucks i think he says aw sucks

    43. K McKinley


    44. dage ahh

      Five Nights At Flex Tape?

    45. STEF paronikyan

      This video is deep #we won't die

    46. Leland Morris

      what about pigpatch he seid sumthing about the old man

    47. Nintendude foever

      I want a theory shirt that says I'm tired of five nights at freddys

    48. Ooflox memes

      So if golden freddy is cassidy. Then what animatronic is the 5th child who wen't missing aswell? Seems like your theories had missed an important detail.

    49. Lucia Animates

      In the end, you don’t get paid in *Every. Single. Job*