Don't Stick Knives in Toasters

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The King of Random

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    It's one of those things we've all heard to never do, but what actually does happen when you stick a knife in a toaster? Today we're finding out!
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    1. Mitja Sreš

      I do that with out gloves

    2. Lindsay Rumeser

      *First part of vid* DIY Scythe

    3. Silvally_ GX

      New Fortnite pickaxe

    4. Concrete Jungle

      Try putting aluminum foil in a microwave and see what happens

    5. Fathi Rizqi Ananda

      Well at least you are safer than Electroboom

    6. Atticus Atwood

      I think you have knifeinatosteraphpobia

    7. TheWildJarvi

      can you just measure the current?

    8. I like doughnuts Loaf


    9. Leo

      What if you put metal in the microwave

    10. Hacker By Night

      Aww I wanted to see if the voltage changed when he was making the toaster glow brighter and probably hotter

    11. Pranav Krishna

      I love engineering I just put scissors on socket to make it magnetic

    12. Olivia Kiriakidis

      what why i was just about to

    13. Narutoisdabest :p

      I have the same exact toaster same color too!😂😂🤣

    14. RKO - Gaming


    15. Mark Perez

      Don’t stick knives in toasters, Put them in baths

    16. Carson Archibald

      Will it toast my bread faster

    17. Silver Dragon

      You need to go outside for this your lucky that your house did not burned down

    18. Joe Gaming

      Now see what happens when you commit toaster bath

    19. Boss'lady 302 yeah you read right

      Did anybody else jump out the receipt when the toaster handle popped up the very first time🤔

    20. Jasmine Jarrett - Central Peel SS (2522)

      Who else got scared when he did it

    21. Chattylena

      Pause the at 6:01

    22. FFFightingfoxgaming 7

      What happens if you put a knife in a toaster

    23. 1,000 subscribers And no videos?

      Finna commit toaster bath

    24. absol1626 AJ


    25. K9Cal

      Am i the only one in the world who has done this to get a crumpet 😂😂 the whole thing blew up

    26. The One

      Copper wire is just a fancy word for suprise buttsex

    27. Kanimate

      German engineering

    28. Jacob H

      Ur doing it wrong *bread*

    29. Brad Monett

      But isn't the toaster metal also?

    30. Suga’s Swaeg

      I once stuck a fork in a toaster and the whole power shut down but I wasn’t electrified so yay

    31. Luka Mtc

      Omg you just need a stick, wood will prevent ellecticity from coming to you

    32. Batllefield Gamer

      OOF when I was 5 i was sticking an knife into an toaster but nothing happened to me 😅 👼

    33. gigi a

      i used to use metal forks to scoop out my toast and then i realized like 3 years later that you could die from it and uH im surprised my still alive🥵🥵

    34. flayuhat

      My parents never told me not to stick metal into the toaster. I stuck a knife in there every time I used it in order to fish out the bread I'd toasted. I'm so lucky that nothing ever happened to me.

    35. Muhammad Adnan

      Im surprised your earth circuit breaker didn't work

    36. hgu buu

      I did it once weh i was 7 my had got sent flying with the spoon

    37. Teokis

      Who's here after watching a bunch of toasters explode when people put knives in them because you wanted to know what happened when someone put a knife in a toaster.

    38. carlos romo

      Why didnt his toaster explode?

    39. PaperYoshi

      The current is running through the hot dog, not the voltage! The 100V voltage is only the potential difference between the toaster and ground.

    40. Amelia Hu

      Him:Oooh there's a spark. Me:*runs away*

    41. Karl S.


    42. Son Gohan

      What is I put an toaster here me out in an oven

    43. Edgar Gallegos

      who kept thinking JAM THE THING THE HOLE WAY

    44. Mattiks Draws

      Wait... he DIDN'T eat the hot dog? Really??

    45. David Hassen

      Fine I'll stick a spoon and a fork in it!

    46. Tim Wüthrich

      Volts can't travel through something. It's like the hight between two potentials. The higher the potential is, the higher is the CURRENT through it. People will never learn the basics of electricity.😂

    47. Armored Crow134

      its called a GFCI outlet not a gfi. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.

    48. Cj Jones

      Try to make a snake. Flame througher

    49. Quackity Quack

      nice redstone skills

    50. Hiding in My Toolshed

      First i thought i was learning about circuitry but then i realized i was a grown man who was watching a man put a knife in toaster

    51. Qric

      Thanks for the tutorial man

    52. Gregory Sambrano

      I thought it was a fork

    53. Looks like we life

      Dump was to die

    54. C00lBoss987

      *sees a man with a welding mask and a stick with a knife attached and sticking the knife into a toaster through my window* “Sir are you ok?

    55. MaximilianMus is our God

      Go commit toaster knife.

    56. Timidsoul 07


    57. Toby Hallows

      Don’t try this at home he should have said

    58. Jermaine Gbadamosi • 18 Years Ago

      I did this when I was 10 years old and all the lights switched off and the electricity

    59. Captain Turttle

      "I don't know how exactly toasters work" what DO you know then?

    60. Brian Truong

      How to disarm a person using a knife: use a toaster.

    61. Trina McDaniel

      that one part is sort of like soldering

    62. Mortthemoose

      Would this not have been safer to do outside? Do you have a hotline to the fire brigade? Lol

    63. Samuel Adams

      Great PSA

    64. Anonymous

      I clicked this so I wouldn't actually try this myself 😆

    65. xDrippinAri x

      Or or or leave the knife in there for a minute

    66. xDrippinAri x

      What about water and wires ?

    67. Jessica Lannon

      Fine I'll stick the toaster in the knife then

    68. Bruh Moment

      A toaster in a bathtub sounds like a better idea

    69. UwU

      Don’t stick knives in toasters instead throw a toaster into a bath

    70. what's up sheldang

      Hunny what are you doing Oh I'm just sticking a knife in the toaster

    71. IRISH

      I did that once the toaster exploded

    72. Tanner 9905

      He’s taking all this precaution and stuff then there’s me if I were doing the same thing I’d at most just wear a rubber gloves.

    73. Oh Yeah Yeah

      Oh yeah

    74. Dany K

      I did it with stainless chopstick it works amazingly well.... Got myself a new toaster and threw away a chopstick that somehow, Didn’t have a pair

    75. Stephen S

      Ughh FAIL... NEWB MEASURING VOLTAGE?!?! Seriously, two min on the web would have told you to measure current!

    76. SsjHudo

      too late

    77. The powerful Daryll

      I befriended your mom last night

    78. raven haven

      See what happens when you throw a toaster in a bath tub

    79. Pepe The frog

      Throw the toaster into a bathtub

    80. Aniyah Foster

      I’m going to do it Thanks for the suggestion👍

    81. Just game 4 life


    82. Max Cooley

      6:45 you don't?!?!?!?

    83. Planet Re

      Wow too bad ur still living

    84. FLAME Spider TTV


    85. Bacon Chef

      What happens if you put tinfoil in a microwave?

    86. Freedom Through Knowledge

      @electroboom needs to revise this video.

    87. Gabby Hanover

      well betty white is older than sliced bread

    88. MegaMewtwoMario

      you can't tell me what to do

    89. RainDragon Ink

      I once put a coin behind the computer cord and th outlet kinda sparked up and smoked

    90. heh ._. ._.

      fine ill do it

    91. Justin Mustwin

      Wucking feebs

    92. Uddhav Nanda

      Fine I’ll stick a fork instead

    93. Donny Emig

      this guy take so much caution he could take down thanos

    94. Tomstorm

      You should do a video how you made your intro

    95. Lionel Richie

      You Look Like the Red Knight from Fortnite.

    96. Toaster Films

      We stick film reels in toasters is that okay?

    97. SevenHours29

      When the guy shaves off his beard, we now have Johnny Sins as a scientist.

    98. Harri T

      So in had a realy bad toaster i did this today acidentaly just tried heating my knife so it would be easy for me to get butter melt a little cuz in finland butter is anoyingly hard my knife first got attaches to the hot wire thing and then i saw a huge spark and then it broke no electricity would go to the toaster i donno was i in panic or what but i didn't feel a jolt btw. i was holding the knife bearhanded no fancy rubber shoes and gloves or anything edit:wow it works again

    99. Benski05

      i tried to poke bread with a fork when i was about 6 years old to get the toast out i dropped the fork and although i didn’t get shocked it let out this loud as spark of static electricity ya know when you get shocked on a trampoline that sound you hear think of that x100 because it was loud

    100. Vishal Mahabir