Family Guy - Griffins climb Mount Everest



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    1. Steven pha

      Too dangerous

    2. the Savege duck plays

      I found a rock i like 😆😆😆😝😝😝😝😂😂😂

    3. Chaotic Hybrid

      3:49 "Your the only one who can carry two people." Doesn't Peter weigh as much as two people...himself. And yet they all pulled up Peter carrying two people and a bolder.

    4. Jordan Milev

      I found a pukesicle that i like and was the only one strong enough to carry it so i went away

    5. Justin Richard EX

      Alright you rest up get better we ate your son. **tap tap** bring it up.

    6. Justin Richard EX

      Headline: Woman Cold.

    7. XxxProtractor FactorxxX

      Family guy's not funny anymore.

    8. Hailey Morgan

      Lol we ate your son I’m not sure sure how I feel about cannibalism

    9. Tiania Whelan

      Hahaha Peter "I found a rock I like "

    10. Cuppy The Cup

      *I found a rock I like*

    11. Ezekial Ogle


    12. Nuclear Nadal

      they are really not wearing a fitting cloths for everest xd

    13. BingBong 100

      There a wwe champion ship title in this video wut the?? I thought this was about family guy

    14. Stardust Duck

      Eat a person wow

    15. Elvia Guevara

      "I found a rock i like..." "thats right you get your rest we ate your son" 👏👏👏😂😂😂😂👍

    16. Jessicah Hughes Simpson

      I found a rock I like

    17. Peter Griffin

      That rock I found is sitting in my basement.

    18. Nahla Hammoud

      Did anyone else realise that they left them back on the mountain?

    19. Nill Kiggers

      Dog shit audio

    20. Misakill

      We ate your son

    21. Kyle Kelog

      just a FYI by noting its "No copyright infringement intended." you are admitting guilt for copyright infringement. Thanks for taking the risk of getting sued tho.

    22. TheOriginalMaxGForce

      Road House.

    23. Saren Linetech

      "Headline woman cold"

    24. Nehemiahjkjk

      this is kinda unrealistic because you need an oxygen mask if your that high up.

    25. Pixel Supreme_YT

      Peter:Rock Or People..............Rock

    26. Taylor gamer177

      Fuck no way

    27. Taylor gamer177

      Do any off them seam like they have any extra tampons in there backpacks

    28. Leo The dog

      U rest up we ate ur son bring it up

    29. Milo The Cat

      1:25 😂

    30. Andreas Hjeldahl

      _"Quote from the clip we all just watched"_

    31. NPC #49616392

      Cannibalism: You do what you can to survive. No ifs, ands or buts about it... okay _maybe_ butts.

    32. March

      I'm pretty sure these videos were edited by someone with severe brain damage

    33. Gabrielle Valle

      They'll know...they'll know the world is mine.😈🐶

    34. Mega Sceptile 2006

      "Hey Brian want a Puksicle?"

    35. darealdudeyolo99 YT2


    36. Dragon’sScaleGaming

      *”I found a rock I like”*

    37. Jeremiah Akerman

      Best part for me😂. "All right, you rest up get better we ate your son BRING IT UP!"

    38. NotQuiteSurprisedAtAll

      After my ånüs gets moist and itches and I scratch it with my finger, my finger smells stinky when I lift it to my nose. So I usually don't lift my finger to my nose afterward but instead prepare your fast food order. Would like fries or pubic lice with that?

    39. Nate Pina

      2:34 when you nut but she keeps sucking

    40. Drummer Kam

      2:07 (sniff) fuck no way

    41. Jedi Lynx

      Ok get better we are your son

    42. Folke

      The "no way" dog was the best joke.

    43. Zoology of an Alternative Universe

      That frozen corpse they just ate, looks oddly delicious to me.

    44. littlejohnny2000


    45. Sandy Hooker

      how did they climb everest without oxygen masks?

    46. Steven Hair

      I KNOW Family guys is extremely unrealistic, I even think its a great cure for depression, but how the hell did peter chomp down on a frozen solid arm?

    47. JayKJester

      1:44 yumm

    48. Owl Gaming

      You Wanna Pukesicle

    49. Max Mantell

      Where’s the yeti?

    50. AyeAle Gaming

      I think stewie ate the dick-cickle