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    Fearless Rescue Dog Jumps Off Cliffs With His Dad | This guy was driving in the desert when he found a dog in the middle of the road. He had no idea that he had just found the most FEARLESS adventure buddy ever
    - who was even down to jump off a cliff with his dad! For more of Paco's adventures with his dad, check them out on Instagram: thedo.do/roadsidepaco, and on AR-new: thedo.do/chasepaco.
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    1. The Dodo

      For more of Paco's adventures with his dad, check them out on Instagram: thedo.do/roadsidepaco, and on AR-new: thedo.do/chasepaco.

      1. Wxrth1ess

        What breed is paco?

      2. Blonde and Brunette

        What breed is Paco

      3. MAX Games

        What dog breed is Paco pls answer

      4. Superownagethomasツ

        The Dodo u doodoo st fortnite kid

      5. Jason

        what kind of dog is this

    2. Atom Quest

      Ya I don’t think that my dog could do that he’s 120 pounds

    3. Louis Nacion


    4. Splatter Shock

      If I Were That Dog... I Would Be Peeing The Whole Way Down.

    5. OnCloudNine

      PACO!!!!!! amazing dog id want him to travel with me too

    6. Dais Benjamin

      Paco really has the same personality as him. They are curious, caring, and very loving. They really are a wall fit for each other :D


      I already fell in love with Paco ❤️

    8. Dinosaurs _Footprints


    9. cristian rosales

      Paco is one badass dog

    10. Cyz Roblox Gaming And More!

      We your dog will jump off a cliff and my dog is scared of jumping into the bathroom

    11. alex lu

      It says cool bus instead of school bus

    12. z9944x -

      This is awesome !

    13. Shamil Vision

      Wow. That was amazing!!! Keep Up The Good Work 👍🏻👍🏻

    14. Apple Bouncy195

      Pacino can eat tacos

    15. Kinsleyshaw

      I think he likes anything he does if he’s with his owner

    16. Katelyn Guerrero

      That’s Awesome

    17. MTBTV

      Imagin if when they hiked up Pavo jumped off trying to do what his owner did and died

    18. Sef

      don't know why, but when u say he started shaking when u jump I start crying. imagine his feeling of losing u. I left my dog back home and came to another country to live, it took me 5ys to get my papers so I couldn't send for him. I would send home $100 CAN every month to take care of him, but when I got my papers and set up all his medical and cage to put him on the plain he died, someone pit- bull kill him. I did not get to see him back. this may sound stupid, but 10ys after I can stell remember his face his eyes all the good themes we had and how much he must have missed me. 10ys after I still cry as I'm writing this I can't continue

    19. Storm the Jackie Russell

      Dogs are 100x better than cats

    20. zanix111

      946 cats dislikes this video

    21. intDark

      What breed is he?

    22. Easy colouring videos for kids !!!

      Such a cute and brave dog

    23. Jasmine Eveleigh

      I whont pako

    24. Hannah BANANA

      Yet..My dog is still scared to be held

    25. Alonso Felix


    26. Gnibba

      Nice cat

    27. Rihanna Fullager

      Cute love it so much

    28. SubTo Randum

      My dog is scared to jump of my bed

    29. Taha Pathan

      What breed is it?

    30. Dawn Esguerra

      Wow I love to have a Dog or puppy Like that so brave dog or puppy 💜❤️💜❤️

    31. I I

      So cute

    32. DirtyJedi YT

      Aww Happy Ending.......

    33. Darkstalker Dupuis

      I’ve seen this Vedic a million times :D I still love it

    34. EarthHornet 6087

      Paco is so cute

    35. Wesley sipe



      PACO TAIL not even drop! He's a adrenaline junkie

    37. Unicorn FrenchIndian

      Then dog is so cute

    38. Alondra Palafox


    39. hi there

      Wow that dogo is better than me i mean i love danger and cool things like that and Adventures like that but wouldn't really do that even tho it looked fun n scary

    40. Rubee Rayne

      cutest thing ever

    41. Itz Astrid

      My dog can’t even jump off my bed

    42. Gordo Valdez

      THAT made me Cry

    43. Jaooi


    44. Ms. Unicorn

      Paco is _still chill_

    45. Tiny_ Niix

      Aw animals are truly amazing.

    46. Priya Vivek

      Such a cute and brave wittle dogy♥️♥️

    47. CAMROC IAN

      My dog goes around puddles... Sigh

    48. bread Head

      is this my dog

    49. Isabel Thompson

      give me le dog must have

    50. Carl Fray

      Like Pablo he died

    51. XxcrispypotatoeXx Skinny legend

      Brought tears to my eyes

    52. Anuj Khatkar

      Put a smile on my face

    53. Jixup XBL

      I want more

    54. Gacha Rix

      What breed is Paco? Do you know?

    55. sawcon ma nuts

      what breed is he?

    56. Tom S

      I’ve watched this. 20000000000000 times

    57. Ryan Johnson

      RIP paco

    58. Angelee Pontino

      What a brave dog 🐶🐕

    59. Bella Roberts

      My dog wont even get in the pool 😂😬 or the bath

    60. Bella Roberts

      My dog wont even get in the pool 😂😬 or the bath

    61. Juliana Sirois

      This was so cute it almost made me cry ❤️

    62. vivian ritzu

      Omgosh I live in utah!!!

    63. hadi saith


    64. Stacey Wilkinson

      This is absolutely adorable

    65. Vloomix

      This is just the greatest story I’ve ever heard

    66. OceanPaws 04

      1:24 No mate that’s anxiety

    67. nofamilynofriendsnoproblems

      I love how no one cares about the fact that this guy owns a school bus

    68. Demi Dude

      I love pack he is sooo cute I wish I could have him as a second dog

    69. Marely Saldivar

      Little but brave

    70. RUIN

      Maybby go swimming whit paco?

    71. Ultimate generation Saiyan

      God damn that dog is brave as a 🦁

    72. Silly_ Puppr1107

      3, 2, 1, PACO!! 🥰

    73. Kiki Vlogs

      I had a dog named paco he was a chiuwawa he was really sick and then one day we took him to rhe vet and they said they had to put him down i was only like 10 or 9 they put hum down right in front of me it was so sad but i feel like this dog is the reincarnation of him and if it is i am happy that he is exploreing the world

    74. Susan Boice

      I love paco 🐕

    75. Susan Boice

      I don’t understand why people would choose cats over dogs

    76. Syd TheWolfQuestFan

      What a cute, brave and sweet puppy!!

    77. oof._.Garcia 15

      Paco: I’m so brave I jumped off a 400ft cliff with my owner! Me: I’m so scared I was scared to snooze my timer in the morning

    78. Hans Porno

      Wow What a Dog....:)

    79. detroitmade_ jeff

      Omg so amazing

    80. Jayson Figueroa

      My dog is scared of everything everytime I raise my hand for something he thinks I'm gonna hit him and then he starts peeing

    81. Tio Vi

      Wow Pavo is amazing if I was a dog that’s my inspiration right there paco is awesome

    82. Cool Diamond demon

      P A C O

    83. Trace Playz

      Awww this reminds me of my 5 dead dogs..

    84. Aeryn Mastro

      That is so loving I would love to have a dog. Especially if it was so active

    85. Nikki

      U have my dream dog :-)

    86. Doggo8bone

      *And my dog is scared of bugs*

    87. Gacha Girl!

      This made me cry..

    88. Nicole Zeigler

      Paco is so cute 😍😍😍😍

    89. Zofia Paczkowska

      aww this makes me so happy😍😍

    90. BTS Kook

      This was the cutest thing everrr!

    91. ElyssaPlaysGames 08

      Pack is adorable

    92. Clementine/ Gabi Ream

      My doggos name is paco

    93. Sarah Cevetto

      Paco is the most bravest dog I ever had seen out of all the dogs I've met 😁😁😁😁

    94. Midori in Japan pineapple


    95. J Gaming

      We need more dogs like this :)

    96. Benjamin Søndergaard Skøt Hansen 07y

      soo cute

    97. Aesirserla

      *when my dog is scared of water*

    98. Rubentoo

      Go Paco Go!!

    99. chicken nuggets

      Sooooooo cutttttttte!!!

    100. Mega Lock

      That is one brave dog