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    Fearless Rescue Dog Jumps Off Cliffs With His Dad | This guy was driving in the desert when he found a dog in the middle of the road. He had no idea that he had just found the most FEARLESS adventure buddy ever
    - who was even down to jump off a cliff with his dad! For more of Paco's adventures with his dad, check them out on Instagram: thedo.do/roadsidepaco, and on AR-new: thedo.do/chasepaco.
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    1. The Dodo

      For more of Paco's adventures with his dad, check them out on Instagram: thedo.do/roadsidepaco, and on AR-new: thedo.do/chasepaco.

      1. MAX Games

        What dog breed is Paco pls answer

      2. Superownagethomasツ

        The Dodo u doodoo st fortnite kid

      3. blazzyt

        what kind of dog is this

      4. Rejane Silva

        Its jake and finn lol

      5. John Parker

        The Dodo J

    2. Jessica S

      He's so cute

    3. Niamh Mcnamee


    4. Comfythursday

      So cute he’s like my dog but sadly I had to give her away:(

    5. RoMcGrabber

      that dogs so cute.

    6. Jason Wang

      He is so brave and cute omg

    7. Toxiva

      Wow. My dog is scared of taking a bath 😂🙄

    8. Hannah Bradley

      The have such a great real bond it's amazing to watch

    9. Maria 101

      This dog is more brave than me😂

    10. Matthew McLain

      Can i have him???

    11. Wisdom XD

      what type of dog is paco

    12. silviomiosig

      anyone know the final song?

    13. Gamer Unicorn

      Hes braver than me

    14. Malea Johnson

      Wish I could have a dog.

    15. Max Marx

      That dog is worth more than my life

    16. Teagan grimmer fiona Wraith Alicia

      Awwwwwww i hope yoy have a good life with my lost dog paco

    17. Nika _Nika

      Awwww so cute 😍😍😍😍😍😆

    18. ¿

      My dog is scared of camera lenses.

    19. ElSeco

      The Dodo>T series

    20. Trevor Hodges

      Love him tho;)

    21. Trevor Hodges

      OMGGG I JUST GOT A PUPPY...just he is fat and lied on the sofa all day yesterday.

    22. Munish Sareen

      P Pa Pac Paco Pac Pa P

    23. Mohammad Kaddoura

      I have one old dog and one who’s 23 but is stupid

    24. piano guy


    25. MysticMyFav AlsoAshleyMyFavToo

      Look at Lil Paco

    26. Jerry Konneh

      Pack is the best advanter dog

    27. FIRE_BOLT541 does stuff

      lets see Paco fight a lion

    28. sara martin

      Whose else wants to cry... 😂😂😂😂😅😅😅

    29. Logan Balata The YouTube Mistro

      The dogo is so brave! I respect that and his rescuer!

    30. Kawaii Kookie

      He looks like a seal at 0:47

    31. Kay and Willy and alex

      He reminds me of my dog jake he died 2 years ago

      1. Kay and Willy and alex

        +Logan Balata The AR-new Mistro it's ok I guess

      2. Logan Balata The YouTube Mistro

        Im sorry for your loss...

    32. JimmyKS2 Miranda123

      Ahhh almost cried (jk)

    33. Andreya Madrid

      Now that is a true mans best friend

    34. UNI MOG productions j

      Very cute

    35. Alfonso Contreras

      I love that dog I have a Chihuahua too. The best ever!

    36. Lucas JRK

      What breed is Paco?

    37. 3Z6 Daily

      I want to have Paco

    38. jennifer wedge

      That’s cute such a brave dog

    39. Patrick Playz

      Who loves this dog ? I DO

    40. Potato man

      My dog is a great dane. He's afraid of every single thing. Even catz

    41. Alexander Timpson

      Wat breed is he

    42. Aaron Bradley


    43. Leyton M

      He would be brave enough to fight a lion omg this vid made me cry and your dog is so brave AND ADORABLE!!!

    44. Kait McDonald

    45. Sophie Leggett

      So cute

    46. Wolfy Junior

      Is that Adrenaline Addiction?!

    47. Noa Geer

      I LOVE Poco😍

    48. Mr Gunnar

      This is so sweet!

    49. stevies hyper

      So cute

    50. Speec Ke3

      If a dog can do it, We can!