Dr. Phil DESTROYS spoiled brat!!!!



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    1. FallonFireblade

      I don't sub to PewDiePie, but I do come back to check his channel for Dr. Phil reaction videos because they're pure gold 😂

    2. Sean Quinn

      6:16 stop making fun of your own audience

    3. Apiix FN

      Read my description 👌🏻

    4. brooklyn-rose jameson

      Lol so funny when pewds makes his eyes wide when he says “did I tell you I was a dominatrix”? 👀😂

    5. Galaxy Howl

      Okay so a mother should be able to set some limitations. That doesn't mean "keep her in the house, she can't do anything anymore" I mean that some things are not appropriate for a young girl to do. It can fuck with her development. So instead of being like "Haha rebel do whatever you want who gives a shit lmao" be like "yo having sex this early isn't that good unless that person is a good person and will respect you, smoking weed is aight but it can fuck up your development and stuff. Show a little restraint, ya know?"

    6. Jozy

      5:10 “smash the like button if you yawn” *likes the video*

    7. brooklyn-rose jameson

      I would love to go to the ranch

    8. BalisticCUBER

      Subscribe or ur going to the RANCH!

    9. Brooklyn Trout

      :o Ummmm

    10. brooklyn-rose jameson

      I feel bad for the girl I wish she had better parents and a better role model

    11. Lone Wolf

      "All kids are stupid" -Pewdiepie Can't argue with that, as I am one.

    12. Stefanita Alexandru

      Do the PiewDiePie Show ! Guyz let's make a petition ,who wants PiewDiePie Show?

    13. A Rose

      Alright, I knew way worse kids in middle school though. Teenagers have sex, I'd rather have my daughter be prepared for safe sex than be put in an uncomfortable (and bad) situation like I was when I lost my virginity tbh.

      1. A Rose

        I lost my virginity at 14/15 too which was later than my peers. It's fucked up but hey, it happens. Preaching abstinence never works lol

    14. Anastasia Dudette


    15. Hillary Bajulaiye

      Why do u stand in all urban vids

      1. Hillary Bajulaiye

        I meant vids

    16. M V-PlAyEr

      8 freakin million views. Holllyyyyy.

    17. ColbaltMind

      There’s a difference between wanting a good relationship with your child, and enabling them so they listen to you because you didn’t raise them with dreams and instead reduced them to nothing but a slab of meat for somebody else to have sex with.

    18. noelle hagen :p

      i WHEEZED the whole entire video AHHA

    19. Amaya Renee


    20. Kyle Tran

      C u r s e d thumbnail

    21. A Little Goblin

      can i join your channel ples

      1. A Little Goblin


      2. A Little Goblin


    22. Cameron Amador

      *T H E P H I L D R I L L*

    23. William WTM

      "Dr. Phil, can we send her to the death ranch?" ~PewDiePie 2018

    24. Joshy The Dodo Gamer

      Dam pewds said he likes kids crying.. I honestly am not joking, that;s kinda mean because i'm at the stage of youth but it makes alot more sense cuz we're stupid sometimes. We haven't learned XD Tbh I hate her parent it's her fault for raising her even more fucking stupid.

    25. TheDumbPlumber

      50 shades of kids

    26. Yo boi Sheev

      Doctor Destroyer

    27. Nicholas Batoff

      z Z ZZZZVZ. ZZV Z

    28. Keegan Posey

      Thats a clap

    29. rany jaber

      that ranch looks awesome tbh. i would pay (if i had the money) to go to a place like that for a week. no computer, cell phone, internet no nothing. ugh. but still. why is she crying? riding a horse is, literally, a pain in the butt, but besides that its fun!

    30. sean li

      I got my Phil of this show -cue laughter-

    31. hero brine


    32. hero brine

      THE KING

    33. Hannah Stratton

      "maybe i should fake being a psycho kid, go to dr.phil and get him to send me to the ranch" OMG SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah like if we should nominate pewdiepie

    34. ChickenWalker13 !

      D Phil for the win. Oh and she's sad because she can't 👉👌

    35. Maria Dobrescu

      Next episode on the Dr. Phil Show: Dr. Phil: So why did you contact me? Person: Pewdiepie said I should and so I did Dr. Phil: Person: Dr. Phil: ...wtf

    36. jam king


    37. Fiona Smith

      Remember when pewdiepie put out original content

    38. Life is Short.

      Bruh she should have said (dr Phil) you think the is a joke (girl) No I see one.

    39. Buffy Summers

      I Can get behind giving a kids drug being a crime obviously bc it is but what is she supposed to do if her kid has sex? Take her to jail? Put her on dr pihl?

    40. Melon shark

      She's crying coz she won't be able to watch AR-new in the ranch

    41. GabzeeNinjaGaming

      Weed can mess up ur growing and shit, right?

    42. Hannah Hansson

      Brukar du prata svenska eller pratar du bara engelsk

    43. Cale Johnson

      lmao the subtitles

    44. Flavia Alves


    45. Jose46481

      dont we all do it for da views? :3

    46. Joel Bello

      Those faces kill me 😂

    47. PopoPandaVideos

      7.4M people don't yawn.

    48. Dev The dancing demon

      I am a teen, basically a kid. And I am stupid in my own ways. wait....WHAT IS SO BAD ABOUT GOING TO A RANCH WHERE YOU RIDE HORSES AND WIPE TABLES?!

    49. Cole Edwards

      The Thumbnail tho

    50. Emma Mohring