Dr. Phil DESTROYS spoiled brat!!!! . -- Dr Phil #7



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    1. annabelle o

      _Dr. Phil, send me to the ranch._

    2. Flamingo 720

      Can he send T-seiries to the ranch

    3. Yaniv Derhi

      Omg lol this is insane holy crap keep up the great work pew

    4. Couch Time

      *they all fight for survival on the ranch*

    5. Radius

      _ _ O O - - o What about the dominatrix?

    6. Akash Jayden

      She was very hi

    7. Random Galaxy

      1:12 WOWWWW

    8. Mae_Starts_Here

      I like how weed is now legal

    9. Danurus

      "All kids are stupid". Factually accurate

    10. k spence

      Look at those ears👂👂shes a sideshow freak🤣

    11. JEB DIY’s

      W Wh Wha What What t What th What the What the h What the he What the hec What the heck What the hec What the he What the h What th What t Wha Wh W But really these guys are nuts 🥜

    12. SeaMoose Animations

      That girl would be the personne says "age is just a number"

    13. Gacha Girl

      *R A N C H*

    14. Darian Grange

      I think iiiiiii brrrokee my ipppaaaaaaaadd smashhhinggg tttthhhee llliikkeee boootttoonnnn

    15. iTz Legxcy-

      How to really annoy people Read more

    16. Major Tiger

      I love horse riding

    17. HeyItsParker

      These need to be made for Jeremy Kyle tho 😂😂

    18. WaterburneR

      Grandma saved the world w/ Dr.Phil...

    19. Richard Rian

      Pewdiepie it's a genius

    20. Tom Rossouw

      13:50 they smoking dope and the video is almost 4minutes and 20 (420) long like if you get it

    21. Justin Cox

      All haul pewdiepie

    22. Bob Thelegend

      Let’s go dr philllll(like if u like ur own comments)

    23. Da sea pickle of justice

      If you didn’t sub... YOUR NOT GOING TO THE RANCH! #LoveRanch

    24. Sterre

      I would love to go to the ranch😂😂

      1. Livvy Rose


    25. Sarah Julianne

      Him laughing with the mom is HI-LARIOUS lol

    26. Winter Beast

      Honestly, i can't see the problem here. At least these girls do what they want, while not trying to hurt anyone. This emission is idiot, saying they aren't judging but they are totally, they doesn't help people, the mother was just leaving her child be happy and have fun. Even if it may cost them some life time, who cares ? I mean what's better between enjoying 60 years of your life and dying or being anxious for 85 years and dying while trying to have fun. I'm not saying breaking the law is fine, i'm saying that some laws and the society in general want us to be anxious and to fulfill our working duty for them to prosper even more while we have some weird life. If she want to have sex even if she doesn't have the age for it, if she really want it, why would people prevent her from doing that ? It's really messed up for me.

    27. EpicPlaysYT *_*

      Since pewdiepie comment section is dope and everyone gets lots of likes keep them rolling bois😎

    28. BENZDIK 3.0

      Praise the grandma

    29. yelena maryon vlog


    30. !sa lotte

      I’m realy *philling* it today huh

    31. the l33t hamm3rbro

      People will judge me ~Some guy who used his mind for the past 3 seconds

    32. wesolintKID

      He said owned libtard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    33. Silver Floof

      On 13:13 he sounds like wouligu(I don’t think I spelled it right)

    34. pika lol

      I'm 13 and I agree that young people are sutpid...

    35. Kid Commando 1

      I laugh so hard dued this girl was so dumb

    36. Elizabeth Merielle

      Looks like aneska

    37. Ashley Gabrielle

      "Let's just get into the mother" -PewDiePie 2018

    38. zackary chaney

      **looks up what a professional dominatrics** is bc no one knows😂😂😂😂😂

    39. Shafqat Khan


    40. Corbin Kendall

      So anybody got some potato juice

    41. Grant Uchida

      dr.phil is my spirit animal

    42. Scarie spaghetti

      pewds I watched a 53:08 minute ad for you.

    43. illXtermmin8You

      I was sexually active at 15..with my now husband. Who I’ve been married to for 2 years, but we’ve been together for 8 years. So...I’m just very confused. I also smoked weed at age 15. So....idk. Maybe I’m a psychopath. 😂

    44. Callum Maxwell

      I’m nine and proud to not be subbed to t series

    45. Aarcaala


    46. Leila S

      Dude literally after you said smash a like on the button if you yawn i yawned

    47. carlo gomez

      70 mil holy shit

    48. phill trash and ???

      Gacha community : OH WOW GOTTA COPY THIS T series : *snaps*

    49. Exotic Madness

      He protec He attac But most importantly He have spider on bac

    50. idk man

      whys she more attractive than me