Family Guy - Peter Tries Healthy Food



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    1. Jaden ZombieSlayer

      Lois i poop 1 a week

    2. Gangster Flora 2nd Channel

      1:37 she can't tell her family that.

    3. Your Mom

      I typed in the website and it said i had prostate cancer smh

      1. Autumn MC

        Twin Hydra link...

    4. Geoz 37_

      Peter Tries Healthy Food is that even posible

    5. Fire Boy

      I love healthy food I will like it a lot

    6. Max

      So there is a black security guard, a club, gummy bears with bikinis, and God only knows whats down there too inside of Peter's stomach

    7. Alexander Cavill

      1:47 is it just me who found that fucking terrifying?

    8. Norwegian Viking

      молот и серп

    9. Troy Costa

      1:10 isn’t that Stephanie from the family guy episode “and then there were fewer” 🤔

    10. Kawon Music

      Giant adamsapple lol

    11. PhantumMagnus

      “Lois I have a system I poop once a week for and hour and a half, I wear a headband and it’s soaked when I’m done” Jesus Peter that’s some system

    12. helix 2222

      Trans vagina mess lawsuit commercials. Is this a thing?

    13. badnip

      I thought the title was Peter tries inhaling food😂😂

    14. Jose Mora

      I wonder if Seth made the Netflix skit because Netflix took family guy down.

    15. Voodoo Bear

      That’s me when I don’t like healthy food

    16. Jahiem Jones

      Why does she say quinoa like that. She says keeeeeen-waaaaaaa

    17. Kyan Koh

      I actually like quinoa...

    18. DEATH 0f Reaper

      That diss to netflix because of the show

    19. The Lego Reviewer

      Peter is a sloth

    20. Connor Scandone

      2:46 me when I eat my veggies

    21. Ian Madsen

      Oh no i lost my baby in there

    22. Clifford Dsouza

      Colon health magazine gave it two thumbs in😂

    23. Corey Patton

      Qinoa or whatever it is dose the just look like sand, it tastes like it too.

    24. Arad Fathalian

      Is it concerning that Peter ate a small Black guy?

    25. Briana Whittaker

      The way Lois says quinoa pisses me off

    26. That One Happy Pig

      3 of the Griffins are fat.

    27. Assonia Sims

      Poor poor dropy :'(

    28. Fiery Cobalt

      A joke on Netflix Neat

    29. Bob Bill

      Anyone ever wondered why people in family guy only have four fingers including the thumb

    30. Cryptozoology is pretty frickin’ sweet

      Brian’s a dumb dog he’ll eat anything. From puke to cat shit. Of course he liked the quinoa.

    31. Valeria Seymore

      The shade on Netflix lol 😂

    32. Eltrio2

      3:15) Am I the only one distracted by how much lighter Lois is compared to Peter?

    33. Ethan Smith

      Netflix ad is so accurate

    34. Englandsbestlover

      The dog killing himself and the gummie bear sketch 😂😂😂

    35. Abby Wieler

      Come in gummy bears!! They only allow junk food and meat not foods that sound like karate words😂

    36. DOSingleL

      Hahah those are flying cars..... fat fucking trump sucker

    37. doge 164 doge life

      Ow no I left my baby in there

    38. kowe96941

      More like "" lol

    39. The Trashman actually directs to the PBS wesbite

    40. Kiara LionessTM {Kiara Fray Fairchild}

      “There’s nothing” “Thank you son” 😂😂

    41. Парадисе Бм

      There was nothing Thank u son Best conversation between a dad and son

    42. Rahil Sethi

      Very thin man with a giant Adam's apple :-D

    43. pamK


    44. ShahNoor Ali

      There is nothing

    45. Yog Kumar

      Did the car is the start have different animation???

    46. swoosh gamer

      There's a night club inside Peter's body?

    47. WindowsXPMapping1

      I looked up and there was a 403 error

    48. Michael Chouest

      Contrary to my appearance I’m still not happy. Please study my brain so others don’t suffer like I have........ that’s sad

    49. CaptainMarvell92 Returns

      Quinoa chips are actually pretty good.

    50. sarin mak

      3:29 "There's Nothing." In a deep voice..

    51. BinaryInf

      For those who want to test it, No, the link isn't an actual link.

    52. everybodysbud18


    53. اقای 100روپی

      What was the website again ??

    54. ephra samuels

      what episode is this

    55. XxWolfSniperxX YT

      *Come on gummy bears! You are looking FINE tonight! MMM*

    56. Doggo [GD] :]

      “Cin wa”

    57. God

      Netflix ain't actually that bad. Especially when you got the chill.

    58. Nevermore

      ¿Oyeron, españoles? Hasta los gringos pronuncian QUINUA mejor que ustedes.

    59. Samantha Cheetah

      Tevue ye

    60. Its_Burning Fire


    61. DH Pictures Entertainment

      Thats why i hate Netflix hahah😂 Blockbuster Comeback please 😭

    62. Sunlight

      *There's nothing*

    63. xxmemzxx 360


    64. Math Trooper

      i search the website it doesnt work

    65. Red The Ladybug

      Chris: there's nothing Peter: thank you sir

    66. Joey Sahouria

      Did anyone else notice that when Peter first spoke, Seth forgot to change his voice?

    67. illumina TEA

      Quinoa is life tho

    68. illumina TEA

      1:57 when I forget to study

    69. MaverickOrange

      @3:29 Important.

    70. Ian Lindsay

      There’s nothing

    71. Trinity River Rail Series

      Oh no I left my baby in there

    72. trees !

      I THOUGHT IT SAID *Peter tries Tide Pods*😂😂😂😂

    73. Watching Listening

      Brian is a dog and dogs eat garbage.

    74. Train Boy22

      that is so true

    75. Alexander Kolchak

      Kosovo is Serbia

    76. RiseOfNations927

      KEEN WA. NOT qwenweh

    77. Abdulrahman Aqlan

      That black dude in Peter's stomach 3:03 looks like Steve Harvey lol

    78. MysteryVoid

      Who else tried searching up the website? XD

    79. Jose Morales

      I love you Raul Veliz

    80. KsKaylor

      "I'm going to fall asleep to trans vaginal mesh lawsuit commercials." Haha that is so true

    81. Crazy-fox Games

      “OH NO I LEFT MY BABY IN THERE” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    82. Christopher D

      Peter gagging was my favorite part of this episode 😂

    83. Raptor Wolf

      Some say her baby is still going up.

    84. Kayla Chanel

      Why is the Netflix part so true🤣

    85. Whiterun Guard

      What’s this stuff that looks like sand? 😂

    86. ya know

      I just noticed in the beginning Stewie is sitting on Peter's lap thats cute

    87. Kleptonic

      I actually shit more when I eat bad and my farts are death.

    88. OSanoBR

      That Droopy part was pretty disturbing

    89. Jonatas Ramos

      For God's sake, put the season and the episode !! Is it too much to ask ??

      1. Rōnin Samurai

        Jonatas Ramos for gods sakes stfu and quit being a snowflake bitch. Is that too much to ask?

    90. StezeEnt Entertainment


    91. Din Bytyqi

      They have Netflix in their shows but Netflix doesn't have them in their platform!?


      So peter ate gummy bears after

    93. baby mango

      *watches this while eating McDonald's*

    94. Mikhail Griesbaum

      Oof.... that Matt Lauer joke does not sot well now a days....

    95. Mariah Benetatos

      Quinoa is nasty. 😂

    96. The guy With the trunpet

      What’s the season and episode number

    97. Lethal Slayer

      The correct pronunciation is Kinwa not KiNWAAAA or you know quinoa

    98. Вітя Олександрович Віка Грогуль

      Familë Guó Arabic Pitér Lopda medovuelarteriky 22:18

    99. Daffy *

      I quit eating fast food when I found out that people who eat fast food consume on average 12 pubic hairs a year.

    100. Night Wolf

      Fuckin' Headpace commercial, shut up there is no space in my head.