Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists

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    Part 1: FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
    Did you know Theory Merch can have the same kind of mystery as FNAF? Get your Back To School Theory Wear and solve our puzzle! Today Theorists, we are finishing the FNAF timeline! What you've been WAITING to know is - how does this story END? Where have all the games been leading? Well Theorists, I am FINALLY going to tell you!
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    1. M4NGL3D 1212

      My name's michael... Geez, I lived a pretty harsh life...

    2. Ashton Macneil

      Scott made another game LOL

    3. Forvidelton Lim

      I think thas the end or not fnaf seven I think gonna make a unsolbe misterey

    4. Gaming warriors

      ALSO! New fnaf games AND BOOKS incoming! Connected to the lore! Have fun XD

    5. Baldi Basix's

      It not ending there fnaf VR Scott making and Fnaf AR

    6. ReuelGamingMGamer Ramsamooj

      so please comment

    7. ReuelGamingMGamer Ramsamooj

      i think i know what is really inside the box .Leme explain in ultimate custom night u know every one is getting burnt over and over again,so in F.N.A.F 6 every one gets burned into ashes,BUT they game back in U.C.N,so what i think is in the box is trapped souls. if that makes sense. if any body reads this go to my channel. ReuelGamingMGamer comment in my channel so bye.

      1. ReuelGamingMGamer Ramsamooj

        just paste this or type this ReuelGamingMGamer Ramsamooj

    8. Gacha Panda

      Ok wut

    9. IBr0ke

      simple fix just remove the animatronics completely

    10. Carolina Baronnet

      Wait wait william is spring trap but how could he become normal again after being tortured inside of the spring lock?

    11. LusitaniaFan 1915

      Just a thought, you know how people speculated that they could see a handprint on freddy's snout, and that fredbear looks similar to freddy, I have a theory to propose. Maybe, after the bite, they recoloured fredbear, added a few changes, then got the suit running again. That would, in my eyes, explain why fredbear looks similar to freddy, and why freddy has a handprint on his snout, right of his nose.

    12. karsten69

      literally 3 minutes of merchandise pandering... Won't be watching the rest of the episode... dude, get a grip.

    13. Garret Schinkel

      I feel like the story could have ended by Sister Location

    14. Toast Studios

      No, it’s not he last, it’s the HUNDREDTH to last

    15. Purple Nerd

      What's in the box. *What's in the box!* It could be a boat, it could be a box! Then take the boat! We'll take the box!

    16. Bob the Chihuahua

      Roses are red violets are blue Adds are boring The vid starts at 3:52

    17. Flynn Holen

      well he announced a fnaf game (i think bt dawkos video) well this is not the end. p.s. i dont want these theory's to end anyway!

    18. Logan Hunter

      Green, game theory. Red, film theory. Blue, internet/code theory. Purple, history theory. Pls mat pat for some public genius in oceans of thought throughout all of these things.

    19. mewho Jones

      Also where's bonnie in fnaf 3

    20. Shrimp sushi

      R.I.P game theory theme song

    21. Weston Plays

      Holly crap this is alot

    22. John Lester Ballesteros

      i think if there was a last game its about chicas party world

    23. naruto uzumaki


    24. Logan Chase

      Please put this on the FNAF theory playlist, I really like to put on those videos while I play games, and it's always bothersome that this last one isn't on the list.

    25. Valentina Golowko

      But… MatPat in The Freddy Files page deben ir says that the víctim of The bite survives Anyway Í really Like this timeline it makes sense and EVERYTHING

    26. Freek Doodeman

      YAY! part 2 of talking about a bunch of nightmare(no pun intended)fuel!

    27. legoboy7107

      After watching this video: But what about Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie? And the fact that Scott confirmed Mat's FNAF 2 theory?

    28. legoboy7107

      19: 26 That machine sound effect comes from Super Mario Galaxy, doesn't it? I recognize it. It sounds identical to the Galaxy sound effect.

    29. legoboy7107

      But MATPAT!!!!! Charlie, Henry's daughter, WAS MURDERED and the Puppet possessed by the time Michael gets bitten. How could you have missed that? In Midnight Motorist, William returns after murdering her to find Michael has gone off to Freddy's.

    30. Christopher Cruz


    31. Injabulo The Cat

      lol, it's not over :D

    32. Roman 111


    33. Gumby Dragon

      In the mini game happiest day (I think that's the name.) There are multiple children wearing masks of unknown characters. What if this if from pizzeria simulator, when all the animatronics come together. Then they are freed by the pizzeria burning down! What if the mysterious masks are the mediocre melodies characters!

    34. HeloGamer2610/ HG2610

      how about a old woman how about a old woman

    35. Kristupas Kuzmickas

      son in coma

    36. JMcK2008

      Actually, 5 more games are coming out. (Sorry)

    37. Porcino Pacaldo

      The faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!

    38. John Fitzpatrick

      Don’t forget the FNAF Movie

    39. Teal Diamond

      So, regarding the 5 become 1 thing... it's like a forced fusion?

    40. Wally Graham

      Hey maaaaaaatt~ Scott might be making a new FNAF game! Check his Steam account!

    41. Mr. Hasbr

      Is the books supposed to be based on real places? Because I searched on google, St. George Utah, which does look like 30 minutes away from a city Hurricane nearby

    42. Thripp 5

      I have a theory what if fnaf world is the tv show we see in fnaf 4

    43. Zenal Fox

      The hell hes making another game. It wasn’t enough apparently.. at least he can sell more merch!!

    44. Autumn Russell

      22:46 Scott holds up a sign for fnaf 7 LOL 😂😜😜 I do hope there's a 7th game so u can do more fnaf theories 😄😊

    45. JustSaien

      *sees eyes* owo wats this?

    46. Candy Chan o-o

      I feel so touched T^T When the jumpscare came at the beginning,my dog covered my face and looked at me T^T

    47. Janel Vazquez

      so is there anywhere where this theory is written out in a word form cause following along with the video is alittle hard for people who want to go back and try to remember everything thats been said

    48. luciano craft z animatic

      Plis taduction spanis

    49. daytime gaming


    50. Aden Mabute

      Lovely journey to have traveled with you Matpat...