Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas



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    From the album Kamikaze, out now: shady.sr/Kamikaze
    Music video by Eminem performing Lucky You. © 2018 Aftermath Records

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    1. falso amor


    2. Dasliamer TV

      YOOO IS JOYNER A JAKE PAUL FAN IT SAYS OFC ON THE CAR or is it just Obama Fried Chicken?

    3. KingOf AllKings

      Yall niggas are dumb that's the fans that are imitating them...tall mfs can decipher rhymes and shit but yall couldn't tell they dissing all yall niggas copying them( like yall do these gay ass mumble rappers)

    4. Zachary Welch

      A migos song ad on a Eminem song something is wrong here😂

    5. Te Lamb

      Never thought I'd say a Joyner & Em video would be better then the actual song but I gotta say they'd make a good movie together

    6. K9INE._.GAMING

      Eminem+Joyner Lucus+Kendrick Lemar=?

    7. Dhruba Boruah

      Love u yo

    8. Esi GH

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    9. michael klein

      This is one of the best hip hop songs in history. Fucking yes! The whole album is fucking INCREDIBLE! Fucking YEAH SLIM! YeeEAAHHHHHHHH 🔥⚡️🌪

    10. MrUseless247

      Why is Em starting to sport a backpack? He had one on in Rap God.

    11. iChrisOhGawd YT


    12. The Crow

      This 1 Goes Hard All Day Every Day 💯

    13. Oscar Marshall

      Got to admit that was pretty cool when everyone followed

    14. Reece Plaisance

      Em came back hard

    15. SgOpt1c

      0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 Selling replays price 1 like

    16. Carlos

      ur legend wtf ru doin this time and hu tf is joyner Lucas

    17. Pizza Faca

      Lil Pump Que Se Foda.

    18. Carlos

      ohhhh cum on men ur old school

    19. Pizza Faca

      Dahora pra Caralho. Foda-Se Mumble Rap Porra ! #555

    20. Myth

      3:28 is why eminem is the best rapper

    21. Theo Edwards

      I wonder how many words were said in this whole video? I challenge someone to count 🤨

    22. Russkov Beats

      DZ ici ? abonnez-vous

    23. Yayo Korleone

      They silly asf

    24. Nas siM

      Marshall ===> Slim Shady ====> Superman ====> Kamikaze = EMINƎM

    25. saad alkhaldi

      wow so coooooool in this video they literally saying even If we make a fool of ourselves they gonna copy us. fuc=k u mumble rappers.

    26. Ya don't say? I love the chocolate kingdom, BITCH

      And yet, MGRetard uses Autotune to think that it's actually better...

    27. tommy d u b b s

      mumblerap tryin to make fun of mumblerap.....lol

    28. Neto moura

      The legend is back

    29. Neto moura


    30. Kha Zeel

      off-topic, but does someone else feel like playing fallout when watching this video?

    31. Imay Channel


    32. saad alkhaldi

      Fuc=k U MGK how dare u drop ur new album after this.

    33. Devin Todd

      How every dislikes this song is just another fucking hater

    34. Kevin fan

      This song would be so much better if Eminem sounded angrier

    35. rasagonlee

      change speed to 0.75 and it sounds REALLY Fucking nice too xD.

    36. Windex Kid

      1:57 4:44 (Which Do Prefer?) (Still Both Fucking Slay)

    37. kat Mathers

      Vid sic

    38. Young Jayy

      Yall subscribe to my music channel

    39. RealHipHop4TheFam

      Flapping around like a bapkin

      1. boi if u dont


    40. WolfKing

      Eminent and Joyner Lucas joined the game

    41. Jackson Lambert

      Fuck, even his fucking mumbling sounds better. Eminem could take a shit to a beat and make it sound better than fucking lil pump

    42. Bagman Bigs

      I've watched this at least 35 times. I still get chills as soon as that shot is fired. 🔥

    43. SHAM HN

      i wonder what's in Eminem's bag

    44. sugoii ixa

      This is real rap

    45. juansegmejia [sxsxsx]

      Dura menos de 6 minutos , pero senti que llevava 16 minutos patianto en el piso a machine

    46. McShugg

      3:48 been awhile since I laughed out loud at an Eminem music video but this did it for me

    47. MrNikeHD

      I swear I'm mot racist!

    48. Aan Motor


    49. AmokNotts

      Pubg song list

    50. LPnWoW