Experience Storm Surge Like You Never Have Before

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

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    What does 12 FEET of storm surge look like? We show you what the potential storm surge will be along Florida's Big Bend as #Hurricane #Michael approaches and makes landfall Wednesday.
    *Data valid 12:00pET October 9th, 2018*

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    1. Rj the greatest 3

      WHOAH! Amazing!?

    2. Byron Chavarria

      100 Foot Storm Surge

    3. subscribe to pewdiepie subscribe to pewdiepie

      just get a boat and you will be fine!

    4. H. Gilbert

      This guy is very powerful ..... 💪💪

    5. winki green

      Nice to understand and new way .

    6. danny 95

      Sharknado needs to learn from dis visuals 😂😂

    7. EndieTheHusky

      He's a water bender kiddos...

    8. Fruit. Docter

      The graphics are scary

    9. ThicGrandpa

      13 foot tall person be like

    10. Queen Gacha

      2:12 I would go on the roof.

    11. soyou noat

      That was a very effective presentation. A+

    12. oldkidsjonge

      Scary stuff !

    13. makoy

      i saw 24 ft storm surge

    14. LAMOOOW

      I'm an alpha male. that wouldn't stop me

    15. Daytonabeachgrl

      Excellent ur always confused what does it mean ? how high storm surge is?

    16. Jett W

      Wow - very good information! Brings it to a new level =^,^=

    17. C0Y073

      this guy can bend water

    18. C0Y073

      who else thought the map was the bottom left of texas?

    19. Alex Exists

      Whoever animated this deserves an award!

    20. freetobeme

      Who knows what is real when they can fabricate a video like they just did. Wow.

    21. Alejandro Gonzalez

      I love this weather channel especially when you're smoking a blunt

    22. Nikki Aileen

      And Mexico..COT Warning💖

    23. Fros ty

      Idk why but I love these CGI videos

    24. Southern Sass

      So damn scary! Great job guys.

    25. Kevin Kersten

      Impressive video. One needs to remember it is not just the amount of water, it is also the movement (waves) of water. That is to say, that those areas near the beach would experience waves and wave action can be destructive. We all know how just a wave of a few feet, can knock one off ones feet at the beach, those waves can also come through storm surge breaking up structures....

    26. Hammerschlägen M

      Meh... good job Weather Channel. But doesn't Stephanie Abrams still work there? I can think of TWO very big reasons she would have done a much better job with this video.

    27. Brianna Gordy

      The wins isn't the scariest part. It's the storm surge. We expected 9 feet during Irma, and that was horrifying. Some places experienced 14 feet for Michael. That's rarely survivable.

    28. notmanynamesleft

      Cool cgi 👌🏼


      I didnt meant to blow up a storm surge like that

    30. QuintonD

      Man!!!The sound effects looks amazing!!! Outstanding👍

    31. B R

      I guess jumping over it won't work...

    32. Doug

      The first place I’ve found that actually showed what a large storm surge looks like.

    33. Dipper Dudes Magnet Fishing

      STAY SAFE TO ALL IN THE PATH OF MICHAEL. thoughts are with you from the uk

    34. Krystal Thomas

      That is INCREDIBLE

    35. Card Reader

      Holy crap! Nothing like a good graphic to make a point!

    36. Rick lindblade

      I have never seen seen a more melodramatic reporter on the weather channel than this lick~nob in Cordele,GA. I am literally laughing my ass of. Dude has 29 mph winds and you would think it's 200 mph. After the last storm and all of their shenanigans they pulled I'm starting to think that they are controlled and owned by the Rothschild's. Oh wait....they are.

      1. nicole bryant

        vvbnbxzn bbva Gf uhh bc Oct data.

    37. tx chonchie

      why does weather channel have such girly boys as weatherpeople? Whinney voices or little boy clothes... just asking.

    38. James World

      Wow this video is impressive a must see. I have family in Panama City, Florida. This was the coolest weather video I have ever seen for weather. You Guys deserve an award for this, hope all are safe and well there.

    39. Romey the Siamese Kitten CK

      Scares the sh** out of me. Evacuate the coast,,,move inland.

    40. Vicky Cushman

      Well done! This would scare me out of not evacuating!

    41. Bohemia Lite

      Man oh man that was a great rapport with the effects awesome now we can get a better idea as to what is really going to happen if people don't listen show these videos like that before the storm hits thank you.

    42. Aria

      This is a great video to convince people to evacuate!

    43. MadamMorgan

      The graphics are amazingly well done. It gives an excellent preview of what to expect from Hurricane Michael. It's bloody scary! Bless the people in Florida. When Michael's wrath hits, they'll need it 🙏🏻

      1. nicole bryant

        eggulcfhcaynxsghxfjxzvjnbx c.f. ncgmvg c.f. mccj ;) xgn

    44. Qamar Muhammad


    45. SorryIfYou BelieveAnyOfThem

      I just came here to see if you had some fake news

    46. laughing Hawk

      Man, this shit gave me chills.

    47. Mekeishakayla

      We need Moses to part the water like in the video

    48. Mark Buckholz

      You win the inernet graphical award for the year

    49. Katelyn Nevarez Chan Dance Team

      So bad


      Wow excellent graphics. You have some top people there. If this video doesn't make you evacuate, nothing will.. Dangscary

    51. Maria Lamb

      Wow great video. Sure puts the fear into you to get out!

    52. Nantille Boards

      The weather channel wasn't like this when I was in college.

    53. Nantille Boards

      Awesome graphics!

    54. Mar InATL

      I would've really been blown away if they had a huge fan in front of him..

    55. samEARRR

      This is actually a good representation for people who are ignorant

    56. Trails TM

      the weather man is like God! Bruce almighty!!

    57. mike Wolfe

      Above Ground level? Above mean high sea level?

    58. AnnNC North Carolina

      Really great graphics.9 ft.it's all over.

      1. notmanynamesleft

        Sylvia North Carolina unless you’re Michael Phelps

    59. CMON WTF

      Cantore is looking for a deep puddle. Lol

    60. Sprained Bent

      Trump is ready for the storm.....he will blame Obama.

    61. Alan Harris

      Get rid of the fake flood water at the bottom of the screen. It interrupts with you showing how high the water is on the steps below the weather man.

    62. DeGaN WAyNe

      That’s awesome! Fantastic job.

    63. Chase Wright

      I hope that those people sought shelter, so they aren't washed out to sea; also have the lose debris taken care of. Have water container's such as public pools been shutdown and emptied over in that area, so that FL's inner cities can use that water, and then after the storm can filter through those.

    64. Rocking channel s


    65. Richard Myhan

      I like how the simulation showing 9Ft+ and the street lights are still on 😁

    66. Mafia Tours Philly fox

      Weather channel goin hitech

    67. art rigor

      FEMA must use this kind of presentation...They don't need the military to enforce evacuation... Only residents with submarines can stay....

    68. Samuel kings

      This def put things in perspective, pls stay safe everyone

    69. Richard Lambert

      I wish I had that barrier that is protecting him. He looks like Noah

    70. Cathy T

      WOW!!!! That sure puts a great visual on the situation 😳thats scary. I hope people heed the warnings.

    71. Emma Unicorn

      Crap I am not happy 😐

    72. xXRainbowFireGalaxyXx Lovely

      HELP please I need to know if Texas will be hit by a hurricane please answer I’m just a kid and I’m extremely scared for my town or just a tropical storm i am just terrified

    73. Ronaldo / C3 criação visual

      muito boa materia show👏🇧🇷

    74. Chris McCormack

      Wow, 17 hours have gone by, and there is no update from The Weather Channel on AR-new about the Cat 4 hurricane about to make landfall. Someone's dropping the ball...

      1. Rich

        Update on Hurricane: It's a Hurricane..... get the hell out. Back to you Chucky Chukkles.

    75. Gabriela Hernandez

      Wow what an informative video!!! Best I’ve ever seen

    76. lisa ann kitt

      Cool graphics..only thing missing is the shark.. Here's Brucy,,lol

    77. Akita Wolf hybrid :V

      This is such cool animation!! And yet very helpful guid thingy

    78. Celeste Dellinger

      This is very well done. I am a middle school teacher and will be using this today. Kids have a hard time visualizing storm surge but no longer!

    79. Changed My Name

      How do they know how much storm surge is coming?

    80. Brick Sprickly

      Like never before? You should have said by using the same graphics from hurricane Florence last month.

    81. Lauren Sigda

      Anybody send prayers to my online friend Bella. She lives in Tallahassee. And will get hit UnU

    82. Anuradha Ranasinghe

      Y do u guys have to scare the crap out of me

    83. nuclearcasserole

      cool video, only thing missing was the wave action,

    84. Thomas Pettus

      Came from a news article just to say awesome visual effects

    85. Blah blah Baby

      Houses will move off foundation. This is a BAD ONE. HOPE THE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO STAY. LEAVING.

    86. Sofia Sofia

      Damn this was really intresting to watch. Best video of 2018 lol

    87. nisrine mraihy

      Exelente.clear,visualisation matter.smart,way, gread,job.

    88. Jim181059

      Brilliant fx - great piece.

    89. Micha Schläpfer

      Hollywood fear making

    90. Roger Waters

      jackass thinks he's Moses really getting into character raising his arms and hands LOL

    91. Roger Waters

      Is this a rerun from 2 weeks ago?

    92. Dáin Ironfoot

      Whoever added the fish deserves an award.

    93. tatinalanegrina


    94. Raven Wood

      Should've thrown some sharks in there!!!

    95. kathryn illsley

      Amazing graphics. Really helps get the message across. Could it be combined with google street view to allow people to see their own homes underwater? That would really focus the mind

      1. Elle K

        You should create an app for that, you'd be rich in no time. Great idea..

      2. Eric Schumann

        kathryn illsley h6

      3. MissNelly

        kathryn illsley yep

    96. Libery One

      He thought he was was Moses parting the seas, so the Weather Channel trucks could get in.


      The graphics are amazing! !!!

    98. Ray Zu

      And to think Katrina had a 25ft surge!!!

      1. MissNelly

        William 5629 I believe it. That was likely a peak and not average. There was this one video I seen where people were sitting in their living room then less than 5 hours later they were at the top of the roof. If I find the video I’ll link it.

      2. William 5629

        I remember Jim cantore giving a report from Gulfport MS saying the surge was 37 feet there. I just find that hard to believe.

      3. MissNelly

        Ace GP that was insane!

    99. TehZooNee

      if that's 9ft is this guy 4.5ft tall?

      1. rufusBot

        That's above 9 feet, namely 12 feet.

    100. Janet Parlato

      When my family used to go to Carpenter's Beach in Rhode Island, three feet of water coming at you via the breakers could knock you down, hold you under and scrape you into the sea. This graphic is an awesome way to show how little it takes to make a storm surge area deadly. Well done! Be safe, friends.

      1. Janet Parlato


      2. B R

        Try lifting a....tote box full of water. Now imagine getting hit with that weight many times over.