Europe By Night | Earth From Space : Nasa Time Lapse Video

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Space Videos

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    From Ireland to Italy , Europe at night seen from 240 miles above it. time lapse created from images taken by astronauts aboard the ISS
    Brexit is irrelevant from here - no borders and no boundaries separating anyone.
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    Music by Kevin Macleod

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    1. Killzinho ყт

      Nossa que incrível

    2. Roberto Frota

      Que DEUS maravilhoso que nos deu um planeta tão lindo.vamos cuidar bem do nosso planeta.que DEUS nos abençoe.meus Parabéns pelas imagens.e pelo trabalho de vocês da NASA.

    3. Brainstorming Plus

      Truly absolutely outstanding!!!

    4. Fabio Veloso

      Imagens lindas

    5. Eu Singur

      Nasa liars.

      1. dylan evans

        Have you never seen the iss in the night sky?

    6. Prince Salamia

      Oh very nice......thanks

    7. Seher Sarikaya


    8. UnclePutte

      Breathtaking. All that light... all that coal. We vain creatures.

    9. Apophis

      Looks like grow of cancer, this is why I never can see the stars, light pollution

    10. Александр Глебов

      Рыбий глаз

    11. fatima naim

      سبحان الله

    12. Жажда человечности

      Why do not we see such footage live?

      1. Жажда человечности

        +Адовый Рай На онлайн-трансляции не то пальто. Нет такой красивой картинки. Не видно ни звезд, ни огней городов, ни атмосферного слоя. Скорее всего это видео - компиляция сделанная из фотоснимков.

      2. Адовый Рай

        Space Videos всегда ведет в прямом эфире. Кто рано встал,тому и тапки. Обычно по 3-4 часа,порой утомительно.

    13. Maria maddalena torres

      Che meraviglia 😍 che ha fatto DIO 😍

    14. Mr.Suputtarachai Som.


    15. Maria Murphy

      Just beautiful, what an amazing planet we inhabit.

    16. Sakura Haruno


    17. Chris Lohse

      Great view of us

    18. Mik Vic



      Super like 202

    20. Cam Bam

      Y’all know this isn’t real....... right?!?

      1. sami nadif


      2. Calvin Wallace

        I dont see how anyone can think it real.

      3. prizim


    21. Dr. Gonzo

      Anybody else see what looks like an alien spaceship disappear @ 4:25 into the video???

      1. シラ氕亠亠亠

        nope i see ur mom naked

      2. Sarah Nehring

        ITS a time lapse , Just Speed Up the Video 20x and you See ITS lightning

      3. Rastas

        That's definitely lightning

      4. Qassem Telfah

        +Délivrance maybe

    22. Gayathri R


    23. Инна Кульметьева

      💞🌷🌐миру мир!💓

    24. jason Lee

      beautiful video!


      Space videos buen video bendiciones para ti

    26. WhatsApp stutas Kelva


    27. Polatov Mirzakbar

      Juda ham chrolik

    28. crystal gonzalez

      One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen🌎🌍🌏❤

    29. Joao Mafort

      As estrelas ficaram visíveis e também os relâmpagos visto de cima muito lindo .

    30. Yatie Tie

      Beautiful planet 😍

    31. Claudia

      Beauty! I like the song

    32. João Da Rocha

      Viva Portugal que é lindo de dia ou de noite... ❤️💛💚🇵🇹

    33. Tony Riley

      Now when I see stuff like this I think our money went to good use now that's where they spent it right cuz we get to see things like this but we should have be able to come get on our laptop and go right to our satellites we should be able to do a lot of different things like are telescopes for instance we all pay for that but we don't have no use for it cuz we ain't allowed to use it that don't make sense to me anymore I thought this was America I thought we had all rights to do what we need to see

    34. renee85wit

      Thank you, so Beautiful

    35. Captain Caper5

      Good afternoon

    36. Jax JAXTACUS


    37. BGE 221

      OMG I can see Great Yarmouth and Stevenage 😍😂

    38. EXO K


    39. Rayen Sanhueza


    40. Igor Sol

      CCCP )))

      1. Igor Sol

        +daniil berbetov RIGA)

      2. картофель с сыром


      3. daniil berbetov

        We're ?

    41. Tharun Bob

      Bro plz take me in space I like to❤️ come to space bro plzplzplzol

    42. Silva Jurin


    43. José Edivaldo Pereira

      Que imagens belíssimas. Essas imagens me faz crêr mais ainda na existência de Deus, como ele fez as coisas com perfeição.

      1. Killzinho ყт

        Verdade glórias ao senhor!

      2. Karhyna Nunes


      3. Cínthia

        Concordo, quando assisto só consigo pensar em Deus ❤

    44. youssef El filali

      1 comment in 2,8M Personne

    45. Adahm Jennings

      Beautiful view

    46. Ruffles Batatinha

      Ue mano

      1. Ruffles Batatinha

        +Sajib Khan I'm from Brazil

      2. Sajib Khan

        I m from italy

    47. youssef El filali

      Vive le maroc

    48. youssef El filali

      Hala madrid

      1. centurion

        5 1