Don't Stick Knives in Toasters

The King of Random

The King of Random

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    It's one of those things we've all heard to never do, but what actually does happen when you stick a knife in a toaster? Today we're finding out!
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    1. beadop YT

      I have a question about electricity... is it true that if something that doesn't conduct has enough electricity going through it will it actually conduct it

    2. Jeffrey Dean

      what would liquid nitrogen do if electricity went in it🤑?

    3. Andrew Jones

      "All the protective gear" while wearing t shirt

    4. Poro

      Only here for Nate

    5. Daryl Skinner

      No toasters Harmed in this video R.I.P Mr toaster

    6. hockeyloverz 77

      Where’s grant

    7. PyroTheGamer

      My toaster broke after putting a knife in before knowing what would happen... My hand was fine. It didn’t hurt at all...?

    8. Xxfire gamingxX

      I accidentally put a knife in a toaster while touching a metal knife and shut all the power off in the kitchen

    9. cheesy cheese

      Stick a fork in wall plug

    10. Randomly Fun

      I put a knife in a toaster to get toast out when I w As little

    11. CircusAngel And Silver Dragons

      Next video, fork in a power outlet! (I'm just kidding, don't do it, it hurts)

    12. l-_-l l-_-l

      Thank you for telling me not to. This video saved me from sticking a knife in a toaster.

    13. no u

      Hot dogs have a lot of moisture in it, so do you think that moisture could effect it?

    14. Lisa Zweig

      That's a brave little toaster!!!😁

    15. Lisa Zweig

      That's a brave little toaster!!!😁

    16. Willem

      What if you do dry ice in slime?

    17. GodGirl911

      did this mans rally put a weir in a hot dog OML. (OwO)

    18. Zero the Wanderer

      Fine, I'll go run with scissors

    19. CreeperKFK

      **prep equipment to go to war**

    20. Shireen Yap


    21. Bill Cook

      The only place you will see someone plug a hotdog into the ground

    22. El Chaundy

      There goes my evening plans

    23. Gavin Mills

      Hey nate if this isn't to dangerous can you see what happens if you but a fork in a outlet

    24. Justin Foster

      When we were painting my room we had to take off all the power sockets and I got shocked

    25. Bleu Titanium

      Don't Stick Knives in Toasters

    26. Hailey Osity

      Dead from curiosity. Like people say. Curiosity killed the cat

    27. can we hit 100 subs with no videos

      Silly! Its not a toaster its a socket!

    28. edward avila

      Ive stuck knives and forks in a toaster lol

    29. David F

      Try that with a 230/240 volt toaster in a country like the UK!

    30. Ben Shapiro

      yeah you know they didn't sell toast but they sold just plain bread and just cut it ... making it toast ... 😂

    31. I don't know what my name is

      Dont tell me how to live my Life...

    32. kking1777

      Yeah um because it's using DC to literally bring coils to red hot status

    33. Mapleshade .Sabrina Rosewood In HP.

      I put my hair against the fireplace once... It turned Gray for a min when I took it off t was normal (it made a sizzling sound)

    34. George Stewart

      This video gave me a shock when i was watching it

    35. comer pickles

      I typed this subject in to actually see people get shocked. I have issues😂😂

    36. 3volvE Ren

      Bro I almost did the same thing with a fork a few months ago but my uncle stoped me just in the nick of time

    37. Andrei A.

      I did it today but I had my hand on the plastic handle I had my bread on it and I don't know why I did it to pull up the bread but I don't know why because I just put it inside and then the energy stoppted I'm still here.

    38. Riana Reis


    39. RR Ba

      If purple shep was here. 🤯😮😮🤯😮🤯😮🤯🥴🥴😮😧😮😲😧😧😮😮🤯😧🤯😮🤯😧🤯👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    40. Extrascript662

      There goes my weekend plans.

    41. Erik Kubica

      before watching it, i did it and the heating wire just instantly melted in the point where i touched into two pieces and the toaster just turned off. i did not feel any electrical shock or heat or anything.

    42. Felix Merz

      The toaster lights up more because you're reducing the resistance by shorting out a decent length of the highly resistive wire. The exact same reason your V drops and rises with different lengths of wire.

    43. Nah Nah64


    44. Porg Boi

      Go commit toater bath

    45. Daniel

      I've done it when I was younger, and I lived to tell the tale. But I just cut one of the wires as a result, luckily a rubber handle when I did it xD

    46. Arvls 201 vlogs

      It's funny that I am eating a toasted begal while watching this

    47. Обними славян

      On another video about this I commented Your actually one of the smart people who doesn't actually do it. Cause that can seriously hurt you!! Its stupidity at its finest!! My edit is wow 1.3k people want to see the world burn and enjoy other people in pain!! What has this world come to?!?!?!!?? It's just common sense!! Don't stick metal things into outlets,toasters, whatever else can electrocute you!!!

    48. Lone Wolf

      If i cant put a knife in a toaster, can i drop in the tub while im in it, i want to make bath toast

    49. Regina Lumague


    50. MOO Gaming

      *No hotdogs were harmed in the making of this video*