Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists

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    Part 1: FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
    Did you know Theory Merch can have the same kind of mystery as FNAF? Get your Back To School Theory Wear and solve our puzzle! Today Theorists, we are finishing the FNAF timeline! What you've been WAITING to know is - how does this story END? Where have all the games been leading? Well Theorists, I am FINALLY going to tell you!
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    1. Huhuri San

      0:52 When My Mom Tells Me I Can’t Have A Twinkie

    2. Mega Tree

      Dudu I think you mist something and something to do with rockstar foxy in ultimate custom night just saying he’s a bit weard

    3. Nabstblook games

      Scott:(Drops FNAF movie) Me: is matpat like the main makerting for fnaf at that point

    4. Newspaper

      this is just amazing 3 Mins Merge Ind

    5. doki doki fan boy

      Let's start seince slender

    6. lamma love

      Amd yassss then this all means that the 5 kids or 5 kittens or the other thing all becomes ennard and thats what that bot was talking abt and thats what it means by "theres a lil of me in everybody"idk

    7. lamma love

      Or maybe golden freddy is who ever we play as son/daughter that was killed or went missing and is trying to tell us hes still here in front of us and or maybe he was charlies twin brother and we r henry before he died but then again thats just a theory... A GAME THEORY

    8. lamma love

      Wut if when golden freddy says "its me" hes talking abt the box and alot of people would problably be really upset about that so scott was right people really wouldnt want to find out there was a body just a dead body in the box idk just came to mind.. And what if you liked this comment?who knows wut would happen...

    9. Xander Lance

      I was in the middle of the video then out of nowhere a Walmart ad came on 😂

    10. Lol Koi

      Put in the playlist

    11. Anjanette Fulcher

      When I first found out about fnaf: Me: what you guys playin'? Boy: Fnaf roleplay. We need a Bonnie... You wanna be em? Me: Sure Boy: Ok *turns around* Me: *random guitar solo * rock that... Girl: *jumpscare boy* The end of this dumb story

    12. Creepy Cat

      There's a movie AND a new game. Looks like you were right about game theory being the William Afton of AR-new. You both even have eternal hell!

    13. coopvs smith  shelf

      not bad but the books is extrACANON but not CANON

    14. BeastWolfGamer 02

      MATPAT PLZ LISTEN!.... So in the FNAF 3 good ending where all the kids wearing masks attend the birthday party, all the other kids at the tables are alos wearing masks. But those masks replicate the seemingly out-of-place animations in custom night, like the purple hippo and the orange giraffe. That seems like a specific detail for Scott to put in and add to both FNAF 3 and Custom Night. EDIT: Might not look clear but i thought the masks look similar.

    15. Jonah Kenneth

      Geez. And I thought that children's souls were important in Undertale.

    16. lightning Flash

      Mat did you think about the fnaf world mingame where you put "balloon boy" in a box? You play as Freddy (as it seems) but like you said "I will put you back together" is really purple guy well that "freddy" is purple guy and balloon boy is mikel purple guy is putting him in a box!

    17. Just Reading

      I got a dominoes ad....

    18. MaseysWorld

      I AM FINALLY FINISHED MY MARATHON... It... was... *AWESOME* Thank you so much MatPat! I need to binge watch the rest of your videos now

    19. Infiniite

      3:36 Damn Matt’s peeping them cheeks

    20. Jake Gover

      What about the fire in Fnaf 3?? Michael can still be alive

    21. Ruby Robertson

      If Michael Afton is a robot, then why does his body rot and turn purple?

    22. septic sans

      Well then " the bite" theory would have to redone because if he's a robot he's not a human

    23. AnnMarie Kerr

      I wonder if Scott ever considered building a Freddy Fazbear restaurant.


      This was uploaded on my birthday

    25. browseitman

      23:32 is the best part

    26. Silas Clausen

      Hey have you ever thought about this possibilty gametheory. What if the 3rd game is the end because the place burns down in fnaf 6. And maybe then, the place was made into fnaf 3? Love ultimate custom night BTW nice ending (or is it😜?)

    27. Logan Fitzgerald

      it is nightmare who put him together because he said I will put you a part then break you again

    28. Annabelle&Abbie Unicorn

      *i can hear matpat screaming once he finds out about the new game*

    29. [GD] FrozenFlame06

      who's watching this in 2020?

    30. mega NIX30.34

      Again what about the joy of creation

      1. mega NIX30.34

        It was also hinted in fnaf1 in tge phone call at night 5

    31. Perfect Angels

      I have some thing to make you mad. In night 4 in sister location people think you are fun time chica

    32. Tim Knapp

      Hello Read more

    33. TheWolfepup06

      What will happen when Scott realises the VR game and the Movie in 2019 and 2020

    34. Gacha Potatoes

      Wait I posses Golden Freddy?!?!?!?! My name is Cassidy. ;-;

    35. Michelle Mathew


    36. 16erin1

      that ending is exactly how i feel fnaf is my life ive been obsessed for nearly five years now so thank you scott for everything

    37. Wanderingsage7

      There's one Afton left unaccounted for. The older brother. Might have been one of the victims/experiments, might have moved to Newfoundland and became a fisherman. Might be unlikely sequel bait.

    38. Sostheman

      I really hope this is not the end it was so much fun

    39. yeet boi

      the security puppet is super sister shook

    40. Giovanna Menine

      This merch mistery is just like Cellbit's mistery on merch... so amazing

    41. KevinPR_13

      Bill nye the science guy

    42. Axis Chinese God

      (Releases a new game a minute later)

    43. Hectonite 967

      You lost me a couple seconds into part one

    44. DeFactoGovernor

      What if scraptrap William survived the fire

    45. Pickle Mike

      If I was Cassidy I wouldn't have stayed...

    46. Nitro

      fnaf 7 is just fnaf the movie, I am excited for it because I want to know where it is gonna go from here

    47. Zaper Mations

      Poor golden freddy, everyones already went to heaven. While she/he is still sitting still in a dark room making william suffer in purgatory

    48. Eva Whyatt

      Are you sure he’s dead and not in a coma and the dies?

    49. Matthew Brooks

      Now, that you said that the crying child is not golden freddy( in my opinion), the happiest day minigame from fnaf 3,wouldn't make any sense

    50. Crazytoad 44

      moral of the story; i fur gonna be a child murderer, dont have kids

    51. Coy Partridge


    52. xxx young dagger thicc

      Just wait another few months or a year you'll see a new fnaf vid by mat because Scott will make a new one (i think/hope)

    53. Hector Guzman

      I still have one question

    54. Emilio Gutierrez

      You never explained why classified said it’s me to Michael

    55. Emma Scally

      That thing about combining the remnants of all 5 children? That's why, in the pizzeria simulator, when you get that robot to tell yo the creepy stories, they're all about killing 5 children/innocent creatures and fusing their bodies together.

    56. Habira Bennett

      Wait untill fanf 6

    57. Fracture

      Its confirmed that fnac 4 is coming out

    58. EthanPlayz2

      so serious at the end then just "BUT HEY, THAT'S JUST A THEORY, A GAME THEORY!"

    59. Ainsley Billings

      i *love* mat pat's voice acting

    60. Karisma And promyss Forever

      Its coming to steal my soul

    61. ARUNE2005

      Hey Matt i have a proposition: What If in the part of the videos that are comercial, you put hidden Psychic Friend Fredbears for people that just can not buy the amazing GT Stuff (Like me 😭) find them all!! Xd

    62. that’s the tea sis *sips tea*

      Scott: -sprints into the room- But there’s also another game- Matt: -throws a chair at Scott- NO

    63. gabriel gilbert

      I use Bluetooth headphones

    64. PypFox1218

      Now that your done with five nights an Freddys do five nights at Candy's Edit: I'm sure they'll make you go as crazy as fnaf did

    65. MasterDex 151

      If fnaf 7 if it is coming defeats golden freddy damn I would be watching this channel day by day any game theory if this Is goodbye I will always have memories of the the day the fnaf secret egg cracked u gave us secrets we give u something back for all ur help for the games! -quote made by MasterDex151 17th of February 2019

    66. nina durniat

      There was a bite 83 Scott talked about and the time line is broken

    67. Aoife Hughes

      No fnaf ill miss u so much I hope an other fnaf game comes out I still watch you're vidz even if it doesn't have to do with fnaf (me praying for a new fnaf game)

      1. Aoife Hughes

        (mat I pray that there will not be a new fnaf

    68. Lebron James

      10:45 *puppet does not approve*

    69. foxy fanman

      Cassady: hi what's your name William: my name's William Cassidy*clicks fingers William is now in hell sufureing Above the ground party party party in the elevator

    70. Ninjaturtlegirl13

      Again Michael is the older brother look in the freddy files

    71. Kanelo 4747

      What about Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie?

    72. Pop Cap

      There’s a new fnaf game called fnaf into madness

    73. Pop Cap

      -ah it’s over- *NOOOOO MORE FNAF THERIOS*

    74. mrman chicken tune

      most likely this is not true but what if the crying child is the phone guy

    75. wallace james

      Wait what about Michael’s older brother

    76. Darkflower4-12

      This doesn't make sense, how can William do all those things to the fun time animatronics, when he was at the first location being attacked by the 5 spirits. Please someone tell me, I SO BADLY WANT TO UNDERSTAND.

    77. Gavin Newton

      How do you know fnaf 3 takes place in 2023???

    78. Melvin Tungadi

      We should have a movie telling all of this event

    79. Homie Dodo bird

      This was a story..... A story about murders Bites.... Animatronics... Experiments... Jump scares... Lore and Easter eggs..... But it all started with one game one bear...... And the mind of one brilliant man...... Thank Scott cawthon for one of the greatest video game stories will ever know And may the history of five nights at Freddy’s always be remembered in gaming history..... Feb.16.2019

    80. Romey the Draginwarrior

      Would like a game of chicas party World

    81. Walter Martinez

      I watched all 24 videos within the past few days, I started Valentine’s Day of 2019...

    82. Xryein

      *Consider the following*

    83. CleoCat 676

      I'm wondering who Micheal's brother is, and his friends....what if they're important 🤣

    84. Narwhal Luver

      2:36 - 2:40 I’m doing that with my pop socket right now and also I still drop my phone on my face no matter how I use my pop socket...

    85. Devon Williams

      It’s sad, having to leave behind such a great series , both the games, the books, and the theories( rhyme half intended) It be nice to see another fnaf game but sadly it’s over, the story is complete, the tale is told.

    86. Alondra Zaragoza

      “wrap your headphones around it” i hAve aIR pOdS

    87. Darnya Productions™

      So thats why Michael's sister has the same colour eyes like Baby?

    88. depressedunicorn 444

      There's one thing I still don't understand: If we're playing as Michael Afton in Sister Location, how come his sister, Baby, says she dosen't recognize him? It's really bugging me.

    89. Olivia Lopez

      I have the book the fourth closet


      at 0:19 when it said ''exotic butters'' in a weird/gllitchy voice i thought it said ''exotic BUTT-butter'' and i was like ''why would anyone want butt butter?'' then i realized it was actually ''exotic BUTTERS'' not butt butters lol

    91. Mete Gorgul

      One last question why the hack William kill the children in the first place

    92. Amen Abdullah


    93. EnEmY_Envy

      i think that nothing will ever be endent so i think in the box ist ether nothing or another box

    94. Hi I'm Garbage

      Watch~ Scott is gonna shoot MatPat an email saying that he just wanted to make a bunch of fun horror games

    95. DewRainer

      at the end he said "whoo" my heart jumped

    96. Chocola _Vanilla

      Exotic PICKLES

    97. Big G

      No comment from scott? Hmm...

    98. Jhayjhay Samson

      ey ey ey, forgot sumthin'? fnaf 2 have/had night 8. it means that there will be an/a 8th fnaf game. and the new animatronic /main animatronic issss *DUDUDUDUUDUDUDUDUDUDUN* silver!

    99. Ali Nader


    100. Han Jiseok {Latte}

      My head exploded. ;-;